Have you seen a Voorhees liquor store? Or do you live near an actual Crystal Lake? These are signs that people have seen around town that instantly make them think of the Friday the 13th series and our good friend, Jason Voorhees. Send in your pictures of real-life location references.

Camp Crystal Lake The corner of Haddon and Crystal Lake

Haddonfield and Voorhees road sign Voorhees Township

Voorhees Discount Liquors Crystal Lake Road (Sullivan County, NY)

Crystal Lake sign, Alabama Crystal Lake, Alabama

Crystal Lake Camps (Hughesville, PA) Voorhees Girl Scout Troop

Crystal Lake Road, New York Crystal Lake Union Cemetery, Illinois
(There is one grave simply marked "Jason" -
unknown boy laid to rest 1955. Check it out!)

Crystal Lake South High School, Illinois City of Crystal Lake, Illinois

Crystal Lake Talons Hockey Team
(With Crystal Lake Leafs banner in background)
Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky

Voorhees, Voorhees, & Hermansen, P.A. Crystal Lake Camp, Ontario, Canada

Crystal Lake (Pea)body Conservation Area in Peabody, Massachusetts Crystal Lake Road, Orlando, Florida

Crystal Lake RV Park, Florida Crystal Lake RV Park, Florida

If you have pictures of Voorhees or other Crystal Lake related signs around town,
please send them to [email protected]