Tiffany Helm - "Violet"
(May 12, 1964 -      )

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Biography: "Being the daughter of veteran actress, Brooke Bundy, it would be obvious to say Tiffany has had acting in her blood since day one. Tiffany studied dance with Roland Dupree and was a member of The Beverly Hills Mime Troupe. After making her debut in the Rick Springfield vehicle, Hard to Hold, Tiffany became a fan favorite when she scorred the main role in, the independent film, The Zoo Gang. 'Kate' was Tiff's first major role she had to tackle, and she did this sensationally, catching the attention of hundreds of potential fans, not to mention the eyes of moviemakers.

After the Zoo Gang, Tiffany's popularity and career developed with roles in such films as the horror classic Friday the 13th: A New Beginning, the quirky Robert Altman comedy O.C & Stiggs, and the women-in-prison drama/comedy Reform School Girls, which has grown quite a cult status.

One of Tiffany's most memorable roles was her appearance on much-missed series 21 Jump Street. She also had guest roles in such shows as Freddy's Nightmares, Santa Barbara, Young and the Restless, Medicine Ball, and the shortlived John Stamos sitcom, You Again?" - Official Tiffany Helm Site

Quote: "My mom, Brooke Bundy, was an actress. So, while I wanted to have a career with a little more substance, life kind of took me in the direction of acting. Nothing was said about the film being a Friday the 13th - I thought the reason being that if the potential cast members knew they were going to be involved in such a money making venue, they would ask for a better contract. It was not until we were cast that the real name of the project was even revealed. But I was happy to be working.

I thought that Violet was pretty bad-assed. I just hoped that I would have some input on her style, as Hollywood had no concept of what the alternative crowd was doing at the time - this was before pink hair with tattoos were in vogue. And I always had a good bond with the wardrobe department when I worked, so we went out and shopped together. A lot of the clothes were mine already, and the hair I had done before I even read for the part. Siouxsie Sioux was my female idol at the time, so I tried to use some of her makeup suggestions." - pg. 127, Crystal Lake Memories

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O.C. and Stiggs (1987)
Reform School Girls (1986)
The Zoo Gang, The (1985)
Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)
Hard to Hold (1984)

Sworn to Vengeance (1993)
Likely Stories, Vol. 3 (1983)

Television Guest Appearances
Freddy's Nightmares (1989)
21 Jump Street (1988)
You Again? (1986)
Bare Essence (1983)

Where Is She Now?: Tiffany Helm most recently provided the voice for the 1996 video game, Rama. She appears to have retired from acting, and has started working in portrait photography.

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