Alone in the Dark
There is a character that wears a goalie mask.
Almost an Angel
After Paul Hogan beats up these punks, a friend in a wheelchair refers to him as "Freddy, or Michael, or Jason from Friday the 13th."
Back Woods
In this independent horror film, a group of friends stop at a gas station. They tell the gas station attendant that they are going to Camp Crystal Lake. The friends are warned not to go the camp, and one of the friends jokes, "Is there a guy with a hockey mask and machete there?"
The Blob

The kids in the cinema are watching a movie with a killer wearing a hockey mask and wielding a hedge trimmer. He kills two girls in a cabin and it is shown in a POV shot like in Part 2.
Bloody Murder This movie appears to take a lot from the series. The cover of the video box shows the killer, complete with his hockey mask and chainsaw. The setting of the movie is a summer camp, and one of the characters' names just happens to be Jason. One scene involves an archery range which brings to mind the Ned scene from the original Friday the 13th.
Bride of Chucky At the beginning in the evidence room, a hockey mask is sitting next to what appears to be Leatherface's chainsaw.
Brotherhood III
In the begining of the movie they all decide that they should split up, and one of the guys says, "This is how the Friday the 13th sequels open up."
Buried Alive
A character is stuck in the basement, rings a friend up on his mobile phone and says, "Fucking Jason's upstairs and Cujo's in the back garden!"
The Cable Guy
When Jim Carrey is taunting Matthew Broderick in the parking garage, he says, "chi chi chi cha cha cha...."
Camp Nowhere
At the begining of the movie, a man is wearing a hocky mask as he is cutting a hole in the wall with a chainsaw so he can put his new TV in it.
The Musical

This movie was promoted as being, "A Movie In The Tradition Of Oklahoma! And Friday The 13th, Part 2." The film also has a crazy old man character who pops up and exclaims, "You're all dooooomed!"
Carnosaur 3:
Primal Species

In this dinosaur movie, one of the policemen that goes into the warehouse says, "This is like a Friday the 13th nightmare."
The Cheerleader

A group of friends run out of gas and hike to a cabin where one of them says, "Anyone wanna see if there's a hockey mask and a lake in the back?"
Child's Toy
(Kodomo No
In episode 2 of this anime series, the main character Sana dresses as Jason Voorhees as part of her attempt to figure out what scares her classmate, Akito. She even says, "Jason!" while dressed up as him.
Christmas Evil
On the video box it states "First Halloween, then Friday the 13th, and now..."
Class Act
In this Kid N' Play movie, a guy is seen dressed as Jason cleaning out his ears with a machete.
The Clay Witch
In this 20-minute short film, three kids (who look like South Park characters) interview people about the Clay Witch. They end up interviewing Jason, but they get mad and leave because Jason won't talk, he just nods and grunts. Later on Jason runs into Freddy. Freddy gets mad at him for going after the kids that he is also trying to kill, and they end up fighting.
Club Dread
The staff on an island resort are being hunted down by a man with a machete, and at one point they are escaping on a boat and the killer jumps out of the water in slow motion with his arms spread out, similar to Jason.
Coffee and Donuts
In this movie, a character named Adam says, "Dude, horror movies are the greatest films ever made. When's the last time you saw a love story or a romance in one of these things? All it is is people running around and meaningless dialogue and cool special effects and lots of people dying. Why do you think they made so many goddamn Friday The 13ths? It's cause life sucks so bad."
College Fuckfest
In this porno, some guys are walking into a Halloween party at night and one of them makes the ki ki ki ma ma ma sound.
Dirtiest Dozen

When comedian Bill Hicks does his routine, he does a skit about how hard it is for Ronald Reagan to die. "This guys starting to look like Jason at this point. (impersination voice) Stabbed me, I'm back, shot me, I'm back, cancer up my ass, I'm back!"
There is a scene in a wax museum, and you can see Jason from Jason Goes To Hell in the background along with Freddy Krueger in front of his house.
Cut In this movie starring Molly Ringwald, the characters talk about making a horror movie: "Bigger than Halloween. Creepier than Friday the 13th..."
Def Comedy Jam:
All Stars 1

