30 Years Of Fear: Raffle Info And Screen Used Item Revealed

30yearsoffearFor those of you that received the Creepy Tees newsletter this will be old news to you. However, for everyone else it was just announced that the raffle for the Jason X screen used item has been pushed back a bit from the original May 9th date. This is to allow the few packages that are still available to be sold before the raffle takes place.

The Jason X item was revealed, slightly, to be a T-shirt that was worn in Jason X. Exactly what shirt that is has not been dislcosed as of yet, but I can say that I am sure the lucky winner will enjoy.

Also, the Newsletter stated that the response was so good to this 30th Anniversary package that Creepy Tees has decided to make this an annual event. The next event was hinted as “The Body Count Continues…”

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11 Responses to “ 30 Years Of Fear: Raffle Info And Screen Used Item Revealed ”

  1. got this email awhile ago, I was impressed with the first one, def down for the next one

  2. I\’m still waiting mine :( Long way to Italy :p

  3. Dont fret Ph1b3s. It is well worth it when you open it. I love the poster and haven’t worn the shirt yet. I think I’m gonna frame it. by the way, they need to get on top of their you know what with these setbacks.

  4. JJ, what “setbacks” are you referring to?

  5. I here you Ph1b3s still waiting for mine too and I just live in Canada

  6. I got My package & Love it.It even came In a custom designed box which was cool. The Only setback Is their email system. I never did get a confirmation email. They did respond to an email I sent them but I subscribed on the website & have yet to receive any newsletter emails but I am VERY happy with Package.

  7. We have heard from a lot of people that they aren’t getting our newsletter emails, but from the tracking numbers it’s obvious the majority ARE getting them. Don’t know if our emails are getting caught in spam filters or what, but every time I do tests, I always get confirmation emails and newsletter emails. Regardless, we are working on the issue and will address it in the future.

  8. I’m from Italy too so it has to arrive

  9. t-shirt sounds good!

  10. Loved the T-shirt and will frame the poster. A chance in 500 to actually win a T-shirt worn in Jason X, that would be really something to go and win that… *crossing fingers*

  11. 60 bucks for a shirt and poster??? Doesnt really sound like much, but I guess in a way it is seeing as how the poster is signed by 2 very awesome people and 1 that makes you kind of wonder how he is worthy? He was only a cop in the movie in which we see for about 1 minute of the entire hour and a half running time???
    Nevertheless, still kool…
    A chance to win a piece of wardrobe from the WORST ever Friday movie? Kinda lame… Why not a piece of wardrobe from the First Friday? Kinda what we are celebrating… Nothing to celebrate with Jason X… That film should be burned and forgotton…
    And \ONLY\ Select packages will receive something like a signed photo or lobby card from 1980??? Come on… Put one of something in \EVERY\ package…
    Either way I still think this is kool and I am excited to get mine in the mail! I am glad that I made it in before they are sold out.
    You guys should check out my Crystal Lake Signs on my website… I made a couple of them for my collection. You might enjoy them???
    Anyway, I hope I receive a signed lobby card or photo in mine… It would be a dissapointment otherwise…

    Great thread!
    You can also find my threads on horrorbid.com… User name is Harry Warden…


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