Amazing Heroes In an interview in #119, it explicitly says that the character Wild Dog's hockey mask was inspired by Jason's.
Ambush Bug
Anniversary Issue

In the Nothing Special Anniversary Issue, Ambush Bug ends up in Camp Crystal Lake for a few frames.
Batman The cover of Batman #629 features the formerly dead Robin, Jason Todd, battling Batman with the text "Jason Lives!" in the bottom corner.
Buffy the
Vampire Slayer
In the Buffy Halloween issue, she is drawn wearing the coveralls of Part 2 with a goalie mask that resembles Part 3 complete with the number 13 painted on the forehead of it.

In the Buffy Thanksgiving issue, she is attacked by a vampire wearing the goalie mask dropped by her in the previous issue.
Clerks Christmas
The Cover has the main characters standing in front of some movie posters, one of which is Star Trek vs. Jason (to the far right).
Cracked Magazine There was an article something like "Mail that shouldn't have been sent." They show a picture of Jason with a letter in his hand and a caption at the bottom that says,"Counselors needed at Camp Crystal Lake."

“A Valentine’s Day card to a very special monster.... Jason Voorhees" The card then reads, "Could I be in love? I'm falling for you slowly. But what’s with the hockey mask? I hope you are a goalie." There is also a picture of the girl holding hands with Jason and holding a flower in her other while Jason has an axe behind his back.

There was an article called, "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" that featured a character with a missing head. The caption read, "Oh, I spent the summer at Camp Crystal Lake."

There was a special that Cracked did called "When Monsters Attack", and in issue #3 Jason is on the cover and there is an article about Jason's bodycount.

Another reference had Jason standing in front of a group of kids with a counselor saying, "Meet Jason, your new counselor. He will demonstrate the proper use of an axe."

There was another issue that had a lost and found ad. It said something like, "I lost my hockey mask after I was shot, stabbed, burnt, electrocuted, cut up into pieces and thrown off of a 15-story building last week. If it is found, return to Camp Crystal Lake."

Monster Party
In their spoof of Freddy's Dead, entitled "Dreddy's Dead: The Final Rip-Off", "Dreddy" is running down a few Ninja Turtles, RoboCop, and Jason in the movie's opening bus sequence.

There was a whole issue devoted to Jason Goes to Hell with different comics about him in Hell, as well as a talk show where they interviewed "Jason's son."

In issue #32 there was a spoof called "Scoopy-Poo, Where are you!" Scoopy and the gang are shown getting ambushed by Jason and Freddy!

In the April 1994 issue of this video game magazine, there was a section titled "Lamepro" which was an April Fools' spoof. On the spoof list of "Top Ten Rejected Video Game Ideas", one of them read: "Jason Goes to Hell: A Reading Adventure For Tots."
Generation X In issue #41 The kids of Generation X have been left alone at the mansion for several days while Banshee and White Queen are out of town on business. They decide to have a horror movie marathon. Jubilee has a nightmare where Emplate is Jason from the Friday the 13th series.
Great Teacher

In Volume 15, Onizuka is challenged to arm wrestle 100 men, and the 100th is a man in a hockey mask that goes by the name Jason.
Hajime No Ippo
In Volume 4, Chapter 3, of this manga, the characters find out that Ippo's new opponent is a guy named Jason, and Takamura and Ippo imagine him as looking like Jason Voorhees.
Hulk In issue #355, Gill Jeffers see Friday the 13th at a video store.
MAD Magazine In the September 1991 issue, there was a section called "The MAD Summer Camp Guide." One of the camps was called Camp Jason.

In an issue there's a section called "The Wrong Kind of Travel Guide." One of the places listed is Crystal Lake, Forest Green County, Massachusetts. It lists reasons to go and not to go.

In another issue doing a spoof on one of Wes Craven's movies, Jason is seen hanging from a tree in the background.

In issue no. 264, Rocky V-XI or The Italian Scallion vs. The Great Hollywood Villains featured Jason.

In issue no. 271, Jason is mentioned in The Bruce Springsteen Songbook.

In issue no. 281, Jason makes an appearance alongside Freddy as a surgeon in the "St. Elsewhere" spoof.

In issue no. 320, Jason appeared in Kid's Guide to Things that Go Bump in the Night.

In issue no. 397, in the article entitled, "Legitimate Gripes of your Average Serial Killer," there are two characters wearing hockey masks.

In issue no. 418, at the end of the Spiderman spoof it shows the Goblin pacing in front of a wall covered by masks from various movies, and one of the masks is Jason's.

In the June 2000 issue, there was an article entitled "Wes Craven, with apologies to Edgar Allen Poe." It begins, 'Once upon a midnight dreary/horror flicks did not seem weary/Elm Street, Halloween, and Friday the 13th scared fans galore. Michael, Jason, and that Freddy/made fans' stomachs feel unsteady/But no one was really ready for schlock sequels by the score..." Jason is shown hanging from a tree in the background of an illustration.

