Billy Green Bush - "Sheriff Landis"
(1935 -      )

Contact Information:
Billy Green Bush
8714 E. Ave T.
PMB #215
Littlerock, CA 93543

Biography: Not much biographical information is known about Billy Green Bush. He made guest appearances on dozens of television shows throughout the 1970's and 80's, and made his reputation on being the rugged cowboy or policeman type. He had a pivotal part in Martin Scorcese's Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore. In 1988, he co-starred in the mini-series Elvis and Elvis and Me as 'Vernon Presley', Elvis's father. His appearance in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday as 'Sherriff Landis' was his last major acting role, and he has since retired.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
Amazing Stories: Book Five (1992)
Rampage (1988)
Critters (1986)
The Hitcher (1986)
The River (1984)
Tom Horn (1980)
Mackintosh and T.J. (1975)
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974)
Electra Glide in Blue (1973)
Mister Brown (1973)
40 Carats (1973)
Welcome Home, Soldier Boys (1972)
The Culpepper Cattle Company (1972)
The Jesus Trip (1971)
The Organization (1971)
Monte Walsh (1970)
Five Easy Pieces (1970)
The Reivers (1969)
The Savage Seven (1968)

Conagher (1991)
Elvis (1990)
Elvis and Me (1988)
The Deliberate Stranger (1986)
Matlock: Diary of a Perfect Murder (1986)
The Jericho Mile (1979)
The Beasts Are on the Streets (1978)
The Invasion of Johnson County (1976)
The Call of the Wild (1976)
Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. the Ku Klux Klan (1975)
Skyway to Death (1974)

Television Guest Appearances
Renegade (1992)
Amazing Stories (1987)
Houston Knights (1987)
Misfits of Science (1985)
Hill Street Blues (1985, 1986)
The Yellow Rose (1984)
Legmen (1984)
The A-Team (1983)
CHiPs (1979)
The Dukes of Hazzard (1979)
The Incredible Hulk (1979, 1981)
Starsky and Hutch (1978)
The Oregon Trail (1977)
Westside Medical (1977)
Serpico (1976)
Barary Coast (1976)
Baretta (1976)
The Streets of San Francisco (1975)
Dirty Sally (1974)
Gunsmoke (1973)
The Rookies (1973)
Cannon (1972)
The F.B.I. (1972)
M*A*S*H (1972)
Alias Smith and Jones (1971)
Bonanza (1970)

Where Is He Now?: Billy Green Bush has reportedly retired from acting.

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