Abenobashi Mahou Shougentai
In episode 08 of this anime, Arumi summons two demons to get back at Sasshi for ignoring her. The two demons that appear are actually her father wearing a Freddy costume, and her grandfather wearing a Jason costume with a ridiculously small mask and a hatchet.
Adult Swim On this Cartoon Network show, there is a cartoon bear that shows up with a hockey mask on.
Alf begins a new habit of staring out the window into the neighbors' house. Then one day as he stares into the neighbors' house and thinks he sees his neighbor murder his wife. So Alf cries out in shock "Ahhh, help! Murder! Worse than Friday the 13th part 2! Worse than Friday the 13th part 3!"
All Grown Up
On this Nickeloden show, Dill wears a hockey mask and holds up an axe saying "It's time!" Then Tommy says, "It's Friday the 12th, not Friday the 13th."

In the episode, The Curse of Reptar, Dill is wearing a hockey mask while watching the popcorn cook in the microwave. In the same episode, the power goes out in the house and everyone is frightened. The character Tommy says, "You guys have watched too many scary movies. What next?! A guy in a hockey mask with an axe crashes through the door?!" Just then Dil walks in wearing a hockey mask, causing everyone to scream.

All That
On this Nickelodeon show, there was a Good Burger skit and Josh Server was telling a story about a ghost, when a hockey player walks in and scares everybody. It turned out he just wanted to know where the nearest hockey rink was.
Alvin & the

Alvin picks up a lady's facial cleansing mask, puts it on, and says "Jason lives!"
America's Funniest People
One episode shows a video clip of a lumberjack with a chainsaw who goes out to a forest looking for some animal and says "I'll make Jason look like a choir boy!"
America's Funniest Videos
In one episode the narrator says, "Uh-oh. This boy's gonna have goalie dreams for weeks." There's a ten-year old sitting on this couch with a window behind him. His mother says something and he turns around. He runs from the room screaming as the camera zooms in. There's a kid outside the window with a goalie mask on, peering inside.

In another episode, a little girl walks over to the closet after her mother tells her to get something from it. She opens the door and her dad, dressed as Jason, leaps out yelling "Boo!" The little girl shrieks and her dad starts laughing.

An Angel's Patience
In this Swedish TV series, a girl has rented Friday the 13th: Part 2. Her boyfriend picks it up and says, "Friday the 13th... part 2?..."
She says, "What, something wrong, are you scared?"
And he responds with, "No, it's just that I have seen it so many times..."
Later, they are watching it with another woman, and she says, "Oh, look, there's Jason!"
In the episode "Video Review", Yakko, Wakko and Dot are being chased through a video store when they pass Friday the 13th Part VI.
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
In the episode called The Phantom Cab, two brothers are lost in the woods, when they see a flashlight in the distance. One of the brothers exclaims, "Maybe it's a maniac killer in a hockey mask here to slash us."
Arsenio Hall
While promoting Jason Takes Manhattan, Kane Hodder appeared on the Arsenio Hall show in full Jason Voorhees costume. Arsenio asked him questions, but he just sat there breathing heavily.
Arthur and Buster go to the library where they see Binky reading a book. He hides the book behind a comic book with a bloody hockey mask on the cover.
As Told By Ginger
In one episode, Carl wears a Jason-like hockey mask.
Baby Blues
In one episode, Zoe's face is filled with scars and scabs, and Bizzy suggest to her to put on a hockey mask to hide her ugly features.
Bobby Brown

On this reality show, there is an episode where Bobby and Whitney go camping. When they take their inflatable raft into the lake, they start shouting for Jason. "Jason!!! Jason!!! Jason Voorhees, where are you?!?!?"
Being Ian
In one episode, the boy wants to go to a film camp and when he gets there, it's fake so he scares the people who rip him off by wearing a hockey mask and acting like he's murdering the other campers.
Beavis and Butthead
DVD boxset

Included in the boxset is a booklet that lists Beavis and Butthead's top 10 movies, and most of the list is Friday the 13th movies with humorous descriptions.
Beyond Belief:
Fact or Fiction

In an episode starring Gordan Currie, his character dies when his car goes off the road into Crystal Lake.
Black Books
In one episode of this British series, the old lady who owns the main character's flat dies and leaves it to her cat. He hires an exterminator to kill the cat, and we see a first-person shot, complete with Friday the 13th music, running towards a trap.
Blind Date
On this dating show, a couple is in the park feeding squirrels when one of them bites the girl and runs away. A little cartoon pops up of the squirrel in the backround with a hockey mask and a machete dripping with blood.
All Hallows Eve (10/26/92)
Blossom and Six spend the night watching horror movies and when Joey gets home, he can't get in. Since he's dressed like an ice hockey player, Blossom and Six think he's Jason.
Bobby's World
One of the kids was watching a scary movie with a hockey masked slayer that called himself Mason. He said, "I'm Mason and I'm coming to your house."
The Brak Show On one episode, Brak gets a letter from a man named Redoulpho the Butcher, and the letter is signed with a cartoon drawing of Jason holding a bloody knife.
The Buzz
on Maggie

On this new Disney Channel cartoon, the episode titled "Flyinator" the title character is at a movie theater and there is a poster for "Flyday the 13th", featuring a fly with a hockey mask brandishing a machete.
Caroline in
the City

