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Biography: Not much biographical information is known about Danny Steinmann. He also has used the name Danny Stone when writing and directing in the 1970s.

Quote: "I had directed and wrote a movie called The Unseen, with Barbara Bach. I didn't get to do a cut of the movie because they wanted to get it out right away, so I took my name off of it. What was released was a bastardized version of my film. It wasn't my vision at all. But I've always loved horror films. And then Steve Minasian and Phil Scuderi contacted me after seeing an early print of the next film I did, Savage Streets. They said, 'Please make yourself available.' They even kept me on salary for four months before Part V even got started.

When I got the film, they had a storyline, but Jason was dead. They'd gotten rid of their Darth Vader, which I thought was a big mistake. Fortunately, Frank Mancuso was good. He listened. I had a lot of freedom and juxtaposed a lot of shit. What I felt was that the movie should be Tommy's story. His hallucinations, his ordeals, his trying to fight back this rage to kill. He's still plagued by the memories of Jason and Jason is still a part of him. Whether it's the real Jason or not would be the focus of the story. Who is doing the killing? And for what reason? It would be a departure from the other Friday the 13th films. We'd concentrate on one character, Tommy Jarvis, who we are not too sure of - we wouldn't know whether to sympathize with him, or to hate him." - pg. 122, Crystal Lake Memories

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Director/Writer Filmography
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
Savage Streets (1984)
The Unseen (1981)
High Rise (1973)

Producer Television
Spectre (1977)

Where Is He Now?: Danny Steinmann appears to have retired from directing.

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