On the song, Got My Mind Made Up there is a line that says, "You best believe, to MC's I'm the deadliest disease / My thoughts rip ya throat and make it hard to breathe / Ya whole camps under siege, and I'm Jason Voorhees."
3-6 Mafia
On the CD Live By Yo Rep there is a person with a black hockey mask on the cover.

In the song, Triple 6 Clubhouse, they say, "Sick, sadistic, nothing up my sleeve / money booze blazin' crickets, call me Crow Voorhees....Play!"

In another song, Mystic Styles, they say, "They only saw the mask of Jason that I had on my face..."

And on another song, Now I'm High Part 3, they say, "The Jason mask, on yo ass, when I'm gonna blast.."

8-Ball featuring DMX, Canibus, & McGruff, has a song called Pure Uncut (remix version), with the lyric, "Ruff Ryders cut the shit up like the Raw King, Well Like I'm from Crystal Lake and my last name is Voorhees."
25 Ta Life
The singer of this hardcore band is covered with tattoos and one of the bigger ones being a tattoo of jason on his side. Website.
Alice Cooper On Alice Cooper's Nightmare Returns (1986) tour and the Trashes the World Tour (1989-1990) he had Jason on stage.

On the He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) record cover, he has a hockey mask like Jason and has the 'ki ki ki ma ma ma' sound in the background. (Not really a reference because it was recorded for the movie, but here is the picture anyway).

In the song Halloween which is about horror slashers in general, there is a reference to Jason's "theme" music, it goes "ch ch ch ha ha ha."
Barfight This is a band from the Richmond/DC scene, and they used to all wear hockey masks on stage. Each song had a different singer so there would be dozens of big guys on stage with hockey masks on during the show.
Big Daddy Kane
They have a song for the soundtrack of Fly By Night that has a line, "It's Friday the 13th and I'm a play Jason."
Black Rob
On the album Life Story, the song You Don't Know Me contains the lyrics "Straight up out of Crystal Lake just like Jason."
The drummer often wears a Jason belt buckle, and also plays wearing metal chains, symbolizing those that took Jason to the bottom of Crystal Lake in Jason Lives. Official site.
Body Count
On the back of the Born Dead CD, the guitarist is shown with a hockey mask hanging from his guitar. He also frequently wore the hockey mask at concerts. Unfortunately, the guitarist recently passed away.
Bone Thugs
n Harmony

On the Bone Thugs n Harmony song Thug Luv there is the "Ki, ki, ki" sound in the background.

On the album The Art of War, the song Mind of a Soulja has the lyrics, "Caught ya slippin' up out of your game, playa / Wasteland soldier, see what we facin' / chasin' po-po out of the hood like Jason"

Brother Lynch
On his CD EBK4 the song One Time (track 13) he says "I'm the No Face Killa Mr. Jake Voorhees" and the classic Friday the 13th "ch ch ch hah hah hah" starts playing in the background.

Also on the album Black Market, the rapper X-RAIDED says the line, "I be stalking like Jason wit a machete in left hand," he also says "It ain't got to be on Friday the13th, I could do this on Sunday the 15th."

On his song called Halloween, the chorus says, "Like Jason at Camp Crystal with a pistol, chainsaw, and a machete."

On the album, Season Of Da Siccness in the song Siccmade, the "ki ki ki ha ha ha" sound plays over and over in the background throughout the track.

Chchch Hahaha
This punk band has many references to Jason, and their name is taken from the Friday the 13th sound effect. Official Site of ChchchHahaha.
Cold In this advertisement for Cold's new album, a cartoon girl is shown holding dolls representing various slasher icons, with Jason Voorhees being one of them.
Cookie Mongoloid This San Fransisco based punk experimental group has a member of their band that wears a hockey mask. Official Site.

E-mail from the drummer: "Hi, I the drummer, the guy with the hockey mask, in Cookie Mongoloid, aka cRumb on dRumbs. I know the pain Jason felt and why he killed… wearing a hockey mask. Playing drums for an hour under the lights wearing a hockey mask puts all of our fans at risk of being slashed; they'd better note be making out during our set."