Marvel Age Issue #33 said on the back page, "Today is Friday the 13th and Lynn Cohen's birthday!" showing a man with an axe and hockey mask.

In an earlier April Fool's issue, claimed that Marvel would adapt Friday the 13th as a Marvel Super Special. This never happened, of course.

Marvel Knights: 4
In issue 5, The Fantastic Four are taking some kids camping in the woods when they meet a crazy old man. After talking with him, Ben Grimm says, " know how in the Friday the 13th movies, there's always an old coot who warns the campers to go home because Jason's gonna chop 'em up? Well...that was him."

In issue 6, the Invisible Woman leads some children to safety in an abandoned cabin that looks much like one at Camp Crystal Lake; the whole storyline is very reminiscient of a horror movie.

Maze Agency At some point during #1-4, someone mentions helping a person write a Friday the 13th novelization.
Mother Goose & Grimmy Jason is shown in different historical settings, holding a chainsaw.
New Titans In issue 73, one of the characters is thinking about going to see "Freddy Fights Jason" in 3-D.

In the October issue, there is an article spoofing The Bachelor, called "The Boochelor." It has two female ghosts competing for The Boochelor, whose name is Norman Voorhees. There is also a character named Freddy Bates.
Ren & Stimpy
In a January 1996 issue, a young letter writer asks 'Dr. Stupid' why his parents sent him to camp. Dr. Stupid replies, "They were hoping you'd meet up with Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th."
Samurai the 13th It basically has the plot of Part 6, with Jason fighting a samurai warrior/chef.
The Simpsons Comic The Halloween issue had a story called "Sideshow Blob", where Bart is wearing a hockey mask as a Halloween costume.

In the Simpsons comic Treehouse of Horror Fun-filled Frightfest, Bart goes to the Flanders house and is told by Todd 'I'm watching my favorite! Sunday the 13th: Jason Goes To Church!'

Sledge Hammer
In issue #1 there is a parody of Jason.
Tank Girl
In vol. 1 of the trade paperback, one panel shows Tank Girl sporting a hockey mask, complete with axe cut.
Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles

In vol. 4, issue #24, a small team of vampire-wannabes prepare to eat what they think is an old bum in an overcoat. The bum turns out to be the hockey mask-clad vigilante, Casey Jones. Upon seeing Casey, the vampire's first reaction is, "Is that...JASON!?"
Teen Titans
In issue #32 (the first series), Changeling asks another character if she wants to go see the new Friday the 13th, Part 13 movie. He then says, "In this one, everyone dies!"
The Thing
In vol. 2, #3, there's a shapeshifting midget robot named Brynocki. He attacks Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, while he's out of his armor. Brynocki has an odd sense of humor, and transforms into Chucky, Jason, and Freddy while attacking Tony. Finally, Tony is able to manuever Brynocki into jamming his Freddy-claws into an electrical cable, shutting him down and allowing Tony to reprogram the robot into working for him.
In issue #50 there is a man with a chainsaw and hockey mask.
Wizard Magazine In issue #177 they recently did a section on the top 100 greatest villians of all time. Jason Voorhees was #26. The article on Jason said "More creative and brutal than Michael Meyers, Jason's hockey mask-wearing, machete brandishing, teen killing antics are legendary."
In vol. 4 of the manga, there's a character known as "The Chopman" who appears in the chapters "Murderer's Mansion" and "Chainsaw Deathmatch!!" His appearence is similar to Leatherface (he wears a stitched together mask) and has physical strength similar to Jason (he pulls a heavy door off it's hinges with a single tug). His backstory is as follows: "Do you remember what happened last summer at the camp near Domino Lake? Those terrible murders that had all of Domino City cowering in fear... Ten boy scouts staying at the camp were murdered... All in one night.. Not even a master of puzzles would have been able to assemble those body parts back into a human form... Those boys were mince-meat."

America: The Book
In this book by Jon Stewart, on pages 52 and 53 there is a double-page spread drawing of "Your Presidential Library." At the bottom of page 52, Jason can be seen killing four teenagers who are drinking in a secluded little enclave.
American Psycho
In this novel, Patrick Bateman steps into a video store and sees a guy he knows who has just rented Friday the 13th Part VII.
The Bad Place
In this horror novel by Dean R. Koonts, Jason Voorhees is mentioned in chapter 50 of the book.
The Cannibal Lover's
This book features a picture of a chef on the front wearing a hockey mask underneath a Hanibal-type muzzle.
Elvira's Nightmares:
Transylvania 90210