IN this VHS on of the comedians named Rickie Harris makes a few jokes about his favorite horror killer, Jason, and even a small portion about him in the ghetto.
Don't Panic The tagline on the video cover says, "Forget Freddie and Jason - Virgil's The Newest Nightmare In Town..."
Doug's First Movie
Doug and Skeeter decide to take a monster to Crystal Lake in one scene of this animated movie.
Eight-Legged Freaks
There is a scene where the spiders are getting ready to break in and this person says, "Get Ready!" and they all nod and one guy pulls down a hockey mask over his face and revs a chainsaw.
On the re-released DVD there is an additional scene where Mary goes looking for the kids on Halloween. Several costumed kids are acting mischievous, and at one point a kid dressed as Jason Voorhees from Part 2 throws a roll of toilet paper at the camera.
Evil Laugh
The character named Barney is seen reading a Fangoria magazine with a picture from A New Begining on the cover.
Fire with Fire
When Joe goes to the movies with his juvenile delinquent buddies on a reform school outing, he sees his love to be, Lisa. The film they are watching is Friday The 13th: Part V, and they show a rather long scene from the movie.
Four Brothers
The younger brother in this movie is shot by a gangsta who is wearing a Jason mask.
Freak Out There is a psychopath in this movie, and on the cover he is shown wearing a hockey mask. A Final Chapter poster can be seen hanging in the kid's room. Watch the trailer!
Friday the 13th:
Part 2
An adult film with content unrelated to the real Friday the 13th saga.
There is a scene when all the high school seniors have a serial killer party. Most of them are wearing Jason-style hockey masks.
Fright Night
Peter Vincent's character is fired from his job as a horror movie host and he says, "All people want to see now a days is men running around in ski masks, hacking up young virgins."
There is a scene where a boy and girl are in a room looking around, and the girl hears her dad coming so the boy quickly grabs a gold hockey mask to put on so the father doesn't see his face. When the dad does come in he asks the boy who he is and he says, "Michael, um Jason! yeah Jason!" and runs out the room.
The Godson
Rodney Dangerfield has a Jason-type character, wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chainsaw, take care of a prospective son-in-law.
Halloween: H20
Jimmy scares Dr. Loomis' nurse wearing his hockey mask in the beginning.
Haunted Mansion
During the zombie scene, when the first zombie climbs out of its grave, Eddie Murphy's character drops a key needed to unlock a trunk. He tries to grab it, but it falls into some water. It sounds like they play the "ki ki ki ma ma ma" sound.
Hockey Sticks

When the girlfriend tells the devil-in-training about her first kiss with a hockey star she says," I had to tell him to take off his hockey mask. I didn't want to kiss Jason." He replies, "Jason! I love that guy."
Henry: Portrait of
a Serial Killer
The tagline on the box says, "He's not Freddy... He's not Jason... He's real!"
Howard Stern's
Private Parts

When Howard is at one of his radio station studios talking to some guy, there is a poster of the original Friday the 13th on the wall in the background.
I Still Know What
You Did Last Summer

There is a scene where Tyrell teases Julie, asking her if there is a "Jason" or a "Freddy" out there.
Captain Tylor

A kid named Jason who wears a hockey mask is a secondary character in this anime series.
Shawn, the young boy who is the main character goes trick-or-treating dressed as Jason (complete with mask, oversuit and machete!).
Killer Tomatoes
Strike Back

