Tracie Savage - "Debbie"
(November 7, 1962 -      )

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Biography: "'After 18 years as a child actress, I knew I did NOT want a career in 'show biz' as an adult. It was either Law or Journalism. My Uncle was Program Director at a Columbus, Ohio TV station. During college, I spent a week in his newsroom, and was hooked on news.'

During the OJ Simpson trial, Tracie was called onto the witness stand to reveal her confidential sources, and was threatened with jail time by Judge Ito.

'Covering the trial and being dragged into the middle of it was at times surreal, bizarre and exhausting. Definitely memorable. Believe me, I've tried to forget.'" - 980 KFWB Station

Quote: "By the time of Friday the 13th Part 3 I was basically out of the business. I had worked as a child actress my whole life and knew all the pitfalls. I knew that you could be a huge star today and no one tomorrow. So I wasn't really going out on any interviews anymore, I was focusing on school. But my mother had started The Savage Agency, which to this day is one of the biggest kids' agencies in town. She called and said, 'Hey, Tracie, there's an interview for a horror movie. It will film late in the spring, it won't interrupt your classes and it might be kind of fun, something to do before you move away, and get you some money to pay for college.'

So I met with Frank and the casting director. They were downplaying the Friday the 13th name. It was all hush-hush, but we all knew what it was. How could I not do it? What a fun movie to do as my last acting job before I was officially out of the business, and it would be something to carry with me and tell my kids about. I couldn't resist." - pg. 78, Crystal Lake Memories

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Loretta (2003) (short film)
Friday the 13th Part 3: 3D (1982)
The Devil and Max Devlin (1981)

Channel 4 News (LA) (1994-1999)
Once an Eagle (1976)
Friendly Persuasion (1975)
The Legend of Lizzie Borden (1975)
Little House on the Prairie (1974-75)
Terror on the 40th Floor (1974)
Hurricane (1974)

Television Guest Appearances
First Monday (2002)
Here's Boomer (1982)
Happy Days (1981)
Love, American Style (1970)

Where Is She Now?: Tracie Savage was recently a co-anchor for Channel 4 News in Los Angeles, California, and can be seen in the short film, Loretta. She was also recently a news anchor with KFWB News Radio in L.A., but has since moved on from that station.

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