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Biography: "I got the job as a result of the fact that John Furey was a good friend, as was Kevin O'Brien, and we all helped each other with auditions in those days. Kevin upon reading the script though I could play Edna, and mentioned it to Steve Minor who was friends with John and Kevin. We had lots of fun shooting the movie. I did various parts on TV shows and onstage afterwards but elected to move into production by 1985.

I became a stage manager and stage managed on Broadway and national tours later to change careers again and become a dealmaker in the music business. Currently I am a Mom to twins and manage investments. FYI - those pictures you show on your website include 2 actors of much more note than I. Ray Liotta is on my right in the last picture and Steven Bauer is in all 3. We all went to school together." - Big Thanks to Cheri for an update e-mail!

Quote: "At the time, I wanted to be Meryl Streep. I was much more interested in challenges. And when you're a female at the age I was, there's the leading parts and the character parts. And the character parts are the ones that are interesting. So for me I had this whole idea of who Edna was. She was this girl who was probably a cheerleader in high school but things just didn't work out for her the way she thought they were going to, and she ended up being a really frustrated mess. And there obviously was in the written repartee between her and Harold.

So I when I went into the audition I did not read the character as the stereotype that was written. And if you don't go in and be the character, you're not going to get anything in this business. So I came in with curlers in my hair, bad shoes, no makeup and a bathrobe. Steve Miner and I just laughed through the whole thing." - pg. 87, Crystal Lake Memories

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Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D (1982)

Television Guest Appearances
Archie Bunker's Place (1981)

Where Is She Now?: Cheri Maugans is involved with investments and has retired from acting.

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