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Who else is THIS picky about Jason Voorhees? 
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Post Who else is THIS picky about Jason Voorhees?
Outside of the muddled screenplay, unmemorable cast and slightly miscalculated direction, the thing that drives me the MOST insane about Freddy vs. Jason is the visual representation of Mr. Voorhees himself. (this is my first entry on this message-board, so if this very specific aspect of the film has been already discussed to death, apologies. I'm just finally getting around to talking Jason across the internet)

Firstly, he's simply too tall! Nor does it help with how Ronny Yu foolishly had him move around like molasses underwater in slow motion (he says it's a tribute to Frankenstein, which is nice n'all, but Jason's physicality doesn't have a ton to do with the iconic Boris Karloff body language) which thusly produces a slightly lumbering, almost clumsy sensibility. Kane Hodder played him very deliberate and steady, not stumbly and lethargic. (to be honest, I still kinda prefer the speedier, aggressive predator stalk of parts 2/3/4/6. It's the ONLY aspect of the remake I appreciated, that Jason was FAST again.)

But it's even worse because the costume designer put together the most fakey-worn/torn looking duds for him, seeming instead as if someone had carefully cut holes and smeared dirt on very recently sewn, expensive materials. Plus they don't seem to fit Ken Kirzinger very well, they pronounce his incredibly slumped shoulders, which coupled with the overtly-slow walk and the way he's photographed to look 7 feet tall begin to give the character a sort of feeble, 'Of Mice and Men' Lennie sort of sensibility.

I guess to his credit, at least Yu doesn't fuck up the holiest aspect, his hockey mask. (Jason X, however... The mask in that one is maybe the most horrible thing ever done in the name of Jason Voorhees. Well, besides the movie itself.)

We're all this horrifically aesthetically snobby and specific about his costume for each entry of the series, right?

Sun Feb 06, 2024 7:39 pm
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Post Re: Who else is THIS picky about Jason Voorhees?
I enjoyed the movie for what it was, but it could have been a lot better.
Jason's outfit didn't bother me so much as long as they got the mask right.
The giant boots and Frankenstein-like movements weren't necessary.
The thing that really needed an improvement was the director in general, Ronnie Yu either just didn't understand or care about Jason.
I didn't mind the outfit in the remake either.
I liked the mask and thought the new version of Jason was great.

Sun Feb 06, 2024 10:06 pm

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Post Re: Who else is THIS picky about Jason Voorhees?
The outfit may not have aged well, but it was a fresh idea from what we previously saw; work pants and a blue/green button-down shirt (and his part 2 attire).
Upon closer inspection, the boots were a bit too exaggerated for my taste. Didn't strike me as something that someone could scavenge in the woods.
The height wasn't THAT much of an issue. I mean, there had to be something special about a disabled boy who grew up in the woods to have become such a prolific character; the height just adds intimidation. Where the height becomes an issue is when they replace Kane because of it. Now, this might not be true, but replacing, what many fans claim to be, the definitive Jason just because of his height with a new actor is a bit risky (especially when Freddy is played by his acclaimed actor).
The hockey mask was one of his best. Back to the original Shelly mask, but now it looks its age. Under the mask, his appearance is also a nod to The Final Chapter, in fact they tried to age the Savini head sculpt appropriately. Way to be. I'm glad that he no longer has his rotted zombie flesh, but rather a more "undead" human look. If that makes sense.

His mannerisms were another thing. Being slow, clunky, an unagile puts the original movies to shame. Honestly, he just stands there and takes it, as opposed to... attempting to dodge it? He sometimes had his confused personality of the originals, but it really wasn't enough to redeem it.

Tue Feb 08, 2024 9:11 pm
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