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Two months after the events of the original, Alice, the sole survivor of the Camp Crystal Lake massacre, is trying to pick up the pieces of her life. But when she opens the refrigerator door to find Mrs. Voorhees' severed head, an unseen assailant stabs her through the temple with an icepick.

Five years later, Paul Holt opens a Counselor Training Center at Packanack Lodge, adjacent to the now-defunct Camp Crystal Lake. Crazy Ralph again tries to warn of the coming danger, but is again ignored. Around the campfire, the counselors are told to ignore the local lore that Jason Voorhees, whose mother was responsible for the earlier murder spree, is alive. Crazy Ralph watches Paul and Ginny in her cabin, and is strangled with barbed wire by the killer.

The next day, two of the counselors, Sandra and Jeff, slip away to the off-limits Camp Crystal Lake and are caught and escorted back to the Center by a police officer. On the way out, a figure darts in front of the officer's car and into Camp Crystal Lake. In pursuit, the officer discovers a ramshackle cabin and is killed with a hammer to the back of the head.

That evening, most of the counselors go to a local bar, leaving six behind - Sandra and Jeff, Scott and Terry and Vickie and Mark. Scott spies on the skinny-dipping Terry, but when he tries to get away with her clothes he's caught in a rope trap. Terry leaves to get a knife, only to discover Scott's throat has been slit before her return. Terry runs back to camp, only to be killed herself.

Back at the bar, Paul, Ginny and Ted discuss the legend of Jason Voorhees and what he would be like if still alive. Ginny guesses he would have seen his mother decapitated by Alice, and that seeing the only person who had ever loved him killed would leave an indelible mark.

When Vickie leaves the wheelchair-bound Mark is killed with a machete. Sandra and Jeff are impaled together with a spear while having sex, and the killer -- now revealed as the bag-wearing Jason Voorhees -- murders Vickie as well.

Paul and Ginny return to the camp, and after finding the lodge empty, Paul is attacked by Jason. Ginny flees through the woods, finally coming to Jason's shack, now filled with the bodies of the dead counselors. Seeing Mrs. Voorhees' severed head and sweater on Jason's makeshift altar, Ginny puts on the sweater and readies herself for the final confrontation. . .


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