“A New Beginning” Japanese Laserdisc for Sale

part5LDIt is rare to see these discs up for sale or auction. I have only seen Japanese discs up for sale 3 times in the last year on eBay. This happens to be one of those three times. If you’re looking for a rare Friday the 13th collectible check out the auction and put your bid in. I personally like the Obi strips that are included on these discs as it really gives them that authentic Japanese look.

To see all of the Laserdiscs, check out our story from last year.

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4 Responses to “ “A New Beginning” Japanese Laserdisc for Sale ”


  2. I won the bid ;)

  3. Congrats! I own this as well and it hangs proudly on my wall!

  4. Thanks!
    I hope it’ll arrive soon

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