Amy Steel Autographed Pic Offering Coming Soon

Right now, on Amy Steel’s Facebook page, there are a number of images that are being considered as options to offer fans in the form of autographed pics or T-shirts. This is a great opportunity for fans that feel it difficult to obtain autographed pictures of their favorite Friday the 13th Final Girl. There have not been prices set as of yet, so you will have to wait until the pic offering is finalized. Check out the options to choose from below and let us know which image would be your favorite to own, signed by Amy Steel!

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10 Responses to “ Amy Steel Autographed Pic Offering Coming Soon ”

  1. I would have to go with the fourth one, the black and white picture with the pitchfork. She just looks like such a badass with the pitchfork prongs in front of her face.

  2. I gotta go with the first one. Absolute classic. I think she kinda looks afraid in the 4th pic whereas in the first pic she looks totally badass IMO.

  3. 1st pic definitely.

  4. Not only will we be offering 8×10 prints, we will be offering posters and T-shirts.

  5. That sounds great, Patrick. Look forward to seeing the final pictures that are selected and the prices.

  6. Amy definately played the best heroine of the series. She looks so kick ass with that pitchfork.

  7. I think I would like the Amy vs Wickedbeard signed. And of course the infamous pic with Her holding the pitchfork.

  8. The pitchfork image is pretty iconic. I’d love a framed poster of that.

  9. Pic#1 will always be one of the most iconic and perfect images from the entire franchise, in my opinion. However, I must say that I love the presidential-looking art prints. Glorious!

  10. I’m gonna have to go with the first one, its just classic!

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