Caroline is looking through a box of Richard's stuff. She dumps everything on the floor and a hockey mask falls out. She makes some comment to the effect of, "so THIS is what you've been hiding".
Celebrity Death Match In an episode parodying Scream, the announcers see a platypus they believe is the killer. One of the announcers comments, "I thought it would've at least been a guy in a hockey mask..."
Charles in Charge
In one of the episodes, one of the kids wants to stay up late to watch a Friday the 13th marathon. Later in the show he's scared from the movies and starts talking about Jason.
Dreamspell (episode 14, season 5)
In this episode, the witches fight a guy wearing a Jason mask and a hood.
Choujin Sentai Jetman
In one episode of this anime, a guy looks like Jason Voorhees. His name is Juu-San Hi no Kaijin (Which means 13th Day Mutant).
Clueless Cher is planning to se a movie and the guys suggest a scary movie: "...And then Freddy Krueger, Jason or Leatherface shows up with a chainsaw and scares the crap out of ya!"

There is another episode where the cast wanted to scare Murray, and there was a guy named Jason who was suspected of being a psycho killer.

Comedy Central Presents: Pablo Francisco
During his routine he said, "Did you know they're making another Friday the 13th movie? Teens in those movies are so easy to kill. It's like they want to be killed. They're like 'Billy, Billy where are you? I'm going to go get naked and take a shower.'" He then did the famous Chi chi chi chi ha ha ha ha sound.
Comedy Central Presents:
Bill Hicks

He mentioned Jason in one of his bits about Ronald Reagan, saying "That guy is fuckin' Jason! Just wait until they tear off that hockey mask, and find him behind it!"
Corner Gas
On this Canadian sitcom starring Brent Butt, Brent has to babysits his co-worker's son, Tanner. At one point he makes a hockey mask out of paper and opens the closet where the kid is hiding and tries to scare him, saying something along the lines of, "I am Jason from Friday the 13th."
Cosby In one episode, the character that Bill Cosby plays walks into a video store, and the clerk and him discuss Friday the 13th. It even shows on camera the box cover of the first movie and the other box covers can also be seen in the background.
In the TV movie, Is It College Yet?, during the end credits Brittany is shown in a bath tub with a guy in a hockey mask and a knife about to kill her, showing her future career supposedly as an actress in a movie.
Dawson's Creek
"The Scare" (Formerly titled "Friday the 13th") #110
It's Friday the 13th in Capeside and Dawson revels in his infamous blood curdling practical jokes. In the intro sequence, Dawson jumps out at Joey wearing a hockey mask.

In another horror special, they open a refrigerator to get a drink, and in there is the severed head of Mrs. Voorhees as a joke.

Days of
Our Lives
In a recent story on this daytime soap opera, there has been a "Salem Stalker" serial killer who wears a white hockey mask.
In an episode called "Take on Me," the kids are on a Saturday detention exploring the school. When they are in the basement, one of the kids gets scared and the rest of them do the "chichichihahaha" sound to scare him more.
Different World
A student named Freddie was doing some archeological research and she found out that part of the Underground Railroad was behind the walls of the laundry room at her college. As she was removing bricks, Sinbad's character comes down and asks what she is doing. He tells her that, "If a guy with a hockey mask on and an axe jumps out, I'm out of here."
Dennis Miller Live
When President Clinton was in trouble with the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Dennis Miller referred to the fact that the President was getting away with it, and his reputation was hard to damage by saying, "This fucker is harder to kill than Jason!"

Dennis Miller, on Fashion: "Now I don't want to get off on a rant here, but at this point fashion has been declared dead more times than a narcoleptic Jason Voorhees. Yet, every year it manages to resurrect itself one more time to lurch down the runway in all its irrelevant splendor."

"Dennis Miller, on Horror Movies: "Let's face it. Horror movies have lost the sense of subtlety and ominous danger that made them so compelling. How many times can you watch Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers or some other sworn enemy of clean-cut teenagers chew on the scenery like Bill Shatner doing "Camelot" at Summer Stock. Hey, Jason, Freddy, Mike, you're omnipotent monsters, for Christ's sakes! Tone it down; less is more. You know, I always thought the monsters that talk about it the most do it the least."

In discussing Bill Clinton's inability to be taken down by impeachment trails or anything else thrown at him, Miller says "Even Jason looks at Clinton and says, 'Christ, I can't believe this fucker is still alive!'"

Dust Drops

In this Japanese anime, Kyoko rents a video from the club and there's a guy with a hockey mask and a chainsaw on the cover.
On this Comedy Central game show, the host asks the question in the horror movies category, 'Before Stacey's mom got it going on, Jason's mom-' and the contestant buzzed in with, 'Friday the 13th?'
Do Over
When the main characters are in line to see The Empire Strikes Back, you can see a Friday The 13th poster with the bloody axe jammed into the bed.
Don't Forget
Your Toothbrush
The host tells the contestants that they have to spin the wheel and if it lands at one point they will win a vacation to the Caribbean, but if it stops at the Camp they have to deal with "this guy". The spot light goes on and a big man wearing a hockey mask is standing there with a chain saw, and Mark says "and this guy will also enjoy the pleasure of doing this to you." He revs up the chainsaw and splits a large brick in half, and then Mark says, "hope you have a good time either way, good luck, you'll need it. Right buddy?" and the masked man slowly yet disturbingly nods.

