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Camp Blood: Friday the 30th New Years Update

Camp Blood: Friday the 30th New Years Update

Well, to ring in the new year, the promoters of the 30th anniversary reunion have treated fans of the series to a new update for their Friday the 13th event this August 13th. Not only have new guests been announced, but one of the special attractions taking place at Camp Blood, Fear Fest, has also [...]

KDM Productions' Young Jason Resin Model

KDM Productions’ Young Jason Resin Model

In the past we have discussed the now famous Kaiyodo Vinyl Jason Kits that were released in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Recently I found a resin model kit depicting young Jason from the original 1980 classic. Read the description below and if interested in purchasing, visit the auction
Yep, it’s a rare one, an [...]