Bob DeSimone - "Billy"
(April 15, 1946 -      )

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Biography: Bob DeSimone is married and has two daughters. He owns his own business and lives in Santa Rosa Valley, CA. He currently is playing in a band called, Midnight Ruckus - an R & B, Blues, Rock, Jazz Fusion band.

Quote: "My brother, Tom DeSimone, being a director - he made Hell Night and Reform School Girls - he put me in a few of his movies. Small bit parts, nothing much. That's how I met Danny Steinmann. I played the teacher in Savage Streets, and then Danny grabbed me real quick. Danny told me, 'I'd like to get my own group of actors that I can always count on.'

At the time, there was a whole segment of us actors and filmmakers. We were in Hollywood, but still kind of outside. I can only relate it to the music industry. When you're just starting out, you'll play a wedding or a wake. Anything, just to play. It is not that we wanted to be in those B or even C-movies, it was just a chance to get near someone and to get a credit. And I think we all knew that, once you're into a Part 3, 4 or 5, that whether it was a Friday the 13th or anything else, it already has its own niche and that's where it was gonna stay. It is not going to take off and be another Exorcist or whatever. All you hoped for back then was a piece of film that you could put on your reel. I think it was the same thing with the directors. I don't think Danny wanted to be a B-movie horror director. I know my brother didn't. But he did what they gave him." - pg. 127, Crystal Lake Memories

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Angel III: The Final Chapter (1988)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
Savage Streets (1984)

Where Is He Now?: Bob DeSimone plays in a the band Midnight Ruckus.

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