On another episode, a man that resembled Jason cut a woman’s luggage in half.

Drew Carey Show
Episode 69: The Rebound
In the end credits, Lewis is in a raft in Drew's flooded basement and Oswald pops up wearing a hockey mask and holding a knife.

In another episode, but Drew thinks an insane person is out to kill him, and Mimi and Oswald keep teasing him with the "ch,ch, ch, ha, ha, ha" sound effect.

Drexel's Class
On a Halloween episode, he tells a story about a woman in a hockey mask.
Ebert & Roepper
When they reviewed Red Planet, Roepper referred to the monster killing robot in the film as "A robotic Jason from the Friday the 13th films."
Facts Of Life
Blair was talking about her boyfriend being a psycho, and Joe says "As long as he isn't wearing a hockey mask, it'll be alright."
The Fairly

In this cartoon, at the end of one episode Timmy says, "Next Friday the 13th, we're going camping."

In another episode, Timmy wishes that Cosmo and Wanda spend time with his parents so he doesn't have to. When Timmy's parents leave, it then shows Vicki in a hockey mask and carrying a chainsaw. Timmy says, "Oh, it's just a killer goalie!"

Family Feud
The question was: "Name a horror movie that has lots of sequels?"
          Top 4 Answers
1. Scream     3. Friday the 13th
2. Halloween  4. Nightmare on Elm Street
Fast Lane
A group of people are reviewing a tape of a break-in and one of the thugs is wearing a hockey mask. The character Aquarius says, "There's a bunch of guys robbing banks wearing Jason hockeymasks". Later, when they're attacked by the robbers, he even says to one of them, "You think you scare me? You goddamn Friday the 13th wannabe!"
This isn't a true Friday the 13th reference, but many viewers will notice how familiar the camp used in episode five looks. The haunted Camp Spirit Lake was actually filmed at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, where the original movie was filmed. For more info on this episode go to: Fear on MTV.
Freaks and Geeks On the Halloween episode, Lindsay is in the car with her friends trying to figure out what to do and she says, "Hey there's a new Friday the 13th movie out! We could go see that!"
Freaky Stories
This kids' show has a maggot and a beetle puppet as the hosts, and one of the short stories contained a movie case with a hockey mask on the cover and "#47" written on it.
Freddy's Nightmares
On the episode, Freddy's Tricks and Treats, Marsha is studying in her room when her friend Mark comes through the window wearing a hockey mask. He tries to sneak up on her, but falls over and ruins the surprise.
The Fresh Prince of
On a Halloween episode, Will invites a group of kids in and tells them a ghost story with a fictional character. Will says that he's "Not Jason or Freddy … he’s much worse".
Friday The 13th:
The Series

In the episode titled "Crippled Inside", there's a scene with a group of kids sitting in a car listening to the radio, and the radio is playing J.J.'s guitar solo from Jason Takes Manhattan.
Friend or Foe?
In this gameshow, three pairs of teams were asked the question:
Which horror villain first appeared on the big screen?
A. Ghostface         B. Michael Myers
C. Jason Voorhees D. Freddy Kreuger
Joey and Chandler have a hockey mask hanging on the wall in their apartment. Whether this is related to Friday the 13th is up for debate.
Fruit Basket
In episode 16 of this Japanese anime, Tohru says that it's her first time seeing a real lake, and Shigure says that it's rumored that Jason may appear, but it's only to frighten them a bit.
Full House
Kimmy decides to get married. She goes to a place called "create your own wedding chapel" in Reno and she decides on a Friday the 13th wedding theme! The groom wore a blood-soaked white tux, and Kimmy wore a veil with an axe in it. The priest wore a Freddy-type sweater, held a chainsaw and wore a cheap Part 7 type hockey mask There was also a camp scene as the backdrop.

On another episode, Joey buys one of the daughters a car, not knowing that it was stolen. When a cop tries to arrest him, the family takes the cop up to Joey's room, trying to prove that Joey is a child in a man's body and unable to do such a crime. As they sift through his things, Jesse says, "Is this the room of a deranged criminal?" and looks at the hockey mask he is holding, which he quickly tosses aside.

Gilmore Girls
The Fundamental Things Apply (4.05)
Luke gets mad at a person he just gave basesball tickets to, and yells at him out the door. "What a threat! You're a real master of fear there, Ed. Look out Jason and Freddy! Ed may never mooch off of either one of you ever again!"
Goof Troop
Max and his friend are always referring to a series of horror movies with a hockey masked killer which has like 17 sequels or something. In one episode, they think he's after them when they go to see the new movie that comes out.
On the episode, "Night Of the Living Dummy: Part III", there are two kids who scare their cousin Zack with a gargoyle with a hockey mask on it.
The Grim Adventures of
Billy & Mandy

On this Cartoon Network show, there is an episode where Grim and Billy switch bodies, and Billy visits a house to kill a bird named Mr. Voorhees.

On another episode, zombies are flying on a plane dubbed "Air Voorhees."

There is another episode where a ship of teddy bears are brought to Mandy's house, and then Billy runs out with a teddy bear on his head and Grim and Mandy see a guy with a hockey mask and a chainsaw.

