In this game for the Sega Genesis, the last boss of the horror level is a Jason-like character who goes by the name of Janus. You collect his hockey mask after you defeat him.
Alex Kidd In this Genesis game, the character comes across a bunch of "Jasons" cutting at trees with axes.
Backyard Wrestling 2 One of the unlockable accesories for your wrestler is a Jason-style hockeymask, complete with red markings.
Bart Simpson's Escape from Camp Deadly In this gameboy game, Bart encounters a character that wears a mask like Jason.
Baseball Stars This 1989 game for the NES has a team called the "Ghastly Monsters" and there are all kinds of killers from horror movies, and one of the players is called Jason.
Blood In one stage you can find Jason's hockey mask hanging off the wall, and later there is a level called Crystal Lake and has many easily recognizable locations in it, including the little shrine with the severed head of Mrs. Voorhees. Also, the cheat for temporary God mode is "Voorhees."
Bloody Rage There is an on-line fan-made game that is similar to Street Fighter, where you can choose to play as Jason.
Carne Evil
One of the bigger bosses in this arcade game has on a hockey mask and overalls and is holding a very large chainsaw.
In this dating sim you talk to several girls and one conversation is as follows:
Jeannie: You know, it's Friday The 13th.
Player: Yeah. I know.
Jeannie: I feel uneasy today.
Player: You never know when a crazed madman with a hockey mask will come after you with a chainsaw.
Celebrity Deathmatch
In this video game, a character's special move is to pull out a chainsaw and put on a hockey mask.
Clock Tower
The designer's notes for this game read as follows: "CLOCK TOWER is designed so that the material comes first. All systems were designed to address the question of how best to express horror. This resulted in a rather ruthless work, but frankly, if you were being chased by an immortal killing machine in real life, your survival rate wouldn't be much better anyway. If you manage to finish the game without getting killed even once, consider yourself capable of survival even with Jason tracking you down!"
Crime Fighters In this 1989 Konami arcade game the level 2 boss is Jason, the level 4 boss is Leatherface, and the level 5 boss is Freddy.
Duke Nukem
There is a special Friday the 13th stage you can play that has a sign that reads "Camp Crystal Lake" and is a campground setting.
Fallout 2 When you kill alot of people or take a certain drug you get a trait called "PSYCHO" that's accompanied by a little picture of the pip boy wearing a hockey mask, a striped sweater and wielding a chainsaw and a Freddy glove.
Final Fantasy 3 There is a character named Edger who, on rare occasions when using a chainsaw, will don a hockey mask and instantly kill an enemy.
Final Fantasy VII The character Vincent turns into a hockey-mask wearing monster with a chainsaw.
Gex There is a guy that wears a hockey mask, with a Freddy style shirt and glove, and he wields a chainsaw.
Theft Auto: Vice City

In this video game, you have an outfit that consists of a hockey mask and coveralls, and you can equip a machete or a chainsaw to be used in a bank robbery.

Also in the game, there is a mock radio ad for a horror movie called Knife After Dark. It goes like this, "He was just the boy next door ...'Hello, Danny. I didn't know it was hockey season ... Do you have a knife?' ... A deadly curse, a daranged killer ... Knife after dark ... Rated R for Retarded."

One more Jason reference can be seen at the Gang Barrito van where there is a teddy bear on top of it wearing a hockey mask.

Theft Auto:
San Andreas

In this game about car stealing and murder, if you find the Prolaps store and go to hats, you can select a hockey mask to wear.
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories
After killing Vicenzo, you will recieve overalls and a hockey mask, in which to use for a mission called "Slash TV" where you kill people with a chainsaw.
Kid Chameleon In this game you get several masks, and one of them is a hockey mask and it turns you into a guy who looks like Jason and throws hatchets.
Kid Dracula
Jason is the second level boss in this Gameboy version.
Kung-Fu Master In this Gameboy game, the first level boss is a chainsaw wielding maniac in full Jason attire.
Manhunt This Playstation 2 action/adventure game has a character wearing a hockey mask. Manhunt Uncut Website
Monster Madness
On this touch screen game which can be found in bars and casinos, there is a Jason inspired character with a hockey mask and a machete.
The Movies In this simulation game you can run a movie studio and make films, and one of the wardrobes has 4 different, very Jason-like hockey masks.
Nancy Drew:
Secret of the
Old Clock