In this rap entitled I'll Be Damned, there are the lyrics, "Turn around, let me see your nasty ass / Put on a Jason mask while I take off your maxi pads."
The Damned
This four trak EP released in 1981, contains the songs Disco Man, Billy Bad Breaks, Citadel, and The Limit Club. The title is "Friday the 13th EP" and whether this is related to the series is up for debate.
Dark Humor
This band has a song called Betsy Palmer. Official Dark Humor Site.
Dayton Family
This rap group uses the "ki ki ki ma ma ma" sound on What's On My Mind.
On the song, Commencement the song ends with the "ch ch ch ch ka ka ka ka" sound.
This Italian band has a song called Crystal Lake. Official Website.
Dia Psalma This Swedish punk band has an illustration on the cover with Freddy, Jason, Leatherface and the Alien-monster standing around in a circle watching a little girl on the ground.
The drummer wore a hockey mask playing before a Kittie concert in San Diego.
DJ Jazzy Jeff and
the Fresh Prince

In a song called, I'm All That there is a line that says, "Back from the dead like Jason, people were erasing me and Jeff's name out of their hit lists."

There is also a line from the song Ain't No Place Like Home that says, "Kept on running, kept coming like Jason."

There is also a Jason reference in the song, He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper. It goes, "I'm the Jason of rap, Freddy Krueger of rhymin'".

Down South

In a song by Tre-8, he says, "Bustas must've thought they knew me, hit em with an uzi, and left their chest full of blood and guts like they do on scary movies, Fuck that, just call me Jason" (in the background it does the "Ki, ki, ki" sound).

On another song on Down South Hustlers, called Playaz from the South, Master P says, "Ready to bust on the n*gga that be talking shit, I'm bad like Jason."

Dr. Dre
From The Chronic album and the song Lyrical Gangbang, in the second verse by Kurupt: "Yo, I breaks 'em off / I breaks 'em off cheap / Deadly as Jason on Friday The 13th."
Ed Gein
This tech-metal band used several samples from Friday the 13th on their demo album. On the song, Bathed in Orange, it starts off with a sample of Mrs.Voorhees saying, "Get her mommy, kill her, kill her." The other song is called Willie Loman and they use the samples of Alice screaming as she is trying to not be killed by Mrs. Voorhees.
She sings a song called Monsta' Rap in which she mentions a whole bunch of monsters/movie villains to the tune of Madonna's Vogue, "Jason in a hockey mask, zombies, freaks, and maniacs."
Eminem On The Marshall Mathers LP in the song Criminal he says,
"Shit, half the shit I say, I just make it up
To make you mad, so kiss my white naked ass
And if it's not a rapper that I'll make it as
I'mma be a fuckin' rapist in a Jason mask."

Eminem has been seen wearing a hockey mask and holding a chainsaw at his concerts. Even his action figure comes with a hockey mask and him in overalls.

Also in the song Amityville he can be heard doing the ki,ki,ki sound in the background.

In another song by Eminem with Redman called Off the Wall, Redman raps, "Doc could shape up, cut your barber miss / slay you wit a bloody blade / I turn rap camps into Crystal Lake" and in the background you can hear the effect of "ki,ki,ki..ha,ha,ha."

In the song Redrum off the Boomin' Words From Hell album, he says, "More like Jason but it's you I'm chasin'."

In another song called Get Doe, there is another reference: "It's the true to be paid / nightmares you're broke / You'd rather have Freddy and Jason / come slit your throat."

In the music video for the song, Angels Crying by this Swedish singer, the whole thing is based on the first Friday the 13th movie with a bunch of teens going to a summer camp who are slaughtered by a maniac, but in this case it's the singer himself. The video includes strip monopoly, a dead guy in the top bunk while others are getting it on under him, and also a shower curtain and an axe scene.
Exumer This German thrash metal band has released two albums in the '80s, both of which had a man wearing a hockey mask on the cover. Website.
There is a track from this drum & bass group called Jason that contains some samples from Friday the 13th: Part 2.
Force of Evil
On the album Black Empire, there is a song called Vorhees_Revenge.
Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13
In their song I Love To Say Fuck, there's a sound clip of Axel from The Final Chapter saying, 'Holy Jesus, Goddamn! Holy Jesus, jumping Christmas shit!' (can anyone confirm this?)
This metal band has immortalized their love for the series in a song called Crystal Lake. Betsy Palmer did an exclusive narration for the song. Official Website.
Frightmare This underground death metal band has a song called Friday the 13th and on their album Midnight Murder Mania, By Knife...By Axe...Bye Bye! they even use the covers from Parts 1 and 2 on the back of their album. The song comes complete with a nice intro of Mrs. Voorhees talking in her little Jason voice. Official Frightmare Website.
Ghetto Boys
In the rap song Chuckie, the say, "Friday the 13th, the Night of the Living Dead, Vampire arms working rhymes giving niggas' head."

