David Katims - "Chuck"

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David Katims
c/o JMT
PO Box 77310
Seattle, WA 98177

Website: On-line Resume

Biography: David Katims has been actively involved in film, television, theater and commercials since appearing as "Bong Tokin' Chuck" in Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D. His main focus recently has been comedy, and he is an instructor at the Lettuce Amuse-U Comedy Traffic School.

Quote: "To be honest, I thought the script was pretty poor. It didn't make any sense. All they mentioned when I went in to audition was that they were going with a Tommy Chong look and sound, so I just worked on that dialect. And I didn't have a beard and I didn't have long hair. After that audition, all Steve Miner said, 'Start growing your hair and start growing your beard.'

When my agent called she was very excited. She said, 'You've got a horror movie!' I thought, 'Great, I've always wanted to do porn.' Then she said it would pay $40,000, so I rolled up my morals, smoked them and said, 'Yeah, I can play that.'" - pg. 20, Crystal Lake Memories

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Genuine Risk (1990)
The Invisible Kid (1988)
Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D (1982)

Television Guest Appearances
The Fugitive (2001)
Otherworld (1985)

Where Is He Now?: David Katims continues to be involved in stand-up comedy and acting.

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Picture (R) courtesy of Bong Tokin' Chuckles!

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