30 Years of Fear T-Shirt and Poster Review

I was going to post a video of this for my Saturday Review Video, but I am having some issues with YouTube right now. So, I took some pictures of the shirt that I recieved. I know that those of you that ordered the T-shirt have been waiting patiently to recieve your order in the mail. You will not be disappointed when you finally do receive it. The shirt and poster are awesome. There is great detail on the shirt and do not worry about a cheap ink pressing as this will last you a very long time.

In the middle of the shirt, there is a slight color variation between the poster and the shirt, mainly on the Jason and Alice characters. This is probably due to the simple differences of material the art design was printed on. It still looks great and am sure everyone will be proud to own these items. My camera is pretty grainy, so my pictures are not the best, but still check out the pictures below and see the poster in the last picture.

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23 Responses to “ 30 Years of Fear T-Shirt and Poster Review ”

  1. Hey Jason, where are the autographs?

  2. Awesome man, should get mine soon when I get back to Pittsburgh, can’t wait!

  3. These were promotional items only. They were not supposed to contain autographs on them. I wish they did. ;)

  4. Ok I got ya! It does look sweet! Can’t wait for mine

  5. Looks generic. Glad I gidnt waste the cash on that

  6. To each his own Mr. Bacon. I love it and cant wait for mine.

  7. Looks pretty cool, I want one.

  8. Yea I cant wait for mine…the poster is going right into a frame.

  9. Wow…. can´t wait for mine. I ordered within minutes and got no other indications than the order being processed, so…. I guess it´s making its way to my part of the world…

  10. Anders,
    You should have recevied some sort of email confirmations within the last month. If you haven’t, or have questions, email info@creepy-tees.com. They will help you out. ;)

  11. Hi Anders, you should have gotten an automated reply from us that your order was received and if you aren’t on the newsletter list, you may not have gotten any updates. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

  12. We still have some left…

  13. I placed an order on the 9th & didnt get a Confirmation but I did get a Paypal receipt

  14. A couple of days later a package came with what I HAD recently ordered. I was thinking of something completely different. I guess I haven´t ordered this one, but I´ll do it now, then!

  15. 2) Full-color poster (11 x 17) of the shirt artwork, suitable for framing. While this would be an awesome piece of memorabilia already, as an added bonus, each poster will be hand-signed and numbered by the stars of Friday the 13th: Adrienne King, Ari Lehman and Ron Millkie.
    says it says it suppose to be autographed in the description so why weren’t yours autographed???

  16. jason,
    I mentioned this above in the comments. I was sent my copies as promotional materials to review. These were not meant to have the autographs.

  17. Hi All I got my Shirt Today. It looks good & Poster was signed as Described. It also Came in a Cool Friday The 13th Collectors Box & with what I guess is a ticket for a Drawing for Jason X Props. Mine was #146 of 500

  18. Let us know if you receive the signed lobby cards or presskits everyone. I am curious to see what everyone is receiving. Someone received a signed lobby card with Betsy palmer holding the knife. I think that is awesome!

  19. jasonsfury, how come your shirt and poster aren’t even numbered??? :O

  20. I received a promotional package for review, so it did not include the autographs. You have to pay to get those nice autographs. :)

  21. when is the drawing being held? i cant tell if its supposed to be may 9th 2024, or september 5th 2024. there is nothing about the drawing results on the creepy tees web site. van anyone tell me what the winning numbers were?

  22. I got number 153 of 500. Got the shirt and poster a little over a week ago. Wore the shirt at a party last Saturday (and no, didn´t spill anything on it).

    The completely other thing I mixed it all up with when I first commented here was the offer from Fright Rags of a T-shirt and poster of Tarman from ROLD. That one is quite awesome, too. Walked around in Stockholm City wearing that a couple of days ago, and those looks I got from people… hahaha!!!

    I already look forward to the anniversary tee for part 2 next year… :-)

  23. Apparently, the draw was set out to be on May 9, but postponed until the last few shirts were sold, and now it seems they have been.

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