In one episode Billy dresses up like the Grim Reaper and goes to the house of the old man he's supposed to reap. As he reads the paper it says, "Mr. Vorhees" and under it you can make out the words P-a-m-e-l-a V-O-R-H-E-E-S!

This show is 'jam-packed with Jason references,' with a mention in almost every show.

Growing Pains
Mike Seaver has a Friday the 13th part 6 poster hanging on his bedroom wall.

In one episode Ben tries to scare his grandparents with a blood-red hockey mask.

Hey Arnold
On this Nickelodeon show, there was an episode where Helga's dad buys a parrot to make more business. Helga professes her love for Arnold and the parrot repeats it. It won't shut up and so she contemplates killing the bird. She goes into the garage, and when she comes upstairs she walks by her dad wearing a hockey mask and carrying a chainsaw.
Hey Dude
In this Nickelodeon show one of the characters dresses up in a Freddy shirt, wears a Jason mask, and holds up a hand saw to scare one of the other characters. The character she was trying to scare laughs at her and says that she got Jason confused with Freddy, and that it's the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, not hand saw massacre.
Hi Hi Puffy
Ami Yumi

The girls are having a very bad day filled with bad luck. As it turns out, that day was Friday the 13th. When they zoom in on the calendar, it turn red and starts to drip blood.
The Hogan Family The whole family is sitting around a campfire and they hear a noise and the younger brother says "What is that?" and the older brother says "Maybe it’s that guy with the hockey mask…"
Home Improvement
On the episode titled "Baby, It's Cold Outside," Tim accidentally agrees to take his family winter camping, and Wilson tells him of "a fantastic campsite" called Crystal Lake.
Horror Hall of Fame 1
There was an awards show in the 80's called Horror Hall Of Fame hosted by Robert Englund. Jason appeared as a presenter and he stood there looking really pissed off and breathing heavy.
In Living Color
If you'll remember, there was this one female character named Magenta Thompson. Anyway, whenever anyone would see her, they would always say "Get out of my way, Bitch!" Well, one time she was giving a class on acting to some people and she said, "Let's take a look at my role in the latest Friday the 13th movie." She presses play and it shows her in this room; She looks up and sees Jason heading for her, so she screams. Jason says, "Get out of my way, Bitch!" He shoves her out of the way and starts hacking away at some other guy with an axe.

A couple moves into a haunted house and are confronted by Jason. The husband disarms Jason, saying "We didn't order any ginsu knives!"

Invader Zim
In this Nickelodeon cartoon they had an episode about jobs for the school students. One kid had a man with a hockey mask and an orange jumpsuit. His skin looked green as if it were diseased.
The Jeff
Corwin Show

On this Animal Planet show, there was an episode where Jeff Corwin was going into a cabin by a lake. He says that it looked like Mrs. Voorhees' house, then he imitated her by saying, "Kill them mommy kill them," and responding with, "I will Jason!"
"In Friday the 13th, Part VIII, *he* takes Manhattan." ("Who is Jason?")

"Only Parts 1, 3, 4 and 7 of this movie series actually debuted on the title date." ("What is Friday the 13th?")

The category was "Before and After":
"Kooky film where mother and daughter switch bodies while meeting Jason at Camp Crystal Lake." ("What is Freaky Friday the 13th?")

"A holy saying about the week's end joins Jason from the 1980 horror movie." (What is Thank God it's Friday the 13th?)

Jimmy Timmy 2
Jimmy is helping throw a Friday the 13th dance, and in the background you can see a hockey mask with an axe cut in it. There is also a box filled with the same masks. Also, they mention that Mr. Crocker was born on Friday the 13th.
Jungle Wa
Itsumo Hale
Nochi Guu

In episode 20 of this Japanese anime, Hale, Guu and friends get snowed in at school, and to keep warm someone mentions "Santa Claus." Since no one has ever heard of or seen him, they speculate as to what he looks like. They imagine him as a big guy who wears a red suit and a hockey mask.
Just Shoot Me
David Spade's character is wrestling with his girlfriend, and on the wall you can see a hockey mask.
Kate and Allie On an episode, the two gals are staying up late to watch their favorite movie, which if I recall correctly was Gone With the Wind. As they settle in on the couch with popcorn for their flick the TV announcer proclaims that they are about to view Friday the 13th: Part 2.
Kim Possible There was an episode were Kim and Ron go to cheerleader camp called Camp Wannaweed were it has a history of a young boy drowning in a poisinous lake and when Kim and Ron go there, they have to fight the boy who drowned and turned into a slime monster. Also Ron has bad flashbacks of being at Camp Wannaweed when he was little.
Late Night with
Conan O'Brien

It was a Friday the 13th and Conan O'Brien was doing a segment about being a rival with the network TNN. Conan made up a fake show called "60" (like a parody of the TV show "24") and he said, "If TNN can show 10 Friday the 13th movies in a row, then I can show 10 episodes of "60" in a row."
League of Gentlemen On this British comedy, a Jason mask can be seen hanging on the wall in Lance Longthorne's joke shop. It appears in the background in multiple episodes.
Looney Toons
In the episode called "Box Office Bunny", the whole plot is that Bugs Bunny is causing havoc at the theatre, and Elmer Fudd plays the dorky security guard who keeps on trying to catch him. Well, toward the end of the cartoon, a chase ensues, and they get trapped inside this movie that is playing at the theatre, and this villain dressed in full Jason attire wielding a chainsaw trys to kill them.
One of the first skits ever on Mad TV showed astronauts getting ready to launch into space, when two teenagers sneak aboard and say they want to be the first members of the 20,000,000 mile high club. They go in, and they get killed by someone dressed as Jason. Then one of the pilots goes in, hears a sound, and a cat jumps out of nowhere into his arms. Then Jason walks in and kills him and the title "Apollo the 13th: Jason takes NASA" appears.

