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Jim and Suzy drift peacefully through Crystal Lake on his houseboat - at least until its anchor snags an underwater power cable and drags it to the submerged body of Jason Voorhees! As Jim and Suzy make love, Jason boards the boat and kills the two teenagers.

The graduating class of Lakeview High boards the SS Lazarus, bound for New York City. Boarding the ship with her teacher Miss Van Deusen, Rennie Wickham is accosted by her uncle (and trip chaperone) Charles McCulloch. Despite his obvious displeasure at her attendance, she boards and meets up with her boyfriend Sean Robertson. Sean also has problems with his father, Admiral Robertson, the captain of the Lazarus. But their personal problems are about to become secondary to one big problem - Jim's boat drifts by and the Lazarus picks up an unwelcome stowaway...

Soon JJ is killed by Jason when she goes below decks to jam on her guitar. Rennie is assailed by visions of a young Jason, and her dog Toby runs off. Elsewhere, Julius pummels a hapless opponent in a boxing match. Above, Tamara and Eva watch the match, and then head off (at Tamara's request) to do some cocaine. They are interrupted first by Rennie, then by her uncle. Jason kills Julius' opponent in the sauna while Tamara, afraid of being ratted out by Rennie, knocks her overboard. Rennie can't swim, and is first hit with visions of a young Jason as she flails in the water, and then again in the restroom after being rescued by Sean.

After Tamara gets Wayne to tape McCulloch in a comprimising position with her, she is stabbed with glass shards by Jason. A storm breaks out, and Jason makes his way to the bridge to kill the first mate and the Admiral. Sean and Rennie, going to radio the Coast Guard to get off the ship, find the bodies and call everyone to the bridge. Jason cuts the radio, and everyone splits up to find the killer. Eva finds Tamara's body, is chased into the dance room and killed. Below decks, Wayne loses his glasses and accidentally shoots a crew member before being thrown into an electrical panel by Jason.

A fire breaks out below as Sean tries to get the ship back on course. Miles is killed by Jason and Julius is thrown overboard. Rennie has another vision and then is attacked by the real Jason, who she stabs in the eye. Below, the fire causes the fuel tanks to explode and most of the kids onboard are killed. The crazy deck hand is axed in the back by Jason and only Rennie, Sean, Miss Van Deusen, Rennie's dog and McCulloch make it to the lifeboat. In the water, Julius climbs aboard.

Julius and Sean row from the sinking Lazarus to New York. Once there, the group is accosted by two thugs who take Rennie away and inject her with a filthy syringe. The others split up to look for help, and Jason kills the two thugs. Rennie escapes but Julius runs into Jason. After a valiant fight, Jason literally knocks Julius' block off, sending his head flying. The others find each one another, along with an cop who lets them into his cruiser. On the dash sits Julius' head, and the cop is dragged away by Jason. Rennie takes the wheel and slams the car into Jason. But when she tries to run down a vision of the young Jason, she rams into a wall. The car explodes, and Miss Van Deusen is killed.

The trauma forces Rennie to remember her childhood, when her uncle took her out on Crystal Lake. He pushed her overboard to teach her how to swim, and she had a vision of Jason then. Sean and Rennie run off, leaving McCulloch to be killed by Jason. They are chased by Jason through the subway and Times Square - can Rennie and Sean stop Jason from taking Manhattan?



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