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The time is the near future. A team of government scientists working at the Crystal Lake Research Facility have finally captured the notorious and seemingly indestructible killer Jason Voorhees. In order to at least contain Jason, the plan is to freeze him in cryogenic suspension; but, as usual, things go horribly wrong and he breaks free to resume his murderous ways. The sole survivor of this latest rampage, Rowan, manages to lure Jason into the cryogenic chamber, but before she can complete the process and escape, she is mortally wounded and frozen in time along with Jason.

Flash forward over four hundred years to 2455.

The place is Old Earth, now a contaminated planet abandoned for centuries, a world of violent storms, toxic land masses and poisoned seas. Yet humans have returned to the deadly place they once fled; not to live, but to research the artifacts of the lost civilizations that caused this enormous environmental disaster. Little does the most recent landing party of interplanetary explorers realize the fate that awaits them when they stumble upon an unusual find from a primitive technological age.

The student explorers, led by Archaeology Professor Lowe and their tech-droid KAY-EM 14, enter the ancient underground remains of the Crystal Lake Research Facility. There, they make a major archaeological discovery: two frozen ancestors; a beautiful young woman and a large man wearing a strange mask. There's only one problem: the auto-regeneration procedure has somehow been triggered. The frozen cry-jell is melting like a block of ice and soon the two bodies will thaw and deteriorate! With time running out, the young explorers return to their starship and blast-off for Earth II, where they are surprisingly able to revive Rowan, the young woman. But very soon, these students will come face-to-face with a shocking, totally new form of evil as Jason comes back to life as well and begins to silently stalk them through the corridors of the spacecraft.

Forget what has gone before. Welcome to the future of horror.


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