In this computer game, you as Nancy Drew drive in a car to a camp to deliver a telegram to a girl named Alice, but a guy named Jason is there to receive it instead. He says creepily, "I'll get it to her..." When questioned on Alice's whereabouts, Jason replies, "Oh, she's...around.." When you return to the camp later, Alice is still missing and Jason is there for the telegram.
Need for
Speed 3

In this Playstation game, on the first track there is a sign that says 'Crystal Lake', but this road is blocked off by barriers. When you drive far enough, though, you can get to a small campground with some cabins.
Ninja Gaiden
In the original arcade version of the game, there are street fighting Jason Voorhees impersonators wearing green shirts, hockey masks, and holding machetes from start to finish, as well as Pamela Voorhees type creatures who leap out of a lake.

In the NES system version, Stage 3-1 begins with the hero leaving a cabin in an area appropriately called Crystal Lake, according to the game's instruction booklet. The Jason villans appear in Stage 4-3 and throw sharp and deadly axes towards the ninja warrior.

Ninja Gaiden II
In this NES sequel, the Jason look-alikes (called "Jacksons") make appear in Stage 2-1, sporting red overalls while holding the always reliable machete. They also appear later on wearing different colored clothing, while still bringing the same tool to the table.
Redneck Rampage
In the "Suckin' Grits on Route 66" add-on for this game, one of the levels is called "Campy Crystal Lake" where you explore a lakeside setting.
Resident Evil 4
In this Gamecube game, you can see a man wearing a burlap sack on his head with a chainsaw, reminiscent of Friday the 13th Part 2.
Robo Cop
In the arcade version of this game, there are easily defeatabled guys sporting overalls, hockey masks and chainsaws.
In this Game Gear version, shirtless hockey mask wearing goons are featured in the highway section of this game but do not carry any of Jason's trademark weapons.
The Sims
There is a Jason character you can insert into the Sims computer game. Right-click here to save the file to your computer:
vs. RAW

This wrestling game also has the option to create your own wrestler, where you can choose a hockey mask for your character.
vs. RAW 2023

This wrestling game also has the option to create your own wrestler, and you can create a Part 2 Jason using this start code.
1, 2 & 3
The main character in all three of this series wears a hockey mask which gives him incredible strength. Link to information and pictures.
Spy vs. Spy In this Nintendo game there is a haunted house level, and one of the character/power ups is a hockey mask and chainsaw.
Street Fighter
The character of Vega from Spain, wears a hockey mask and uses a three-pronged claw for a weapon.
Super Mario
Land 2

In the pumpkin zone there are little guys with hockey masks on and knives in the side of their heads.
Tekken 5 In Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, you can actually buy an equipable hockey mask for Craig Marduk that looks much like Jason's.
Tony Hawk Underground 2
In the commercial for this game, Bam Margera was picking some people on his team and one the guys was wearing a hockey mask, and holding a chainsaw and a sheep. Bam picks the guy with the hockey mask.
Urban Chaos:
Riot Response

In this Xbox game, the protagonists in the game wear hockey masks and one of the masks is modeled after Jason Voorhees' mask. Game information.
Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines In one of the levels there's a poster for a new game on the wall of an internet cafe which features a Jason-like character.
Viper-V8 There's a chapter in the game called Friday the 18. It has 3 girls in an old summer camp getting preyed upon by an unknown stalker dressed like Jason.
Wario World
In this game for the Gamecube, there is a haunted house level. The sticky balls you use to hop on all wear goalie masks just like Jason.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Second Edition
One of the question on this computer game reads: "Which horror series has the most sequels?"
A) Scream  C)Friday the 13th
B) Jaws      D)Halloween
Wrestling War
In this old sega arcade game, that was re-released in Smash Pack Volume 1, has a boss named Mr. J that wears a hockey mask.
WWE Raw 2 In this Xbox game you can use a hocky mask for your custom character.
WWF No Mercy
This Nintendo 64 game has the option to create a wrestler, and you can choose the mask of Jason and put it on the face of your own wrestler.
WWF Smackdown!
1 & 2
This Playstation game also has the option to create your own wrestler, and you can choose the mask of Jason (with long blonde hair!) and put it on the face of your own wrestler.
Ate My Neighbors
This game for the Super Nintendo, features a character that runs around with a hockey mask and a chainsaw.

