Ron Sloan - "Junior"

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Biography: Not much biographical information is known about Ron Sloan.

Info: "'I didn't know it was a Friday the 13th film until later in the production,' recalls actor Ron Sloan who played the character of Junior Hubbard in the film. 'I'm not sure, but I think a lot of the people in the film had no idea what film this was. After a while, it became pretty obvious, especially when they wanted to do a mould of my head.' - p. 130

'Junior was a total idiot, but I had so much fun playing that character,' said Sloan… As Junior rides around the house on his bike, Jason unexpectedly appears and decapitates him with a cleaver. 'We built a great-looking head for that scene and then added the hair,' recalls Miller who assumed primary effects duties on A New Beginning only after effects expert Larry Carr left the production. 'Changing effects personnel in the middle of production was somewhat problematic, but we still had lots of talented people working on the film. Earl Ellis was invaluable in terms of his sculpting work.'" - pg. 134, Making Friday the 13th

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Warm Summer Rain (1989)
Banzai Runner (1987)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

Television Guest Appearances
Tales from the Darkside (1986)
The Facts of Life (1981)

Where Is He Now?: Ron Sloan has retired from acting.

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