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All of the great fans that visit our website have many years of accumulating information about their favorite Crystal Lake slasher. Everyday those same fans lend that knowledge to others when they comment on the blog stories that out posted at this fine website. Over time, that knowledge that was posted as a comment in a blog gets pushed away as more blog articles are added. Wouldn’t you like your Jason information to be found in a central location for all to find easily? Now you can contribute your Jason Voorhees knowledge directly to the website.

Our Fridaypedia already contains a vast amount of information, but we want the fans to add what they know about Jason Voorhees and feel like they own a piece of this website and the Friday the 13th franchise. It’s very easy to do. All you need to do is sign up with a username and password and then you can start editing and adding information anytime you want.

1. Sign up for the Fridaypedia

2. Start adding information about Jason Voorhees.

Lets see what kind of information everyone can add about good ol’ Jason. I think we could be very surprised what is unearthed about Mr. Voorhees. Have fun everyone!

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28 Responses to “ Add Your Knowledge of Jason To fridaythe13thfilms ”

  1. I was able to find that tape of F13 part 2 in french with the ending that shows Mrs Voorhees winking… any one have any idea how I could transfer from VHS to online and upload here for all to see? I’ll check again tomorrow if anyone can help me out.

  2. Mike, do you have a camera to record the picture off of the tv while it is playing? That’s an option.

  3. I was able to find that tape of F13 part 2 in french with the ending that shows Mrs Voorhees winking

    Awesome, man. When you figure out how to capture the images, send me an email and I can post the images here on the website!

    I also wanted to thank the visitors that have started adding information to the Fridaypedia. There is some real good Jason tidbits already there.

  4. Some people have recorders that have both VHS and DVD recording together wherein you can record your VHS to a DVD. Do you have a friend with one?

    Also, if you have a VHS player that outputs in yellow red white, and a DVD recorder that inputs as such; you can record that way.

    It depends if there is a copy blocker on the VHS. I think Friday Part 2 was before they started doing this.

    Also, some video cards have a plugs to capture yellow red white video in.

    Recording the screen would be better than nothing, but almost any other type of recording methods process is better because quality is lost immensely recording with a camera.

    Once in a digital form, you can make an ISO of the DVD disc and e-mail it to jasonfury. He could then put it up as a youtube and link to it for us all to see and enjoy.

  5. I’ll add some stuff as well. I have lots of merchandise from the series and I still have my dads old RCA laser discs from the early 80’s.

  6. It only gives me the option to edit the Jason character page but not anything else.

  7. Right now, a large portion of the Fridaypedia is restricted from editing until we see how everything goes with the new extension of the website. However, you can edit characters and certain phrases littered thoughout the descriptions of the films. Look for the red words or phrases that are links. Those can be edited. Also, create discussions with the duscussion tab at the top of the page.

    We will open up the rest of the Fridaypedia at a later date!

  8. jasonsfury… I gotta tell you thumbs up 100 times on the new Fridaypedia. It rocks.

  9. I added a picture I scanned of Elias and put it up.

  10. Nice add Lester! Looks great on that page.

  11. Neet, so you’re the one who’s added that pic. I wasn’t sure how to. Do you have the same comic too? I’ve been writing up a storm on Jason and Pamela. Looks like I created her page.

  12. Yeah I have that comic among others. The Jason being afraid of water thing still drives me nuts. I even created a facebook page about what a terrible idea it was (cheap plug I know but worth a group IMO).!/pages/Jason-Voorhees-is-NOT-afraid-of-Water/123502387675240?ref=ts

    I’m also a video editor so making things digital isn’t very hard for me. It’s going to be fun to work on the Fridaypedia page.

  13. Yes, it will be. I took two years of video and moved to Desktop Support.

  14. People have started to realy take control of the Fridaypedia. Check out the Jason Voorhees page that contains information that was entirely added by you the fans.

  15. Cool man, I think Ill check it out.

  16. Well I’m signed up for it, I just got to get the hang of it.

  17. One thing I would like to ask, is that if you don’t know how to spell a word, don’t be ashamed to ask how to spell it. I had to correct alot of mispelled words and other small things. Not trying to be bitchy, just saying please use spellcheck and make sure your information is correct before posting it. Also, I don’t know if it’s yet featured, but posting references wouldn’t be a bad ideal either.

    I mean it’s up to us the fans to keep it clean, so let’s do this thing right.

  18. I for one use the spellcheck built into IceCat (Free Software Version of Firefox.) I also bring in from the comics. I try to do my best to make sure the references I take from the comics are not any that would contradict the films. I think it is a good idea to include things added in the comics and novels so long as they do not interfere with film continuity in any large way as they usually serve to enrich the franchise with depth and perhaps will help the Fridaypedia to bring a more intricate and fan-laiden encyclopedia to the Franchise.

    For what I add that is not specifically said in either films, books, or comics; I add with the knowledge that they are logically deduced from the facts that we do know. Some things in the franchise are left open-ended, so I try to show the many sides and arguments fans have for them. I have spent much time commenting on stances in the old forum and on other Friday forums. I have also developed a view of my own that I am proud of that is, in my view, more provable than some things that fly with the fans. So I do my best to let everyone be heard.