Also in their song, Mind of a Lunatic, they say, "Flashes. I get flashes of Jason. Give me a knife and a many lives I'm wasting."

In the video for My Mind's Playing Tricks on Me, Bushwick Bill is scaring little kids while wearing a Jason mask.

Good Charlotte During one of their concerts on Halloween 2002, Benji wore a hockey mask on stage.
Gorillaz In their new video, 19-2000, there is a sign above the freeway that says "Crystal Lake" and next to it another sign says "Overlook Hotel."

in the new video for Dirty Harry, the lead singer has a large group of kids who, along with him, apparently survived a helicopter crash. One of the kids in the group has a hocky mask that looks like Jason's.

The Haddonfields
This local punk rock band has a song called Camp Crystal Lake.
Handsome Boy Modeling School
On the album White People, track 13 features the Rza from the Wu-Tang Clan, and he says, "People trying to Pac me or Biggie smalls me / In this jump off I'm Jason Voorhees."
Hollywood Undead
In this hiphop/hardcore band half the band wears hockey masks, and the fans wear hockey masks to their shows. You can see pictures and hear them at
House of Krazees This rap group with many of Twiztid’s band members wore Jason masks all the time.
Insane Clown Posse
On their Bizzar Bizaar tour, one of the guys they bring on stage is dressed up like Jason Voorhees for the song My Ax.
It's Friday the 13th:
Hard as Hell

A techno album "mixed by Jason" with a hockey mask on the cover.
In the song Regrets from his debut album Reasonable Doubt he says, "My hand got this pistol shakin, cause I sense danger like Camp Crystal Lake."
Jedi Mind Tricks
In the song The Immaculate Conception, they have a lyric that goes, "My shit is crazy like Free Masons, meeting Camp Crystal Lake like Jason."
On the song Freestyle or Written they say something like, "Friday the 13th I rip Jason."
Kane Hodder
There is an Indie band from Seattle that calls themselves Kane Hodder, referencing the actor who most frequently played Jason. Official site.
Kids Like Us This Florida-based hardcore band has a song entitled "Motherfuck Crystal Lake" on their 2005 album, 80's Are Dead. It includes sound clips from the first Friday the 13th of Mrs. Voorhees explaining what happened to Jason ("they were making love while my son drowned!") The lyrics are as follows:

"Dearest Jason its your mom.
I know I've been gone for a long time.
My head is what you need to find.
Don't you see what they did to you?
Don't forget they killed me too.
I don't know about you
but we got some killing to do.
Cabin fever!"

King Gordy
In the song Time To Die, he says 'Ongoing investigations / I'm being compared to Jason...Voorhees / for chopping up four teens / by the lake".
Lady of Rage
This song can be found on the Above the Rim soundtrack. The song, featuring Snoop Dogg, has the lyric, "You wanna get with the wickedness? / With that big bot-ty that's kickin it, rippin it apart like Jason / You'll be, chasin a dream like Freddy."
LL Cool J
On his album, Bigger and Deffer, he has a song called, .357 (Break It On Down) with the lyric, "I'm like Jason when he's chasin', and Freddy when he's ready."
For their 2002 Halloween show, they all dressed up and the bassist was dressed like Jason.
This Finnish horror/metal band has played Alice Cooper's Man Behind the Mask at gigs with the lead singer wearing a hockey mask. LORDI Website.
Lords of Acid
On the album Our Little Secret, the song Horror Movie is a hidden track. The lyrics are, "I wanna go see a horror movie / On Friday the 13th with Christopher Lee."
LWS, or Lunatics Without Skateboards Inc., have an album called Welcome to the Asylum with their first song called Crystal Lake.
From the remix of I Got 5 On It, the line says "I'm killing people like Jason facing death in every sequel."
Maestro Fresh Wes
The line "like Jason, I'm gonna take Manhattan" shows up in one of his songs.
Master P On his Halloween single there is a diamond-covered Jason mask on the cover.
Kenneth Masters
In a rap song titled "Freddy vs. Jason" all the top killers are mentioned (Michael, Freddy, Jason, Chucky, Leperchaun, and Norman Bates).
Megadeath In 1994, Megadeth used the Jason hockey mask in their flyer entitled 'Night Of The Living Megadeth' for a concert on Halloween night on MTV to promote their album Youthanasia.
Method Man
In the song Serial Killer, Method Man says, "...ever heard of Jason? then you know my work..."