Around the Horn
During the 2023 Halloween edition of this ESPN program, commentator Tim Cowlishaw wore a hockey mask and carried a fake chainsaw during his interview.
Buffalo Bills
On an NFL Buffalo Bills 1995 video, there is a part where a player says, "We just keep coming back again and again and again, we're like Jason man! Friday the 13th!"
ECW (Japanese)
From wrestling in the late 80's- There were two Japanese wrestlers named "Jason the Terrible" who wore Jason-style hockey masks. One of them was kept on a leash by his manager, until he crossed Jason one evening, and that was the end of said manager.
the Terrible

It appears that "Jason the Terrible" is making a comeback, and there is a new website devoted to him with lots of pictures. Official website!
National Wrestling
From New England, there's a character named "Sebastion" who wears a Friday the 13th T-shirt, paints his face like Jason's mask (ax gash and all), and carries a plastic machete to the ring while making the CH-CH-CH-HA-HA-HA sound.

On a recent episode of NWA/TNA, one of the wrestlers, AJ Styles, was dressed up like Jason with the mask, body suit and even a knife. Click picture icon to view a video clip.

PWA There is a local federation in Battle Creek, MI, known as the PWA. There is a wrestler named Jason, and another wrestler Jason II. They wear hockey masks and claim to be from Crystal Lake. Jason's Profile.
Sportscenter On Sportscenter they had a feature on Detroit Pistons guard Richard Hamilton who wears a protective mask on the court. They went through a plethora of famous masks with Hamilton making comments on each of them. Of course a Jason-esque hockey mask came up and Hamilton said something to the effect of "I can't even comment on this one. It'll scare all the kids."
WWE Backlash 2023
During the street fight between Randy Orton and Mick Foly, King says, "This is going to be horrible, this is going to be worse than Freddy Vs. Jason."
During one episode, commentator Jerry Lawler was making fun of these women sitting behind him. He said, "Look at these women behind me, JR. She looks worse than anything I've see Jason do to one of his victims!"

In 2023, Jerry and JR are watching Kane and Snitsky wrestle and he says, "We've seen Freddy vs. Jason, but this is worse, like monster vs. monster."

WWE SmackDown! On the May 19th episode, Kane came out and when JBL made a comment, he said, "This is Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, and Freddy Kruger all into one!" Link to video:
WWF Summerslam '89
Jesse Ventura mentioned Jason at the Summerslam '89 event. It was in reference to the tag team Demolition, who wore masks that looked like Jason's hockey mask but were black instead of white. He said something along the lines of, 'Hey, they look like Jason. Are you telling me they don't look like Jason outta the Friday the 13th movies?!"
Wrestling USA In the Spring 1988 issue of this wrestling magazine, there is a page on "Jason the Terrible" in the Canadian Stampede wrestling scene.