In the opening sequence, a girl is running through the woods and ends up being cornered by a goalie, then you hear the revving of chainsaws and the camera pans over to show like six tomatoes wearing hockey masks and holding chainsaws.
Kracker Jack'd The cover of this low budget movie shows the killer wearing a hockey mask with sunglasses, and holding a chainsaw.
The Last Stab
When the guys are trying to find the killer, you can see in the background that Leatherface and Michael Meyers are watching Jason break dancing and doing the moonwalk. Also, when they walk into the video store, there is a poster saying, "Friday the 13th Part VXIVVML : Jason is still alive!"
Mad Bull 34
A man shoplifting from a convenience store wears a Jason-esque hockey mask in an installment of this anime OAV series.
Mean Girls
Right before Lindsay Lohan's character bursts through the door, two characters at the Halloween party are watching Friday the 13th: Part 2 on VHS. They are watching the part where Jason breaks the door down in the cabin.
Meatballs II
One of the counselors is fretting because the summer camp looks "just like the camp from that movie Friday the 13th, you know, where all the counselors get killed....for no reason."
On the video box it states "Freddie and Jason were kids once too."
On the video box and poster it also states, "Freddy and Jason were kids too..."
Movie Maniac 3S Productions site. A low budget fan-made movie with a Jason character as one of the killers.
Moving Violations
There is a character named Wink who is obsessed with horror films and one of his pick-up lines in the film is, "So did you see Friday the 13th? .. 2 ,3 ,4 or 5??" Later, he sports a hockey mask and chainsaw.
Murphy's Romance
Sally Field's character is in a theater watching Friday the 13th Part 3 where Debbie is killed, and she then gets up and walks out in disgust.
National Lampoon's
Christmas Vacation

Clark is getting ready to trim the family Christmas tree and opens the garage door wearing a hockey mask with a chainsaw in hand.
National Lampoon's
Senior Trip

There's a party scene in a hotel room where two of the high schoolers are watching Jason Goes to Hell. The two also have a small discussion on what would happen if Jason fought Freddy.
Night of the Demons The tagline on the video box reads, "Angela is having a party, Jason and Freddy are too scared to come. . .but you'll have a hell of a time."
A Nightmare on
Elm Street: Part 4

Kincaid's dog's name is Jason, and he has a white face with black spots on it like a hockey mask. Also in the scene where Freddy takes on the form of a doctor, the doctor's tag reads "Dr. Voorhees".
Nothing to Lose
Martin Lawrence is in the car with Tim Robbins and he thinks Robbins is a lunatic, and he is saying, "Please don't kill me freaky Jason! I said please don't kill me freaky Jason!"
One Crazy Summer
John Cusak's character takes a girl to a drive-in where they see a parody of Friday the 13th.
Park Day
Two teenagers, are standing in front of a shack that belongs to a voodoo worshiper. A third teenager walks up and asks why they haven't knocked on the door yet. They reply, "He might be Freddy or Jason up in there. He might have some chainsaws and claws."
At the end of the movie, a group of Freshmen are about to be initiated. One kid says, "Just try and relax..." Then the character, Droz, pulls a hockey mask over his face and is armed with a paddle.
Pet Cemetery 2
Jeff Matthews's character has a nightmare that the step-dad is outside his window, and on the right of the screen a Jason-like hockey mask can be seen on a table near his bed.

There is also a point in the movie where one of the kids is dressed up like Jason with the outfit and the hockey mask.

Police Academy 4
The cops take three new members of COP (Citizens on Patrol) to an alley and tell them that they are going to catch two felons. They come back with a big black guy and a bodybag. All of a sudden you here a chainsaw ripping through the bodybag. A guy with a hockey mask and a chainsaw pops out.
The Present Time
This kid receives a box in the mail, and he doesn't know what is in it or how to open it, because it's a metal box. So the kid tries all these funny ways of opening it, one of which is putting on a hockey mask and trying to cut it open with a chainsaw.
Problem Child
A hockey mask can be seen on the phone in the background of the little boy's room when the dad is tearing it apart.
Psycho Cop 2
At one point Larry says, "Oh come on, this is not Friday the 13th Part Infinity here!" while searching for some missing friends.
Psychos In Love
In the film, the two killers decide to give up killing and decide to rent the Friday the 13th series, as well as some other horror films. They say things like "I love Jason, etc."
Punk Rock Holocaust
Towards the end of the film, there is a shot for shot homage to the Times Square scene in Jason Takes Manhattan, only instead of Jason it is the Executioner. Official website!
Quest for Camelot
In this animated movie, there is a two-headed dragon who tries to saw its other head off with a chainsaw while wearing a hockey mask.
Rise of Leslie Vernon The main character lives in a world with a real Jason, Freddy, Myers, and possibly Leatherface and Pinhead.
Rock 'n' Roll
(The Edge of Hell)

