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BTS Wednesday: Jason's Sewer Remains

BTS Wednesday: Jason’s Sewer Remains

Every single person I have ever talked to about the ending of Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan universally agrees that it is the worst ending they have ever seen in the franchise. Rob Hedden’s intentions for the ending were at the very least, understandable, however, the execution and overall idea were not [...]

Horror Sanctum Brings Jason From Hell To Earth

Horror Sanctum Brings Jason From Hell To Earth

Announced yesterday, Sam McCain from Horror Sanctum Studios in association with Billy Kirkus are now offering a truly awesome and historic piece for fans of Jason Goes To Hell to own. This undermask, or hood, titled “Hell” will be created from the original screen-used master prop from the 1993 film. This is what Kane Hodder wore underneath [...]

Jason Slashes Through 'The Cleveland Show'

Jason Slashes Through ‘The Cleveland Show’

The latest episode of Fox’s The Cleveland Show featured yet another Friday athe 13th series reference as Jason made an appearance to kill a lonely, half naked coed. It would be hard to compare the appearances of the hockey player in the animated episode to the real deal in the films, however, there is that [...]