John D. LeMay - "Steven"
(May 29, 1962 -      )

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Website: Official John D. LeMay Site
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Biography: "John D. LeMay was born in St. Paul, Minnesota. After winning first place in a high school talent contest for his singing, John joined his high school's theater program to participate in musical comedy. In college, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Music, combined with a contract major in Musical Theatre. John then moved out west to Los Angeles, California. He also added a middle initial "D" to his name so as not to be confused with another actor by the same name.

For the next two years, John worked with an agent who kept him busy. His first gig was on Remington Steele in 1985, followed by appearances in Facts of Life and The New Twilight Zone. He also appeared as a medical intern in the 1987 comedy film The Couch Trip just prior to winning the lead role on the horror gothic anthology series, Friday The 13th: The Series.

After working full time for two years in Toronto, he decided to leave behind the role of antique sleuther 'Ryan Dallion' in order to pursue other acting roles. Following his departure from the series, John racked up more television credits, and in 1993, John starred in ason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. He played the heroic role of 'Steven Freeman' who battled the hockey-masked maniacal killer 'Jason Voorhees' to save his infant daughter. John worked under the guidance of director Adam Marcus for New Line Cinema Corp. Although the film series and the television series shared the same title, there was no further association.

John has also amassed an impressive list of theatre credits to his name. In 1999, he appeared in The Boys Next Door which earned an Ovation Award for 'Best Ensemble', and Wild Kingdom an original piece produced by The Hidden Theatre Company, of which he is a member." - Official John D. LeMay Site

Update: "John D. LeMay is currently performing live in the play Spec a play presented by the Alliance Theatre Company in Burbank, CA. He plays the role of 'Al', a man disillusioned with his career as a lawyer and longs to follow his dreams of directing a great 'Spielbergian epic.' What Al doesn't know is that his masterpiece, set in a undisclosed location, may be more than he bargained for..." -

Three Shots (2001)
Without a Map (1996)
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993)
The Couch Trip (1988)
The New Kids (1985)

Providence (2000)
Eddie Dodd (1991)
Over My Dead Body (1990)
Friday the 13th: The Series (1987-89)
The Twilight Zone (1986)

Where Is He Now?: John D. LeMay continues to act in theater and have guest appearances in film and television, but he is also an accomplished artist who showcases his work at different galleries around the country. He is currently starring in the play, Spec.

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