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Jason (now in glorious 3-D) leaves his cabin after his showdown with Ginny and comes to a roadside store where he gains a new set of clothes - and kills the owner and his wife.

Meanwhile, Chris and her friends make their way to her family cabin, Higgins Haven. The party includes Chris' boyfriend Rick, the pregnant Debbie and her boyfriend Andy, the bong-tokin' Chuck and Chili, Vera, and Shelly, an overweight kid given to gruesome pranks.

At a local store, Vera and Shelly are confronted by a trio of bikers and Shelly drives into their motorcycles. The bikers, Ali, Loco and Fox, make their way to Higgins Haven for retribution, where they siphon the gas from the van to burn down the barn. Before that happens, though, they're killed by Jason.

That night, while Chris and Rick are off in the woods, Jason slits Shelly's throat and takes his hockey mask. Wearing the mask, he dispatches Vera with a speargun. In the house, Andy is split in half while walking on his hands and Debbie is stabbed from beneath her hammock. Chuck is killed in the cellar while looking at the fuses, and Chili is impaled with a hot fireplace poker.

Returning to an empty cabin, Chris and Rick investigate. When they're separated, Jason kills Rick by crushing his head with his bare hands. Jason throws his body through the window at Chris, who flees in the van. But when it stalls (from being siphoned), Chris has to flee back to the barn on foot for the 3-D showdown. . .

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