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Biography: "Melanie Kinnaman was told that the main requirement for appearing in a Friday the 13th movie was the ability to act terrified. Kinnaman knew better.

'If you go back over all the Friday movies, you notice that the people who make these films love to see blondes running,' enlightens Kinnaman. 'I knew how to run and I was blonde, so I had an edge.'

'People in the industry may deny that they see these movies, but the truth is that they do see them. I received quite a bit of recognition and had a lot of doors open for me.'

Kinnaman claims she would do another Friday film in a minute and has some nice things to say about the series. 'I really feel the Friday the 13th films are among the better examples of the horror genre. I felt that even doing Part V made me part of a classic film series.'" - Fangoria #84 (July, 1989)

Quote: "If you got back over all of the Friday movies, you notice that the people who make these films love to see blondes running. I knew how to run and I was a blonde, so I had an edge. I also knew, from an acting standpoint, that it was real easy to be bad in these things, and I certainly did not want to be bad. So I did a quick horror film study. I went back and looked at Jaime Lee Curtis' horror films and watched over Friday the 13th movies. I realized that leading ladies in Friday films did not have a whole lot to do, but I was prepared to make the most of the opportunities I was given as an actress." - pg. 126, Crystal Lake Memories

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Best of the Best (1989)
Thunder Alley (1985)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

Television Guest Appearances
Cheers (1989)
The People Next Door (1989)

Where Is She Now?: Melanie Kinnaman appears to have retired from acting.

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