There was a recent "Freddy vs. Jason vs. The Snuggle Bear" skit.

On episode 9.11 which originally aired December 20, 2023, Sara Rue was guest starring. She was in a sketch called "The Babysitter" in which she hears on the news that a serial killer who enjoys killing babysiters in on the loose. At this point, a man comes in wearing a Jason-esque hockey mask. She is frightened, but the man turns out to be her friend who wanted to show her his new hockey mask.

Make Me Laugh
The first episode was when a guy was talking about why we pay for thrills, and he said something like, "just like Friday the 13th, oh yeah I'm gonna pay money to see some maniac kill people."

In another episode, a comedian said something like, "My impression of every Friday the 13th movie ever made," and then made the ki ki ki ma ma ma noise and acted out some cheesy dialogue, and then pretended to be killed and made fun of the "cheesy fx."

Malcolm in
the Middle

There is an episode where Malcom's brother is trying to make his shrink think he's crazy. And he asks Malcom: "Hey, what should I wear? Hannibal Lecter or the hockey mask?" And covers his face with a hockey mask while asking him.
Married With Children
In the episode, Buck Can Do It, Al dreams of what would happen if he had Buck neutered. Buck goes to open the door, and Jason and Leatherface stands outside. Leatherface says "Hi, we're insane killers" and Buck lets them in. Al tries to make Buck attack them, but Buck ignores him and walks out. Al screams as Jason and Leatherface approach him, and then he wakes up.
Thirteen Years Later (10/98)
On this Halloween episode, Lance Henriksen's character Frank Black was looking for serial killer who is obsessed with killing his victims in the style of horror movie killers. In one scene, Frank Black is watching horror movies, one being Friday the 13th: Part VII, and he says that the killer is dressing like her son in a hockey mask to kill the ones who let her son drown.
Moesha Moesha gets a new dorm room which is in a basement, and her friend Nessie says "Yeah it's cute, but if a man with a hockey mask and a chainsaw jumps out at you, don't call me."
Extreme Elimination Challenge

When Vic Romano is giving a competitor's background info, he says, 'She works at the All-Slashers Channel'. Kenny Blankenship says: 'That reminds me, do you think Freddy Krueger could kick Jason's ass?' Then Vic replies: 'I'm not familiar with your friends, Ken.'
MTV appearances At the first MTV Movie Awards the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award was Jason Voorhees. Jon Lovitz was the one under the hockey mask, and the lady with him was in a hockey mask as well.

During the promotion of Jason Goes to Hell Jason went on MTV to terrorize the VJ's. He was dropped by helicopter at the summer beach house, and he even "killed" John Norris.

MTV Cribs At the guy from Skid Row's house he had a Jason hockey mask hanging on the wall of his bathroom.

One episode visited Ice T's House, and it showed that he has a collection of horror movie action figures. He had Michael Myers and Chuckie, but he pointe out that "Jason was on patrol guarding the room".

My Family (British)
There is an episode were the son, Nick, waits in the closet for 2 hours just to jump out wearing a hockey mask and holding a chainsaw to scare his dad.
Mystery Science
Theater 3000

In episode #421, "Monster A Go-Go," there is a shot from the monster's point of view. During this shot, Crow T. Robot makes the "ki ki ki ma ma ma" sound.

In episode #406, "Attack of the Giant Leeches," there's a point in the movie where a husband catches his wife cheating on him with his friend and chases them through the woods with a shotgun. There's a shot of the cheating couple with a huge backwoods background and Tom Servo says, "Let's go tell the camp counselor, he'll help us."

In episode #606, "The Creeping Terror," we are given a shot from the monster's POV. It's hiding behind some plants, like Mrs. Voorhees in the original movie, and Crow makes the "ki ki ki ma ma ma" sound.

One of the characters on this crime show told an abbreviated story of the history of Friday the 13th.
The New
Addams Family
On a Halloween episode, Wednesday and Pugsly go trick-or-treating and the first house they stop at a guy jumps out at them holding a bloody knife and a wearing a hockey mask.
Beth had been watching scary movies with Matthew and she daydreams that he is Freddy and Jason at different points of the episode.
Night Court
Mac comes in with about 80 case dockets, much to Judge Harry's chagrin. Mac informs that about 120 more are being carried up on a forklift. He says that the Supreme Court has mandated that all these cases be gone through by midnight, otherwise the cases are dismissed. Just then, Bull brings in someone wearing a hockey mask who then says, "I'd KILL to get out of here by midnight."
Ninin Ga Shinobuden
In episode 07 of this anime, Onsokomaru gets stuck to Miyabi-chan and Shinobu, and all the ninjas try to separate them. Failing everything, one of the ninjas pulls out a Jason mask and an axe in a maniacal way. Onsokomaru runs away, and the ninja wearing the Jason mask says that it's his turn to cut the firewood.
The O.C.
In episode 215, "The Mallpisode," the main characters are stuck inside a Mall. Summer goes over to the hockey masks, says "I have an idea" and puts one on. Ryan then replies, "Kill us all with a chainsaw?"
Only Fools
And Horses

