Peter Brouwer - "Steve Christy"
(November 18, 1945 -      )

Contact Information:
New Jersey Repertory Theater

Biography: Not much biographical information is known about Peter Brouwer. He had appeared in two soap operas as a doctor before being asked to appear in Friday the 13th. Since then he has chosen to mainly work in theater.

Update: Peter Brouwer has worked with the Abingdon Theatre Company since its inception 12 years ago as an actor, production manager, and set builder. For the Abingdon he has performed in Hail To The Chef, Jan Buttram's play Glory Girls, Jean Reynolds', Dance With Me and Good People, and most recently in Barton Bishop's God's Daughter.

He has also appeared at the Long Wharf Theatre, Philadelphia Drama Guild, Walnut Street Theatre, University of Colorado, and the Edinburgh Festival. In addition, Peter was instrumental in bringing Ed Steele's play Cedar Creek to Theatre Row in New York City. His film work includes American Desi, Ketosis, and most notably Friday The 13th.

Quote: "'I was doing a soap called Love of Life,' recalls the actor of the show that also featured the late Superman star Christopher Reeve. 'I was written out and, needing work, I went back to New York for auditions. My girlfriend (Cindy Veazey) had gotten a job as an AD (assistant director) on Friday and I asked her if there was anything for me. They told me that they were looking for big stars, especially for my role, so I thought I was out of luck.' Brouwer had taken a job on a landscape crew for the summer when he had a fateful meeting with Cunningham. 'I was working on a garden near Sean's home and Sean came by one day to give Cindy a message,' he recalls. 'He saw me and, a few weeks later, I got the call asking me if I wanted to play the part of Steve Christy.'" - pg. 27, Making Friday the 13th

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American Desi (2001)
Friday the 13th (1980)

Love of Life (1976-78)
One Life to Live (1975)

Television Guest Appearances
Law & Order (2005)

Where Is He Now?: Peter Brouwer has worked with the New Jersey Repertory Theater, and continues to make television appearances.

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