Ron Millkie - "Officer Dorf"

Contact Information:
Ron Millkie
400 W 43rd St. #22J
New York City, NY 10036
E-mail: [email protected]
Official Website:

Biography: Not much biographical information is known about Ron Millkie. He has been acting since 1980, and appeared as himself in the recent documentary, Extra: In the Background of a Dream. This movie documenting the life of a 'background artist', "offers the first true glimpse of the absurd, oppresive, yet hopeful experience of working in front of the camera - even when it barely knows you are there." -

"Since appearing in the original Friday the 13th, Ron Millkie continues to act in films but primarily he is teaching film and TV acting at Hofstra Univin Hempstead, NY, Manchester Comm College in Manchester, CT, and Middlesex College in Edison NJ. Ron would like to hear from aspiring actors who would like to join his acting classes. He also provides seminars and workshops in such cities as Chicago, Washington DC, Atlanta, New Orleans and most recently Destin, Florida, under the helm of Ron Millkie Productions.

Ron penned two books about the industry How You Can Appear in T.V. Commercials, and You Don't Have to Be Beautiful to Be a Model, a primer and Q & A book for the beginner who is interested in a career in modeling (women, men and children). Two former students of Mr. Millkie's are Lacy Chabert (Party of Five) and Kerr Smith (Dawson's Creek). Recently he taught his workshop, 'Success in Soap Operas, Film and T.V. Commercials' aboard several Bahammas-bound cruise ships for Royal Carribbean Cruise Lines." - Thanks to Ron Millkie!

Update: "During Summer 2006 Ron Millkie worked on the independent film, The Two Sisters. The movie is a psychological thriller involving university students. Ron played the uncle of the two sisters. The Two Sisters hopes to be submitted to Summer/Fall 2007 film festivals." - The Two Sisters Website

The Two Sisters (2007)
Danielle's Revenge (2007)
Satan's Playground (2005)
Meridian (2002)
Extra: In the Background of a Dream (2001)
Grand Isle (1991)
A Return to Salem's Lot (1987)
Friday the 13th (1980)
Just Tell Me What You Want (1980)

Where Is He Now?: Ron Millkie continues to pursue acting and recently appeared at the Fangoria 2004 convention in New Jersey. He has a cameo role in the low budget movie, Danielle's Revenge, and will appear in The Two Sisters.

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