There was an episode called 'Friday the 13th' on this British show. Del Boy and Rodney go on a fishing trip to a lake on Friday the 13th. They stay in a dark cabin where the power goes out during a storm. They then hear on the radio about a killer whose escaped from a mental hospital.
Perfect Strangers
In a Halloween episode, Larry is dressed up like Jason.
Planet's Funniest Animals
On one episode a clip is shown of a woman being chased by a duck in the water. The narrator says, "Usually when you see a woman running like this, there's a guy with a hockey mask and chainsaw behind her."
The Proud Family
On the Halloween episode of this Disney show, the Wiz is having a party that everyone attends in their costumes, and one person is wearing a hockey mask.
Quack Pack
In one episode of this cartoon, Donald Duck's nephews buy a recipe for this new Stuff-like slime called "Tastee". In a commercial for their product, a bucket of Tastee is seen doing all kinds of different things, one of them being that a scared woman is shown moving through a dark hallway and opening the door of a room. Suddenly she starts screaming, and we see that there's a bucket of Tastee in the room wearing a hockey mask and revving-up a big nasty chainsaw!
One of the episodes is where Ms. Finster breaks her leg, and as the six friends round up the kids of the playground, one of the groups they round up has a person riding a bike in a Jason-style hockey mask.
Red Dwarf
When Lister and Rimmer are looking through old post for a movie, Lister says, "Whoa the new Friday the 13th movie. Friday the 13th Part 1649!"
Ren and Stimpy Ren and Stimpy get stranded after their car breaks down and so they take shelter in this haunted house. The ghost in the house repeatedly tries to kill them, and in one attempt it puts on a hockey mask and attacks them with a chainsaw in their sleep.
Reno 911!
On the Halloween episode, Jones and Garcia are called out for a domestic disturbance. This is caused by kids wearing Jason-style hockey masks and hoods. One is holding what looks like an axe. On the same episode, when one of the female officers is chasing after a Halloween prankster, she passes a man's window. Here you can see a Jason-style hockey mask hung in the window.
Robin Williams:
Live at the Met

Robin is telling jokes about Ronald Regan being a robot and the end of the world, and he says "It's me.. I'm back again! It's Halloween part 5! Jason's back and he's pissed off!"
Robot Chicken
This stop-motion animation show on Adult Swim has several references.

Episode "Operation Rich in Spirit" - The Scooby Doo gang encounters Jason Voorhees at Camp Crystal Lake.

Episode "That Hurts Me" - Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, and other horror movie icons sign on for the reality show Big Brother.

Rocket Power
In this cartoon series, there is an opening where the POV is from behind a hockey mask and the person is breathing heavy and sneaking up behind someone.
On a Halloween episode, Dan and Roseanne are battling to be 'the master of Halloween'. When Rosie is in the garage, the lights go out, this big spotlight shines through the side door, and Dan starts-up a chainsaw wearing a hockey mask.

On another Halloween episode, Dan is upset because DJ wants to be a witch for Halloween. When arguing with Roseanne about the fact, he remarked something along the lines of, "Why can't he just be a good axe murderer?" to which Roseanne replied "Like Mrs. Voorhees?"

Russel Gilbert
Was Here

In this Australian sketch show, Russel appears as a customer wanting a chainsaw. The clerks let the customer give one of them a try, in which the customer puts a hockey mask on and runs around with the chainsaw. In the end, the customer removes the mask and says,"I'll take it!"
Salute Your Shorts
In this Nickelodeon show, one of the episodes shows the kids cleaning out the lake and one of them pulls out a Jason mask with a machete through the eye hole and says, "I don't like the look of this!"
Saturday Night Live There was a mini-series called "A.D." being run in the mid-80’s, and so there was a spoof called "A.D. the 13th" which poked fun at both the mini-series and the Friday the 13th series.

In one episode, Hulk Hogan played the masked maniac in a skit where this family is trying to persuade their son to go to camp for the summer - that camp being Camp Crystal Lake.

In another episode, Dennis Miller said, "This year there are 496 Friday the 13ths in all, which is 14 less than the number of Friday the 13th movies."

On the episode with Neve Campbell there was a Cheerleaders sketch where they did a cheer with the line, "Who's that wearing the hockey mask?" "It's Jason, It's Jason."

Saved By
The Bell
Jessie has a nightmare that is like a game show, and one of the contestants is named "Mason" and is wearing a hockey mask and holding an axe.

In the episode where Zack dates the girl in the wheel chair, he takes her to check out the Teen line, and ther is a picture of Jason on the wall. Its a close up on the mask, it looks like one of those black and white studio prints.

Scare Tactics
This SciFi Channel show had an episode where they set it up to have a camp killer who used a machete. He didn't wear a hockey mask, but the camp spirit of Friday the 13th was still there. The cemetery where they go to was called Forest Green cemetery.
Sex Wars
This show takes online polls, and one of the questions was asking male viewers what was their favorite horror movie. The female contestants were asked to name as many as they could on what men considered to be their favorite horror movies - Friday the 13th made it in the top ten.
The Simpsons

Treehouse of Horror: episode transcript
The Raven
Bart: Lisa, that wasn't scary. Not even for a poem.
Lisa: Well it was written in 1845. Maybe people were easier to scare back then.
Bart: Oh, yeah. Like when you look at Friday the 13th, Part 1. Pretty tame by today's standards.

