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Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete
History of Friday the 13th

Written by Peter Bracke
Published by Sparkplug Press
Release date October 2024
  (2nd edition) October 2024
Website Official Site

Summary: "For the past twenty-five years, cinematic icon Jason Voorhees has terrified audiences around the world, his long-running exploits spanning eleven films and generating over $500 million in box office receipts. Now, for the first time and in their own words, over two hundred alumni of the series – including Sean Cunningham, Wes Craven, Frank Mancuso, Ronny Yu, Kevin Bacon, Kelly Rowland, Crispin Glover, Jason Ritter, Robert Englund, Corey Feldman, Kelly Hu, Kane Hodder, Tom Savini, Adrienne King, Amy Steel, and many others – recall a quarter-century’s worth of behind-the-scenes stories, struggles, controversies and calamities. Fully illustrated with over 500 never-before-seen photos, rare archival documents and production materials, this is the ultimate oral and visual memoir of the most successful horror franchise in the history of motion pictures."

Reader Review: "This book should be on every Friday the 13th fan's wish list. The coverage on the special effects was spectacular. To hear the memories of the various people that worked on the films brought back memories from my childhood when I first was introduced to Mr. Voorhees. Just looking at the many transformations and different looks of Jason was enough for me to pick up a copy. I give the book a solid ten." - Greg Sterzenbach

"What a great book! This book is filled to the brim with so much info that I believe even the most devoted Jason fan would learn something that they didn't know about some of the films. We have everything from insight into the production, to the effects, to deleted scenes of carnage. We also have loads of rarely seen photos and interviews with cast & crew. We even get a number of antecdotes from individuals who've known Jason for a long time, individuals such as Sean Cunningham, Tom Savini and Kane Hodder. Whether you're a hardcore fan or just a casual reader, you'll definetely enjoy this book and I highly recommend it." ~D~

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