Jason Voorhees Has Mighty Muggs

Posted 12 Nov 2024 in Fans, Merchandise

There are a number of collectors and customizers that visit this website and it is always fun to showcase something different that those people may be aware of, but the casual Friday the 13th fan may not be. Enter the world of Mighty Muggs. Mighty Muggs are a vinyl–plastic collectible toy series made by Hasbro. The toys resemble deformed versions of characters from the following franchises: Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Indiana Jones, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. There is a line of smaller figures, called Mini Muggs, as well as blank Mighty Muggs for customization.

The blank Muggs are what bring joy to customizer’s faces. Throughout the last few years, creative and talented people have created renditions of their favorite horror characters and Jason Voorhees has not been left out in the cold. Take a look at some of the great examples of work that have been realized from the past couple of years. One fan even created custom packaging for his Might Muggs Jason.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this hobby, check out Hasbro’s official Might Muggs section of their website or visit the Mighty Muggs forum to find out more about the community of collectors.

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Posted by jasonsfury


  1. F13THRULEZ (12 Nov 2024, 16:39)

    Those both look great! It would be nice to get an official release for one though.

  2. JB Demented (12 Nov 2024, 19:18)

    Thats cool.

  3. Lester Romero (13 Nov 2024, 0:06)

    The Mezco equivalent of Mighty Mugs is around in a line called Mez-Itz. I like Mez-Itz better than Mighty Mugs myself but both are pretty damn cool.

  4. Vin Broccoli (13 Nov 2024, 3:55)

    Yeah to above, Mezco has already made an official one of these along with Freddy. I know, I’ve sold them.

    Though this custom was incredible!

  5. F13THRULEZ (13 Nov 2024, 14:46)

    I own the Mezco Jason, and it is great. But it would be nice to own an official Mighty Mugg too.

  6. Cat (15 Nov 2024, 17:58)

    I like it!!! Want one!

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