Blog Talk Radio: Interview with Ron Millkie (Officer Dorf)

dorfThis interview was conducted right before the remake was released this past February and it’s pretty informative. Ron is a very personable guy and I loved this interview. In the interview, he discusses his new autobiography, how he got the part in Friday the 13th and various other tidbits in this life.

Check out the interview if you’re a fan of radio interviews and enjoy all of the information!

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4 Responses to “ Blog Talk Radio: Interview with Ron Millkie (Officer Dorf) ”

  1. That is one awsome interview. Thanks J.F.

  2. No problem, Chris. Ron is awesome!

  3. thanks for posting. i’m a big fan of interviews.

  4. Ron is the man. Great Actor and Great all around guy. A true Pleasure to work with. He is Awesome. A True Professional.

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