In this book, one of Elvira's friends has a large cut on his hand. When he cleans it up in Elvira's bathroom, he gets blood everywhere. Elvira walks in and says that she had not seen this much blood since Friday the 13th, Part XXX.
Fighting Fantasy:
In this RPG book, you kill a man and he gets struck by lightning three times, reanimating his corpse. He dons a hockey mask and follows you throughout your adventure with a machete, in the end you stun him long enough to tie him in chains and throw him in a lake.
Garfield's Guide to Everything
In the "Monster" section of this book, Garfield says, "Anyone can put on a hockey mask and carve up a summer camp." Also on the same page, Jason is shown sitting behind Frankenstein's monster.
Handbook for Writers
In the second edition of this book by Scott Foresman, there is a grammar exercise. The directions are to use semicolons to arrange the following clauses, phrases, and bits of information into complete sentences: "The action in mad-killer movies like Friday the 13th Jason skewers two teenagers making love. Jason splits the skull of a camper. Jason drags a midnight skinny-dipper down to a watery grave. Jason drills an ice pick into a camp counselor's brain."
Late at Night
In this horror/murder mystery by William Schoell, a group of people are trapped on an island and one of them is killing the others through necromancy. One of the characters thinks about how this was supposed to be a vaction, not "Friday The 13th Part 47."
Little New York

In this book by M. Dylan Raskin, he talks about his affections for 1980's horror films, like Friday the 13th, and more specifically about his love for the heroine of Part 2, Amy Steel.
In this book by the Japanese author Koji Suzuki, there are several references to the Friday the 13th movie series.

"All the way here he had been imagining dark, utterly primitive log cabins - the perfect backdrop for a Friday the 13th scenario - and there was nothing of that in this building" (p 63 in US edition).

"Asakawa ran his gaze casually over the titles of the videos covering the wall. Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Back to the Future, Friday the 13th..." (p 65).

"If he wanted to tell somebody that, say, Friday the 13th was a great movie, wouldn't it have been easier just to say Friday the 13th was a great movie?" (p 71-72).

Rose Madder
In this Stephen King novel, there is a line where it says, "She looked like an extra from a Friday The 13th movie."
Skeleton Crew
In this Stephen King novel, the third story, The Monkey, has the sentence, "The note came again, the wind coming off Crystal Lake in a long, droning swoop and then wavering in the gutter."
White Wolf RPG There is a picture of a kid in a hockey mask with a chainsaw. Next to him is a letter that says, "Dear, Jason, I have seen all of your movies and I want to be just like you.."

Internet This website produces The 30-Second Bunnies Theatre, and one of the episodes is a bunny version of Freddy vs. Jason.

Jason's bunny mask also showed up in the trash compactor scene in their 30-second version of Star Wars. There is a whole comic series based around "Butch", a killer with a knife and a simplistic version of Jason's hockey mask. In one issue, Butch and Jason Voorhees do the "Marx Brothers mirror gag" to each other. Using the Nintendo version of Friday the 13th, animator Tef2002 creates a spoof involving Jason and characters from Sesame Street.
In the online comic, Neurotically Yours, one of the episodes is called "coffee house propaganda." Foamy the squirrel walks into a Star-schmucks coffeehouse and starts ranting at the cashier. At the end of the rant, the cashier says that "violence went out with the old Freddy Krueger movies," and Foamy responds by saying, "Freddy Vs. Jason kicked ass!" This site has a comic called Pixel Pals which spoofs Nintendo games, and they made a dancing Jason from the Friday the 13th game.

There is another comic called Pickleman, and on the cover of issue #3 there is a picture of Jason listening to headphones on a subway, holding a bloody machete.

Luann In this comic strip, there is a picture of Freddy vs. Jason on the wall along with other modern day villans.
Madness Combat 4
On the Internet there is an animation with a clown character who wears a metal hockey mask. In this issue, a big brother looks in a closet for monsters and sees a hockey-masked maniac. In this issue, two of the main characters discuss the upcoming movie, Freddy Vs. Jason.
This website allows people to put up animated movies that they have made. There is one created by RadishAttack entitled Jason vs. Sadako.

There is also a flash movie there called Jason Takes South Park created by our very own F13 forum member, Corpseguy.

Another flash game there called Dad 'n' Me has a character who wears a hockey mask kills people.

Click here to check out other Jason related animations on this site! The artist Mark Parisi shows what would happened if Jason met the Fab 5 from Queer Eye for a Straight Guy.
In #602: Sexy ER, Dora and Marten are watching a movie and Dora says, "I love a man who roots for the psychopath in the hockey mask." In this online comic, there were some chickens wearing hockey masks for Friday the 13th. On this site there is a video called "Killer Cleaners" where a man is shown in a bloody white jumpsuit wearing a hockey mask. This online comic has had several different panels devoted to a Jason character doing various things. This online parody newspaper had a lead story on September 15th with the headline, "Cheney Returns to Camp Crystal Lake." Click photo image to read the article.
Online Reference This comic image was sent in with a reference to Freddy Vs. Jason, but the source is unknown.

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