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Biography: Dominick Brascia has acted, directed, and produced his own filmsm most notably the low budget horror film, Evil Laugh, which was filmed in just one week. He also directed a recent film, co-starring Corey Feldman, called My Life as a Troll. Talk radio is what has occupied most of his time in the past few years, and Dominick Brascia's Morning show on AM 840 KXNT in Las Vegas broke into the Top Ten. He has returned to radio with his new talk show Dominick and Bill Live, and recently was heard weekdays on KNRC Radio 1150, in Denver.

Update: Dominick was recently working as Program Director and host of the Morning Show at News Radio Fox 1340 - 1380 in Beaumont, Texas.

Quote: "My agent called, I read the script, and I liked it. But I almost didn't get the role initially because when I met with Fern Champion and Pamela Basker, who were casting it, they wanted me to play it one way and I disagreed. Their way was more stereotypical - I wanted Joey to be more real and not such a clichéd 'slow' person. But when I met with Danny Steinmann and told him how I thought Joey should be, he agreed. And I got the part." - pg. 126, Crystal Lake Memories

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My Life as a Troll (2001)
Busted (1996)
National Lampoon's Last Resort (1994)
Rush Week (1989)
She's Out of Control (1989)
Doin' Time on Planet Earth (1988)
Evil Laugh (1988)
Iron Eagle (1986)
Fire with Fire (1986)
Once Bitten (1985)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
They're Playing with Fire (1984)

Television Guest Appearances
Night Court (1990)
Amazing Stories (1985)
Otherworld (1985)

Where Is He Now?: Dominick Brascia continues to be involved in talk radio. He has also taught his own acting workshop.

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