Harry Crosby - "Bill"
(August 8, 1958 -      )

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Biography: "Harry Crosby was born in Hollywood, California. His father was Bing Crosby and his mother was Kathryn Grant. He grew up performing with Bing, Kathryn, and his sister, Mary Crosby. He appeared on several TV specials with the family. In 1975, when Harry was 17, he appeared on the TV special Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire: A Couple of Song and Dance Men. When Harry was 21, he was chosen to star in Friday The 13th as Bill. It was his first film and he was in a lead role. He later commented that while filiming his death scene, they applied an effect to him that made his eye burn and as a result of that he's not a big fan of the series.

After 1989, Harry stayed away from show business and worked in investment banking. Then in 2000 he appeared in A Bing Crosby Christmas in a tribute to his father. Harry worked for the investment company Merill Lynch, and on September 11 he was in a building right next to the World Trade Center. Luckily he wasn't harmed, and he appeared on NBC and ABC to discuss the attacks. Harry currently lives in New York with his wife, Lisa." - Shrine to Harry Crosby

Info: "Harry Crosby had a strong background in the arts, having studied at the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in England before moving back to America. 'I was in New York, doing plays and pilots and, actually, Kevin Bacon and I were staying in this little flop apartment and sleeping on a mattress,' recalls Crosby. 'I just went in and auditioned for Sean and we really hit off and I really came to respect Sean as a director. Sean told me about all of the ups and downs he'd been through and he just seemed like a really good director to me. I also liked the fact that I was going to be in the film a long time and that I was going to be able to play the guitar.'" - pg. 25, Making Friday the 13th

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A Bing Crosby Christmas (2000)
Hollow Venus: Diary of a Go-Go Dancer (1989)
Friday the 13th (1980)

The Private History of a Campaign That Failed (1981)
Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire: A Couple of Song and Dance Men (1975)

Where Is He Now?: Harry Crosby continues to work in investment banking, as well as occasionally performing with singers at coffeehouses and clubs.

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