In this horror movie Triton battles Beezlebub at the end. He says that all the victims Beezlebub killed were mearly shadows of people he had seen in horror movies. Beezlebub says, "So that's where I saw that nerdy bass-player before!" Triton counters with "That's right. From the one with the guy in the hockey mask."
The Roseanne
Barr Show
In this video of Roseanneís comedy routine, she had a skit where Jason came up to the house to kill Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days.
Magnus Buchan wears a hockey mask as a Halloween costume in the scene where he beats up Max.
Saturday the 14th:
Strikes Back
The video box sports a Jason-looking character on it (To the left of the person's elbow).
Scary Movie
When "Ghostface" smokes pot with the other potheads, the group starts making fun of horror movies, and "Ghostface" goes CH CH CH KA KA KA, and says that was him.
Scary Movie 2
Natasha Lyonne plays the Linda Blair look-alike originally named Jasonia Voorhees (later changed to Megan Voorhees).
In the intro sequence, the man on the phone quizzes Casey on her horror movie trivia.

Casey: Please, Stop! Leave us alone.
Man: Then answer the question. Same category.
Casey: Oh, please stop.
Man: Name the killer in Friday the 13th?
[Casey jumps up, all excited, she knows the answer...]
Casey (shouting): Jason! Jason! Jason!
Man: Iím sorry thatís the wrong answer.
Casey: No itís not! No itís not! Itís Jason!
Man: Afraid not, NO WAY!
Casey (annoyed cause she thinks she's right): Listen, it was Jason! I saw that movie 20 goddamn times!
Man: Then you should know that the original killer was Jasonís mother, Mrs. Voorhees. Jason didnít show up til the sequel. Iím afraid that was the wrong answer.
Casey (sobbing again): You tricked me...

Scream 2
In the introduction, Mrs. Salt whispers, "kill her.. kill her.." in a child-like voice reminiscent of Mrs. Voorhees. Later in the movie Randy starts talking about female killers and says "Mrs. Vorhees was a teriffic serial killer, and there is always room for Candyman's daughter..." When CiCi looks upstairs when she is on the phone, her sorority sister makes the "Ki ki ki ki..." noise and CiCi says, "Stop it!" Also, the concept of a mother driven insane by the death of her son and then begins to kill teenagers pays homage to Part 1.
Serial Mom The character Birdie tells Beverley (Kathleen Turner), "You know, Mrs. Sutphin, you're bigger than Freddy and Jason now, only you're a real person!"
Shriek If You Know
What I Did Last
Friday the 13th

The title alone contains the Friday the 13th name. A girl is making a big birthday cake and a man in a hockey mask and a Scream robe pops out of the cake. The stalker's mask later catches on fire. When he lifts his head up, the hockey mask has melted into the Ghostface shape.
Silent Night,
Deadly Night
On the poster and video cover it has the slogan, "If A Nightmare on Elm Street gave you sleepless nights, or if Halloween made you jump in every shadow, or if every Friday the 13th was more frightening than the others... THEN BEWARE!"
Slashers There is a scene where the main character is running away from the killer and goes down a hallway with statues that look like different horror villans, one of them being Jason.
In an old ad for the movie, Buddy is holding a hockey mask, Freddy's glove, and standing on a chainsaw.
Slaughter High
One of the characters is walking down a dark hallway, and his friends jump out at him in the dark, one sporting a hockey mask, and with the trade mark "scare" sound from the F13 films. The character says to his scared friend ... "Who did ya think I was? .... Jason?"
Sleepaway Camp 2 On the cover, the camper has Jason's mask hanging from her backpack. Also in this movie two campers dress up as Freddy and Jason to scare Angela, but she then dresses up as Leatherface and kills them both.

