“Black 7″ The Most Accurate Part 7 Replica Hock Ever Produced?

black7_replicaWhen I saw this mask, I could not believe it was a replica. It blew my mind. While I was busy gathering interviews for the website the past week, the word has been spreading about this new hock and I am sad I missed out on it’s initial announcement last week.

For those who are looking for a completely screen accurate hockey mask from The New Blood, I would say look no further. This replica was made from a cast of one of the screen used masks from the movie. So, you can’t get much more exact in terms of mask size than that. Each mask will be cast in red plastic to ensure they are not mistaken as the actual screen used hock and will be painted to match the exact look from the movie. This is going to be a limited run of 50 with each mask being numbered on the back of the mask. Check out the promo ad of the mask below. If interested, send inquiries to info@fridaythe13thprops.de. Place the phrase “Black 7″ in the subject line.





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14 Responses to “ “Black 7″ The Most Accurate Part 7 Replica Hock Ever Produced? ”

  1. Wow. I’d wear this to work and to the morning meeting. That’d shake things up a bit!

  2. That looks very real. Wish there were comparison photos. How much?

  3. Truly amazing. Now is this really pulled from a screen used mask? If it is that is pretty awesome. Yes, what is the cost?

  4. I believe I saw some comparison photos somewhere else. I will see if I can find those and post.

    And, David, yes the cast is from a screen used mask. The replica is going to be as close to real deal as you can get. ;)

  5. Yeah this is straight from Mario Kirner, owner of the screen-used. This thing looks fantastic.

  6. The mask is 300 US$ + shipping, i emailed Mario and asked him.
    It`s good to see that one of the best Hock replicas come from Germany.

  7. Hi guys,

    I`m glad you like the idea of doing this mask! The Black 7 sells for $300 plus shipping. As soon as the amount arrived via PayPal, I will add you to the list. The masks are ready to ship out end of March / early April as they are currently in the making. I will give you the price for shipping when everything is packed up. You can then send the amount for the shipping separately. So, if you are interested in buying one of the limited to 50 Black 7`s, email me at info@fridaythe13thprops.de

    The Black 7 is made in an very complex way and from materials and paint used in the professional movie industry. This ensures that the paint is not getting bridle or even falls off the mask when bending.

    Also notable is that the Black 7 is NOT vacuum formed from a cast but were casted directly from the mold. This ensures that all the details you see on the real deal are copied to your Black 7 and are not getting lost during the process.

    I will drop Jasonsfury updates of the making in a regular basis, so if this is OK to him, he can post these updates here on the site for you. It is a lot of detail work on the masks, but I want them to look as close as possible to the mask you seen on screen. As mentioned in Jason`s article, the Black 7 is cast in red plastic to ensure they are not mistaken as the actual screen used hockey mask in the future. However they are completely painted to give them the closest look you can get.

    I was also asked if the Black 7 comes with some kind of COA. Actually I think a COA would only make sense if I sell a screen used piece, to certify it is what it is supposed to be. As for the Black 7, I will include a quality print of the banner posted above that pretty much reads all the important details… and it looks cool if you ask me :)

    Another thing I was contacted for are the straps. The mask comes without straps. Actually I think it looks cool without straps as you can see more mask details. However I planned to offer this feature but I think we have many talented guys in the community that offer much better work on straps than I could do. One place to go for example is http://fiberglassmasks.com/Leatherstraps.html

    Please, if you have any further question, post here or contact me directly at info@fridaythe13thprops.de

    All my best and hurry up… we are talking about a LIMITED EDITION collector item!

  8. Looks good, but I think Crash’s part 7 masks are more screen accurate.

  9. I have a JGTH hock by Crash and I absolutely love it. I am curious to see how detailed this Black 7 is in person, with it being cast from a screen used mask, to see how it holds up to what Crash has made.

  10. Where can I see a picture of Crash’s masks? And how much does he charge for his?

  11. Crash can charge up to $180 for certain masks, but it all depends on what you request. You can find pictures of his masks at this link


  12. This mask is fantastic. Just watch the movie people. It’s identical! Mario. It’s just too awesome of you to make these available for fans. This is the most accurate looking mask I think collectors will ever hope to own, a part from owning the original mask that is.

    To the haters, especially the j%&*offs over at fright stuff who are bashing this mask because it’s a “recast” get over yourselves. Hack artists and wannabes bashing a fantastic piece like this, you guys should be ashamed, and you guys are a cancer in this hobby. No one respects hocks anymore because of how you guys act. If you think other masks look better that’s cool. Everyone has their own opinion. But to hate on this mask because some washed up hollywood hack never-was doesn’t like it, because it undermines his faux movie mold masks…well, you guys are not fans then, you’re just a bunch of insecure jealous jagoffs. Real fans can appreciate this piece. Even if they can’t afford it.


  13. I don’t want a heated debate to start here at our website about this subject, Renyolds. I have been following the forum discussions at Frightstuff and I think it should stay there. I respect the work that Ken and the artists that paint on his masks do. I have promoted some of those artists here as well as Crash and I think eveyone does a phenomenal job.

    The people at the Frightstuff forum were expressing their opinions and they can do that, just as you can. However, I do not think calling people hacks or washed up is really a constructive way to go. I know Mario and I am excited he doing this, hence the blog. I am sure he appreciates people like you sticking up for him, but I think that you should be happy for Mario and let everyone else speculate.

  14. Renyolds,
    Sorry man, but I had to delete your post. I just don’t want the drama here over this. You stated your point above and I thank you for your opinions, but the same name calling and bashing you are complaining about is now what you are doing. I can’t allow that for anyone on this website.