Bad Taste Bears There is a model in this toy series that has a bear wearing a hockey mask and holding a bloody axe. It can come in keychair form or as a bronzed statue.
Be@rBricks There is a set of collectible figures that has different bears per series, and the horror bear for series 3 has a Jason-style hockey mask.
The "Eggmonsters" from bandaļ were a collection of toys from the 80's. One of the eggs can be turned into a Jason-like doll, it was called "the hockey monster".
Lego Jason I don't think this is an officialy licensed Lego product, but here is Jason Voorhees, with Lego hands and all.
This sculpture was found at, and it shows a monkey wearing a hockey mask and holding a severed head.
Pogs A series of pogs came out called "Mini Monsters" which included one of Jason named "Jay".
Stretch Screamers
There was a mini stretch screamer manufactured in 2023 that had a Jason-like hockey mask on it.
Super Deformed
This unlicensed 'Jason' sculpture was released in Japan as a model to be put together and painted.
Tech Deck Dudes
A Jason-like character named Norman is on a skateboard with hockey mask and all.
Teddy Scares
This line of horror-themed teddy bears features a bear in coveralls and a burlap sack, holding an axe. It looks very similar to Jason in Friday the 13th: Part 2. Purchase Teddy Scares - "Redmond Gore".
Tiger Quiz Wiz In the Tiger Quiz Wiz Electronic Question & Answer Game, General Knowledge, Cartridge/Quiz Book #1, question #119 reads:
The evil killer Jason refuses to die in this film and its many sequels:
A. Nightmare On Elm Street
B. Halloween
C. Friday the 13th
D. The Adventures of Strawberr(sic) Shortcake
Toxic Teddies There is a series of figurines that show teddy bears dressed up as different horror characters and other disturbing situations. One of them has a hockey mask, machete and overalls. Toxic Teddies Website.
UFO Catcher Dolls These knock-off plush dolls were made to be put in claw machines in the late 80's.

Capital One
This commerical has mascots such as Cocky and Sam the Minuteman in the Mascot Chainsaw Challenge (a person accidentally calls it the Mascot Chainsaw Massacre). Sam the Minuteman wears a hocky mask while using a chainsaw as vaguely Manfredini-esque music plays.
car commercial #1
There is a new car commercial that shows a car full of kids at a gas station and there is a man wearing a hockey mask and a black hooded sweatshirt next to them.
car commercial #2
There is another car commercial that has a man in a grocery store parking lot being stalked by a shopping cart. They play different horror themes such as Jaws and Psycho, and when he looks in the rear view mirror, it plays the Friday the 13th "ch,ch,ch...ha,ha,ha" sound.
Cell Phone Strap This bloodied Friday the 13th cell phone strap and figure were released exclusively in Japan.
Dairy Queen

In this commercial, two kids are walking in the woods near their campsite. All of a sudden a killer with a silver hockey mask (much like the one on the Part 5 video case except silver) and a cloak starts chasing them. A narrator says, "You never know when DQ will hit you with something new!" Then it cuts back to the two kids and the killer eating the new blizzard, but he cant get it through the mask. Then it has their slogan "DQ something different!"
Dell commercial
There is a comercial where this preppy girl walks into her dorm room and her roommate is totally goth. The gothic roommate reaches over to her table, and there is a candle of Jason's head on it.
Diet Pepsi
In a radio commercial advertising a contest for movie tickets, there is a short sketch in which the announcer says: "You can even see.. Horror Movies!" And then you hear two girls. One says, "Hey, theres a guy with a hockey mask outside! Let's go see what he wants!" The other says "Okay!" You hear a chainsaw, then two thumps.
DirectTV commerical (Dutch)
This Dutch commercial shows various villians such as Freddy, Jason, Chucky, etc. as they celebrate Christmas. Watch commercial at
Hertz commercial
In a car commercial on the radio it said, "Your car has broken down in the middle of nowhere, someone might be along in a little while, but you are in the middle of the woods, remember the guy from that movie with the chainsaw and the hockey mask? That guy was creepy..."
Nike Commercial
This ad features a woman running through the woods being chased by a man in a white mask with a chainsaw. The cabin/woods setting is reminiscent of the series. The message at the end says, "Why Sport? You'll live longer."
Phone Card This Jason Goes to Hell phone card was issued in Japan during the release of the movie.
Pizza Hut promotion Jason was on a poster for the "Insider Newsletter" for Pizza Hut employees warning of the dangers of Halloween pizza delivery.
TheraFlu commercial
On a recent radio commercial for this flue medicine, the "ki ki ki ma ma ma" sound effect was used but instead it sounded like "sniff sniff sniff cough cough cough." The announcer then says something like, "When a scary cold creeps up on you this cold and flu season, fight it off with TheraFlu."
Verizon Wireless Commercial
In this commercial, a man gives a Jason-like hitchhiker a ride on a rainy night. Watch the commercial!

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