Treehouse of Horror V: episode transcript
Homer is dragged out of the food storage place by Moe's band of ghouls:
- Moe
- mummy
- werewolf
- vampire
- Freddy Krueger
- Pinhead
- Jason

Treehouse of Horror IX: episode transcript
In the Simpsons living room Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees wait vainly for the family to arrive. Freddy glances at his watch, and says they should have arrived by now. Jason just shrugs and takes things in stride.

Treehouse of Horror X:
Homer tells the rest of the family, "I'm going to go skinny dipping in the lake over there where them teens got killed over a hundred years ago."

Cape Feare: episode transcript
The Simpsons are put on a house boat as part of the witness protection program against Sideshow Bob. Homer breaks into Bart's room wearing a hockey mask and holding a chainsaw over his head.
Homer: Hey Bart want to see my new chainsaw and hockey mask?!?!

Boy-Scouts N The Hood: episode transcript
Meanwhile, Ernest Borgnine and the other Junior Campers are settling in around a fire.
"It sure is lucky we stumbled upon this old, abandoned summer camp." He suggests they all sing a song, and the boys agree. He grabs his guitar and they break into "Bingo the Dog." From the trees around the fire someone watches them. As they sing the end of the chorus, the figure darts out and grabs Ernest. He screams.

The Boy Who Knew Too Much: episode transcript
Bart is being chased by Principal Skinner. After Bart crosses a river, Skinner walks straight into the water, reminiscent of Jason in Jason Lives.

Bart's Dog Gets an F: episode transcript
There is the F13 sound effect (Ch,ch,ch..) when Santa's Little Helper attacked the Simpson family quilt.

Lemon of Troy: episode transcript
When Homer and Bart steal the lemon tree, Shelbyville dogs run after them. They jump into Ned's RV just in time for the dog to leave his face impression in the door, in a shot similar to Nikki in Part 6.

Screaming Yellow Honkers: episode transcript
Homer's belt breaks as the rhino swings him around, and he lands in a Porta-John. The door closes behind him, and he takes a moment to thank God and Porta-John. The respite is short-lived. The rhino spears the Porta-John repeatedly, the menacing horn easily ripping through the side walls (similar to Jason attacking Demon in the outhouse).

Take My Wife Sleaze: episode transcript
John Goodman and Henry Winkler guest star as bikers who kidnap Marge and take her to the Crystal Lake campgrounds.

Worst Episode Ever: episode transcript
This episode featured Tom Savini as a guest appearance at the comic book store. Marge is reading an ad that mentions Tom's credits, including his work on Friday the 13th.
Sister, Sister
During one episode, the girls watch the scene from The New Blood when Maddy is stalked by Jason.
South Park
On episode 507, Proper Condom Use, Butters puts on a hockey mask that looks like the hockey mask on the cover of Jason Lives.
Spin City
The staff is worrying about Nikki's new boyfriend which prompts James to say, "We have got to rescue her from that monster!" to which Mike replies, "James, it's her boyfriend, not Jason."
Sportscenter They were talking about an interview with Mike Tyson and Tyson said his marriage was like Friday the 13th.
Step By Step
On the first episode, a mouse scares the girls and Carol's mother says that they mustn't be so scared; it's not as if the mouse wears a hockey mask and a chainsaw.

In a later episode, Cody jumps out wearing a hockey mask to scare JT and Al.

Street Smarts
On this quiz show, the question was "In the Friday The 13th movies, what type of mask does Jason wear?" The contestant guessed that the girl being asked would get it wrong, but she got it right. After saying "Hockey Mask", Frank, the host, began making the "chichichichiahahahah" sounds.
In this show from the late 80's there is a Jasonesque hockey mask hanging in the young Clark Kent's dorm room for all four seasons.
Super Sloppy
Double Dare

In the Halloween special of this game show, a stage crew member comes out on stage in a hockey mask, power drill, and Jason's outfit from Friday the 13th Part 3.
Talk Soup
One promo for a Jerry Springer show had the host John Henson say that some girl's ex keeps stalking her and her new boyfriend and he always makes that creepy Friday the 13th noise. Then they played the ki ki ki sound.

There was one Valentine's day show that was close to a Friday the 13th. A voice over said, "In honor of President's Day," and showed Abe Lincoln on the screen. The voice went on to say, "In honor of Valentine's Day." Someone came on the screen and gave Lincoln a heart. The voice came on again and said, "In honor of Friday the 13th." Then a man wearing a hockey mask and carrying a chainsaw came out and chainsawed Abe Lincoln.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
In one episode Casey Jones says that Raphiel is crazy, and Raphiel retorts, "Well I'm not the one running around in a hockey mask!"
Tiny Toon Adventures In the beginning of the episode "Duck in The Dark", a deer is standing by a lake when she hears the music go "ch ch ch ha ha ha" in the background. All of the sudden a Freddy Krueger-like character shows up to freak the deer out.

In the Tiny Toons movie, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, they pick up a hitch-hiker who resembles Jason, wearing a flannel shirt and a hockey mask.