Also in the song Grand Finale, it starts off with Method Man rapping, "Nobody safe from the Friday the 13th... ghetto Jason!"

Method Man and Redman often work together, and in the video, "Symphony 2000", they and some other rappers dress up as characters from horror movies. Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Pinhead, and of course Jason Voorhees are shown.

Missy Elliot
In her song Slide, she raps "So yes you better worry. Like Jason it gets scary."
Mister Monster
This is an extremely horror-influenced band, and in their song called All My Monsters, they have the lyrics, "Freddy K. on Elm Street / Feet and feet of bloody meat / Jason V. in Crystal Lake / Dismembered teens is what he'll make."
On the album Chainsaw Dismemberment, there is a song called Camp Blood where they sing about Jason.
There is a reference to Jason in the song Spawn of the Dread. Website.
The Murderdolls
Inside of the Murderdolls CD jacket, there are a couple of pictures of the Murderdolls' icon with movie monsters. Two of them are Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees.

They also use a clip from The Final Chapter at the end of their song The Devil Made Me Do It. It's Axel swearing and saying, "Holy Jesus Goddamn, Holy Jesus jumping Christmas shit!"

Also in an interview with them in Metal Edge magazine, They are asked about their lyrics being somewhat funny. Wednesday 13 replies by saying, "You can't really take these Friday the 13th type movies serious nowadays."

Keith Murray
In his song Dip Dip Di, there's a part in the chorus that goes, "I dip dip di in your face...and bring drama like Jason."
My Life With The
Thrill Kill Kult

In the song Delicate Terror there's a sample of Cory Feldman as Tommy Jarvis grunting as he hacks up Jason. The same song uses a vocal sample from Halloween 5 - "I don't hear any noise... are you sure you guys are doing it right?"
On his song, Made You Look with Ludacris and Jadakiss, he raps, "I'm Jason and my album will drop on Friday the 13th."
This rap group has a song called Torture where they say the line, "Look what you facin', A madman, unmasked like Jason."
In the video for Country Grammar, one of the band members appears with a silver hockey mask on the side of his head.

This underground metal band thanks Jason and Friday the 13th on their Dead Heart In A Dead World CD.
On the song O-Zone they say, "This is Camp Crystal Lake and I'm Jason, step into the O-Zone."
Of the Reknown
The drummer has dressed as Jason Voorhees and played in costume. There is a small picture at their site: Of the Reknown.
The Only Children
On the limited edition Girl With The Golden Hair 7", the run out groove says, "Now go on and let everyone else know 'breakfast is ready'", which is a quote from Friday the 13th: Part V.
Petter This Swedish rapper sings, Jason utan masken (Jason without mask) in one of his songs.
Poison the Well
This hardcore band has a song called Crystal Lake.

Crystal Lake

Overheard your conversation. Tonight I'm not satisfied.
Sitting here I realize that I always think I'm right.
So it's over for all of you.
My scenery is lakes and trees
I just can't keep all concrete.
I've fallen for this metal and I love this handle
So it's over for all of you
Two round holes cut into this fabric.
And I will slide it over my head.
I'll chase you for all hours.
I never see you make the effort to chase me.
Now your final place is this lake.
Stare at me now on your way down.

Ray Stevens
There's a song by Ray Stevens called Boogerman and the first lyric is "I ain't 'fraid of no Freddy...down on Elm Street....I ain't 'fraid of no Friday the 13th..." sung to the blues.
On the song Rated R, he cites all of the main horror movie killers. "Jason my man slings rocks like up the block."

In another song by Eminem and Redman called What You May Say, Redman says, "Machete you with a bloody blade, turn this camp into Crystal Lake."