    How can I site a source? I am new to wikis, and am learning as I go.

  19. Wow, this is going to have to be addressed and we need to be polite and civil about this. Likely, this is something the admin is going to have to make a ruling on else we are going to be constantly going back and re-editing each other.

    What is, “Friday the 13Th 2009?” I am the one who wrote the preservation of continuity time-line proof that you see in on the Friday the 13Th 2009 page of the main site. I am rather proud of my proof and had put a lot of time and effort making it. And, to be honest, I think it has as much or more proof to it than some theories of Jason. (Such as him never having drown. If he never drowned before Part 1 one, why didn’t he just walk around the lake to find his Mother that he loves? He walks back to the lake from both the Manhattan sewers and a morgue in Youngstown Ohio. Can someone please explain to me why, if he never drowned, he could not would around the perimeter of the lake?)

    But, to be fair and respectful of other fans’ views, I added their point of view myself and tried to be unbiased in the article about it. I assume you removed my reference to “Part Twelve” as part of your “corrections.” Yet you left the theory of him never having drown. Which, to me personally makes little sense. Why could my view that Friday 2009 is a sequel and not a “reboot” (which has far more documented proof than the Jason not drowning theory which is popular with so many) not be given the same respect by you who (I assume) edited it out of the work completely?

    Could I please ask for a ruling from the admin on how views and theories, as well as material from the comics and novels, are to be handled? Otherwise we’re likely to be chasing our own tails in edits here and feelings are bound to be hurt. I see no reason not to include these things, as they are either part of the expanded Franchise (novels and books) or part of what the fans have put together about Jason from what they know (views and theories.) But this is not my website.

  20. In my Jason origins entries I tried to write Jason’s history as if he were a real person. I pretty much kept the original continuity as my guide but made slight references to other media that don’t contradict the movies but just brings up other theories that may embellish what we do know.

    I mention how the two counselors Pam killed in the beginning of the movie may have been the ones who let Jason drown a year earlier. I didn’t randomly throw that in there. I wrote that as a nod to the Pamela’s Tale comic where those two kids WERE the ones who didn’t take care of him. It doesn’t contradict what we saw in the first movie but expands a bit on what we know.

    The original series had continuity gaffs so even adding a bit here and there from the remake won’t harm it in any way IMO.

  21. This is more than likely going to be like good ole wikipedia, we’re just going to have to go back and clean up constantly. I mean everybody is new at this and they’re going to make mistakes. The only things that I had to correct last night was mispelled words and the way things were worded. No biggie really, but those kind of things I notice so I like to fix.

  22. “I was able to find that tape of F13 part 2 in french with the ending that shows Mrs Voorhees winking… any one have any idea how I could transfer from VHS to online and upload here for all to see? I’ll check again tomorrow if anyone can help me out.”

    Holy fuckin’ shit, dude: I am the free world’s fore-most authority on the Steve Miner-directed sequels as well as the next two (flaws & all), and I’m beyond over joyed that you found a good quality footage of Mrs. Voorhees severed demon head smiling and winking at the end of the French language dub of Part 2! Merci Big pour sa mise en place, mon ami!:D

  23. And I agree with Kane:

    I have some free time this weekend as well as Monday morning, so I’ll try to add to the Friday Pedia as it’ll be known (or Jason Pedia, however we all wanna say it). And I agree let us check and re-check everything oh please before we all post, as I want the newer fans who buy the Crystal Lake Memories book and the new re-mastered in HD films on the Blu-Ray format and the like to have a much better understanding of the series as they grow up and come along for the Hell-ish and fun in a very old school way b-series ride! But yeah, I’ll most definately try to help out whenever I can and to always re-check the Crystal Lake Memories book as well as my Blu-Rays and the Deluxe Edition standard def DVDs that remain for the corrected information. Have a good one my fellow Jason fanatics!

    PS to Jasonsfury: Jason, did you ever get that e-mail about that really cool YouTube find that I found would make a fine & fitting future up-date for a Blog entry a few days ago now? Was just curious.

  24. I did see that I received an email from you, but haven’t got a chance to read yet. I will get to the email soon.

  25. Big thanks Jason my good man! And no rush; I just wanted to make sure you received it. ;) Stay cool! You’re going to love it, trust me. Enjoy the vid! :)

  26. And I also hope VERY much to continue to add to the official Friday Pedia. I just bookmarked it. I just hope after a while even more discriptions, photos and behind the scenes stuff as well as more bloopers & home video art through the years and various formats are added. That way it truely WILL be the end all/be all ultimate Friday source. But yes, I of course know it’s still in it’s baby stages. No worries. :) And I love this idea! Now let’s all see it greatly omporve over time. ;)

  27. Anyone else besides me working on it?

  28. There have been others in there adding information. I think you and the others have done a good job. Keep up the good work!

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