The UK Video release was called Nightmare Vacation 2 and instead had a painting of Angela in the center with Jason and Freddy at either side of her.
Sleepaway Camp 3
Angela fishes Jason's mask out of the lake and then another camper remarks that the date is "Saturday.....the 14th."
The Sleeping Car
On the video box it says, "Forget Freddy. Forget Jason. Here comes... The Mister!"
Slumber Party
Massacre Part 2

The two cops that go to the house to investigate the supposed disappearance of one of the female characters are named Officer Krueger and Officer Voorhees.
Spice World
In this Spice Girls movie, the camera pans around Emma Bunton's room as the "ki ki ki ma ma ma" plays to show the evil photographer that's been following the girls is coming of the toilet.
In this 1987 film, Richard Dreyfuss and Emilio Estevez's characters enter the house that they are going to be residing in during the duration of the stakeout. They are shocked to find that the house is in horrible condition, and Dreyfuss says, "I think Jason lives here."
Strait Jacket
This movie is about an insane asylum and one of the nuts in the nuthouse was called Mr. Voorhees.
Summer School Two of the students are horror movie buffs, and ĎChainsawí has an original Friday the 13th movie poster in his room and a hockey mask on his shelf over his bed.
The Surgeon
The tagline on this video box reads, "First Jason, then Freddy, now a professional."
Terkel i Knibe
In this Danish animated film, (roughly translated: Terkel in Problems), the main character's friend, named Jason, makes Terkel watch a slasher movie about a psychopath in a hockey mask. Later in the film, Terkel has a nightmare where he's beign stalked by zombies and a hockey masked killer at a graveyard. At the end of the movie, the narrator jumps out with a chainsaw and hockey mask.
There's Nothing
Out There

Jim makes a comment to Nick about Mike's outfit saying, "He came down here looking like Friday The 13th!"
Tough Guise This documentary, in the beginning of 'Part 2: Violent Masculinity in Action,' features a clip of Jason (in his hockey mask) looking out of a smashed window pane.
Transylvania Twist
In the beginning a girl is stalked by Jason, Freddy and Leatherface. Later in the movie, the character of Dexter Ward walks through the crypt of Castle Orlock and he makes the "ki, ki, ki" sound, and then his echo finishes the sound.
When Arnold is walking through the city a movie theater sign is visible in the far background that has the words Friday the 13th on it - probably advertising part 7.
Weird Al runs a talk show with a number of strange characters on it, among them is Jason, wearing a hockey mask and holding an axe. Later, when all hell breaks loose during the show, the Jason guy tries to fight a Ku Klux Klansman, but is stopped by a little girl who is biting his leg.

There was a deleted scene where Teri finds Jason in a closet at the studio.

Unmasked, Part 25! The killer is a Shakespeare quoting character trapped in a horror sequel from which he cannot escape, and he wears a goalie mask.
Ward 13 In this animated short film, a man wakes up in a hospital to find monsters, madmen and doctors all trying to kill him. One of them is a big grunting guy who wears a hockeymask. He is ultimately knocked away, with the mask sliding off on the floor.
Waxworks II:
Lost in Time

After finding a secret room with strange artifacts, Mark picks up a bloody mask that looks just like the mask that Jason used in the Friday the 13th series.
Wicked Stepmother
The new stepmother in this movie is Bette Davis, and she appears in a vision wearing a Jason mask with a cigarette hanging out of one of the mouth holes.
Without a Paddle
The three main characters are climbing into the tree house in which they played with their fourth friend as children, and a poster for Friday the 13th, Part 3 is visible on the wall.
Zombie Bloodbath 3
In detention, Gavin is reading a Fangoria with Jason from Part 7 on the cover. This is taken away by principal Gordon and later shown on his desk. (This reference made possible thanks to Blake Washer!)

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