This New Jersey punk band has a song called Teenage Mishaps based on Friday the 13th. The song features the 'ch ch ch ha ha ha' as a backround effect in the chorus and the lyrics loosly talk about the movie. It mentions the line, "they were warned that they were doomed," and it also talks about strip monopoly and people disappearing. Reflective Insight Official Website.
Royce The 5'9 From the Scary Movie Soundtrack, he says: "I’m Freddy Krueger, Jason, and Scream, Chasin’ a dream."
R-SuN TR8 This white rapper did an album titled Mark of Thorn on which he wears a chrome hockey mask and makes remarks about Jason in almost every song on his album. R-Sun TR8 Official Website.
Shaheed the
Poster Boy

On a freestyle rap called Fabolous Diss, he says, "I'm the reason niggas moms' is shakin' / when you come to see Sha ain't no conversation / now I gotta kill niggas like Saddam or Jason."
The lead singer of this Christian rock group sports a Jason Voorhees belt buckle.
Skinny Puppy In their song 'Centre Bullet', in the middle of the song there is the 'ki ki ki ki ma ma ma' mixed in with Freddy-like laughter.
Slick Rick He has a song with the lyrics, "After you I'll be chasin' with a hockey mask on like Jason.”
System of a Down
On the Toxicity album, there is a special thanks to, "The Evil Dead, Jason and Leatherface."
Tha Dogg Pound
There is a song called Got My Mind Made Up featuring 2Pac, Method Man and Redman. The lyrics go, "My thoughts rip ya throat and make it hard to breathe / Ya whole camp's under siege, and I'm Jason Voorhees."
The Game
On the album The Documentary, a song titled We Ain't features Eminem, and he says something along the lines of, "Left at the crime scene is the mask of Jason."
Tic Tac Toe
This band is a girl group in Germany. For the song Ist der Ruf erst ruiniert ("You live freely if you haven't a reputation to lose") they made a video which near the end features a segment where one of the girls can be seen wearing a hockey mask and wielding a chainsaw for a few seconds.
Tragic Tragedy
This group wears black Jason hockey masks and sing about killing and murder.
A Tribe Called Quest
In the song Lyrics to Go off the album Midinght Maurauders, a line is, "Boggle at the party then you got the boggle-ation / Decapitation foes yo as if my name was Jason."
On the CD TRU-true, In the song TRU playaz, Mr. Serv-On says, "I've never been a kid like Jason, eyes red like Satan."
TWiZTiD When TWiZTiD do their live show, Jason, Michael Myers or Leatherface are always onstage with axes. The band members also have many horror tattoos, with Jason being among them. See the official site of TWiZTiD.

In Twiztid's new video for We Don't Die, they have a scene with a character in a Jason mask digging a grave.

In the very last song on Twiztid's Man's Myth album, Monoxide raps, "Me killin' people like Jason / facin' death every sequel / witness what bein' off two-fifths equal."

Uri Gheler This Spanish band has a picture of Jason in their CD booklet, and has a song called Viernes 13 which mentions Jason Voorhees.
The Vacancy This band decided to pay tribute to their favorite Friday the 13th movies (particularly Part 2) by shooting a slasher themed music video. Click the image to watch! Official site of The Vacancy.
Venereal Disease This grind band has an album entitled 'Jason's Macabre Return' - Website.
The now defunct British thrash/hardcore/punk band Voorhees has multiple albums with Jason Voorhees on the cover. Rather than having side A and side B on the vinyl, there is side Mother and side Son. They have a song called Voorhees all about Jason on their album Crystal Lake's Legacy. Voorhees Website


Drowned at Crystal Lake
The other kids were makin out
His mother took revenge
One by one the body count


Evil spirit came to haunt
Violent bloodbath followed
Hockey mask, machete, knife
Jason lives on sorrow


Spilling blood without reason
No remorse just more bodies
Camp Crystal Lake's legacy
Victims' corpses among the trees

The Voorhees A band from Australia paying homage to Jason. Official site of The Voorhees.
Weird Al Yankovic
Weird Al's Nature Trail to Hell in 3-D is about "A homicidal maniac who finds a cub scout troop" and was released shortly after Friday Part 3.
Wyclef Jeans
On the song Low Income the line is "I'll slit your throat it's like Friday the 13th Jason with a trench coat."

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