Box Cover Design, Kaiyodo Part 3 Jason Figure

Many people are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Part 3 Jason Voorhees figure. We have been bring news of this figure to everyone here at the website since early Summer and now the time is almost here for this highly sought after figure to hit retailers and online stores next month. Below is a glimpse of the packaging for the new 5.5 inch figure and diorama set.

 Visit all of our news covering the figure and make sure to get your Part 3 Jason Voorhees to complete your collection soon!

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6 Responses to “ Box Cover Design, Kaiyodo Part 3 Jason Figure ”

  1. Awesome cover. Really looking forward to getting this. Where is it being sold?

  2. I am excited for this too! Does anyone know the exact day in October it is being sold?

  3. Thats definately one for the action figure collection.

  4. VERY NICE! i just preordered it from bbts. i pray to lord that they will make an final chapter figure also!

  5. @pitshit: Maybe I missed it somewhere, but what is “bbts”. I am interested in ordering this figure. Thanks.

  6. just preordered my also. Sweet…. oh BBTS is

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