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Biography: Not much biographical information is known about Jerry Pavlon.

Quote: "I was afraid of doing it. I scare very easily and I don't like horror pictures. I had never even seen a Friday the 13th film in its entirety. So I didn't know how real it was going to be to me. Being an actor on the set and having to deal with blood and being killed - I felt sensitive to it. And I continue, to this day, to be very sensitive to violence in pictures. The last thing like that I saw was Goodfellas, and I was looking under cars on my way out of the theater and wondering how the hell I'd get home safely. I'm just very affected by stuff like that.

But the other problematic issue for me, personally, in doing the film was that I have a sister who's a feminist scholar, who brought me up very well in thinking about patriarchy and sexism. So here is this opportunity to do a picture that is viewed rather famously as misogynist, and equating sex with death, and selling itself on bloody breasts and all that stuff. I had a long series of conversations with her, and we both decided that, 'Hey, I'm an actor. It's an opportunity. Make the best of it. Bring something to the picture in a positive way.' Of course, I thought, 'Yeah, right. I'll be around bloody breasts, but that's a nice deal.'" - pg. 127, Crystal Lake Memories

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He's My Girl (1987)
Soul Man (1986)
Big Trouble (1986)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

Roxie (1987)

Where Is He Now?: Jerry Pavlon appears to have retired from acting.

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