To Tell
the Truth
Kane Hodder appeared on this show where the question was, “Who is the real person behind the mask in the Friday the 13th movies?”
Tommy Davidson:
Illin' In Philly

It aired on the Showtime movie network, and used to be played a lot on Comedy Central. One of his bits was about the lack of black people in the Friday the 13th and A Nightmare on Elm Street movies.
The Tonight
Show with
Jay Leno

In one of his monologues he was talking about how there are now cars that have portable TVs in them. He then says: "So while the family is taking a nice trip somewhere, the kids can now watch Jason Goes to Hell in the back seat!"

Hugh Jackman was a guest and Jay asked him why we wanted to become an actor, and Jackman said that one reason was because he really enjoyed the Friday the 13th series and thought it would be cool to play the part as Jason. Jackman then asked Jay if he had seen all of the Friday the 13th movies, and Jay said sarcastically, "Uh, actually I've only seen eleven of them."

There was a comedy bit called "Ask Jay Anything." One of the audience members was dressed up as Jason with overalls, a mask, and holding a bloody knife. He asked Jay, "How do you get blood stains out of carpet?" Jay then asks Richard the scary stage-hand, who holds up a bottle of club soda.

Totally Spies
At the end of one of this cartoon's episodes the school is having a Halloween party and Freddy and Jason can be seen in the audience.
Tough Crowd
This is a show with a panel of comedians discussing issues. In one episode, host Colin Quinn asked why black people don't like hockey. Carrot Top notes that in horror movies they are the first to be killed, and relates that to them not liking the goalie masks.
The Tourist
On the Tuscan episode of this show on the Travel Channel, the host went into a cowboy bar wherein they chopped off peoples' ties at the door. The host got into the act with a pair of hedge-clippers, then a hand-held jigsaw. Next, he tied two ties together, stepped into the kitchen and came out with a hockey mask and a chainsaw to chop up the ties.
Tracey Takes On HBO
On one episode there was a scene where two men are robbing a bank, and one guy is wearing a white hockey mask to cover his face.
Trigger Happy TV This English show is "a series of sketches where cameras are hidden and Dom and his friends play pranks on the public. In a couple of his sketches, Dom has dressed up as Jason Voorhees." Darren Johnson's site with Trigger Happy TV video clips
Tru Calling
In one episode Harrison says to Tru, "We're stuck here with a cemetery next door and a psycho on the loose. Could it get anymore Friday the 13th?" To which Tru replies, "That was a summer camp."
TV's Bloopers &
Practical Jokes

On this show hosted by Dick Clark and Ed McMahon, there was a regular segment called "Home Movies" that featured amusing clips sent in by viewers. One clip showed a person wearing a hockey mask and dressed like Jason skating while chasing around potential victims. Then a narrator said something along the lines of, "You've seen him die in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter and come back in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, now prepare for the greatest one yet... Friday the 13th: The Musical!" and Jason and the victims began singing as they skated around.
Ever After

"Halloween XXVII" (1996)
There is this scene where a person in a plastic "Jason" hockey mask and a black cloak is chasing the redhead girl. She pulls off the hockey mask to reveal what looks like her friend Amber. Then Amber shows up and she pulls off that mask to reveal this guy wearing glasses.
I love the 80's

For the year 1980, they talk about the release of Friday the 13th.
Super Secret Movie Rules

On the 'Slashers' version of this show, they featured clips from Friday the 13th and Freddy vs. Jason.
VH1 Vogue
Fashion Awards
This advertisement shows a hockey mask covered in rhinestones and says, "A night of killer music and fashion, Friday the 20th."
Where Are
They Now?

Before going into a commercial break, they asked the question, "What badass will Freddy be taking on?" and when they returned, they had a small segment on Freddy vs. Jason.
War of the Worlds
In the early episode, Thy Kingdom Come, four aliens take over the bodies of prisoners in order to cross the border so that they can free their sleeping brethren from a Canadian lake, but their mission is put off-track when they're forced to play a hockey game. In response to the violent action in the game, the alien-possessed goalie rips off a player's arm (much like in Jason Lives), and in true Jason style, a guard has to shoot him more than once before he finally goes down.
Who Wants
to be a Millionaire?

$500 Question: The killer Jason from the horror series Friday the 13th is most associated with which item?
A. Black Hood    B. Surgical Mask
C. Hockey Mask D. (something else)
Who's the Boss?
"A Spirited Christmas"
The family is going to stay at the grandmother's brother's house. The lights go out making it look kind of spooky, and so Sam says something like, "Great, a christmas with Freddy and Jason."
Whose Line
is it Anyway?

They were doing a singing skit about camping and Ryan Stiles says something to the effect of, "I've got a big ol' machete and a hockey mask!" Then the others start singing, "It's Jason, it's Jason..."
Wil Vinton's Comedy of Horrors
In this early 90's special, Wilshire pig and Sheldon snail are hunting in a castle for the lab of Victor Frankenswine. The monsters come after them, and one is wearing blue shorts and his head is just a hockey mask. He's also carrying a chainsaw and riding on a saw blade.
Yawara In episode 27 of this judo anime, Matsuda-san takes Yawara to a movie to cheer her up. The movie happens to feature a woman planting an axe in the head of a man wearing Jason's hockey mask and what appears to be his green overalls. It also appears to be taking place in a cabin.

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