New Line Cinema - Distributors of Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X and current licensees of the Friday the 13th franchise.
Paramount Pictures - Distributors of Friday the 13th 1-8.
Jason X - Official promotional site, with pictures and trailer.
Freddy vs. Jason - Official promotional site. Watch the trailer!

Ari Lehman - Ari played Jason as a boy in Friday the 13th and now has his own band.
Tom Savini - Makeup effects artist on the original Friday the 13th and The Final Chapter.
Paul Kratka - Chiropractics site of Paul Kratka, Rick in Part 3.
Zerner Law - Law website of Larry Zerner, Shelly in Part 3.
Corey Feldman - '80s icon and Tommy Jarvis in The Final Chapter.
Volcanic Eruptions - Official site for Crispin Glover, Jimbo in The Final Chapter.
Dominick Brascia - Joey from Part 5.
Miguel A. Nuņez Jr. - Demon from Part 5.
Shavar Ross - Reggie the Reckless from Part 5.
C.J. Graham - C.J. played Jason in Jason Lives.
David Kagan's School of Acting - Sheriff Garris in Jason Lives.
Kane Hodder - Kane is Jason in The New Blood, Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes to Hell and Jason X.
Lar Park Lincoln - Tina from The New Blood.
Kevin Spirtas - Nick from The New Blood.
John Carl Buechler - Director of The New Blood.
Kelly Hu - Eva Wanatabe in Jason Takes Manhattan.
Scott Reeves - Sean Robertson in Jason Takes Manhattan.
Peter Mark Richman - Mr. McCulloch in Jason Takes Manhattan.
Michelle Clunie - Deborah in Jason Goes to Hell.
Erin Gray - Diana in Jason Goes to Hell.
John D. LeMay - Steven in Jason Goes to Hell.
Julie Michaels - Agent Marcus in Jason Goes to Hell.
Allison Smith - Vicki in Jason Goes to Hell.
Melody Johnson - Kinsa in Jason X.
Todd Farmer - Writer of (and Dallas in) Jason X.

Crystal Lake Memories - Celebrate 25 years of terror with Peter Bracke's extensive book on the Friday the 13th saga, coming out in October 2005.
Black Flame - Publishers of the new series of Friday the 13th and Jason X novels.
Exhilarated Despair Productions - Independent horror films and journal by Scott Phillips, writer of the upcoming novel Friday the 13th: Church of the Divine Psychopath.
Slasherama - Slasher movie guide, reviews and journal by Jason Arnopp, writer of the upcoming novel Friday the 13th: Hate Kill Repeat.
Christa Faust - Writer of an upcoming untitled Friday the 13th novel described as "28 Days Later meets Battle Royale."
Pat Cadigan - A very out-of-date homepage for the writer of the Jason X novelization and Jason X: The Experiment.
Nancy Kilpatrick - Writer of the upcoming novel Jason X: Planet of the Beast.
The Flesh Farm: Friday the 13th - Offers pictures and video clips.
Jason Conquers - The long-running website that has rare cut scenes, behind the scenes material, pictures and more!
Necrocomicon - Los Angeles area convention holding a Friday the 13th 25th anniversary celebration from May 13-15.
Crystal Lake After Dark - All the info about Friday the 13th you were afraid to ask.
Friday The 13th Props - Collecting props from the Friday series.
Camp Blood - One of the longest running F13 sites out there, and here to stay.
F13 - A home for fans of Friday The 13th, and horror in general.
Friday Interviews - Journalist Christian Sellers compiles his talks with cast/crew.

Halloween: The Website of Michael Myers - The official site of the Halloween films.
The Hellbound Web - THE website for the Hellraiser series. - The official site of the Nightmare on Elm Street films.
Nightmare on Elm Street Companion - Content-wise the best Nightmare site around. - The official site of the Phantasm series. - Excellent site about the Psycho series. Also includes an interview with Juliette Cummins from A New Beginning!
The Saw is Family - Though it's on Geocities, a great page dedicated to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.
Scream-Thrillogy - A nostalgic trip through the Scream series fanaticism of the late 90's.
Maniac Cop Fans - A classy dedication to the three-film rampage of Officer Matt Cordell.
Kindertrauma - Your happy childhood ends here!
Gorezone - Bloody daily horror news since 1998.

Arrow in the Head - More news, reviews, and interviews than you can shake an arrow at.
Dark Horizons - Movie news site that covers all genres, not just horror.
Diabolical Dominion - A well-designed site about all aspects of horror with news, reviews and interviews.
Horror Channel - The newly opened website companion of the Horror Channel, which will launch October 2004.
House of Horrors - Good horror website, covering many classic horror films and series.
Pit of Horror - Website dedicated to different horror series, including Friday the 13th.
Upcoming Horror Movies - Focuses on new releases and scoops on horror films in production. - Excellent site where users can rate and review horror movies. - The home of Todd Sheets's Extreme Entertainment - producing balls-out video horror in Kansas City for 10 years.