Bracket Challenge: Mothers of Friday the 13th

Mothers are very important to their children’s upbringing. Kids are known to be mirror images of their parents and exhibit the same peronality traits of their parents. This newest division showcases some gentle and some very tough mommas. You will notice a very important mother is missing from this division. She will be getting her own division in the near future. So, let us know who you think is the best momma to move on to the next round.


Mrs Jarvis (The Final Chapter)
She was a single parent raising two kids in the middle of nowhere. Mrs Jarvis had to be a tough mom as she raised to kids that kicked Jason’s ass and sent him to the grave. It’s too bad that she wondered off to investigate a strange noise or something and ran into ol’ Jason waiting outside.


ethelEthel (A New Beginning)
Ethel has been gaining ground on more popular characters in the franchise as being one of the most recognizable and most loved by the fans. I can’t even do justice by Carol Locatell’s performance when writing this. She was amazing and so was that big dildo of son, Junior. “I’m gonna chop you into eaty beaty pieces my friend, just like that piggo over at that fuckin’ crazy farm.”

mrsshepardMrs. Shepard (The New Blood)
I think that this momma would have made it to the end of the movie if it had not been for that dickhead Dr. Crews. She really laid into him right before her demise and I am sure she would have given Jason a pretty good run for his money. Hell, she produced a telekenetic daughter that completely owned Jason for almost 15 minutes of the movie. “You’re not just a lousy doctor, you’re a fucking coward”


joeybJoey B. (Jason Goes To Hell)
This, um, lady could hold her own, not only with Jason, but Ethel as well. I’d like to see a Joey B. vs Ethel movie myself. She is one tough broad. She makes them keep a baby in a box in the back room. I wonder if she kept her Ward back there in a box when he was a kid. It would explain a lot. Joey B had a loud mouth and Jason made sure to close it permanently.



dianaDiana Kimble (Jason Goes To Hell)
The sudden sibling of Jason. I am one of the few fans that really like the movie. I liked that they went back to Crystal Lake and tried to expand upon the mythology that the original movies created. Jason having a sister by a different mother isn’t too far fetched as we have never been given a reason why Mrs. Voorhees was raising Jason by herself and where Mr. Voorhees ran off to. Maybe another wife and  family?

Diana hangs tough against Jason, even blowing out the back of his head. She raised a pretty tough daughter too. Her daughter, after all does send Jason to hell.

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90 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Mothers of Friday the 13th ”

  1. I hated a lot of aspects about pt.7 but I liked Mrs. Shepard. She was a voice on a lot of stupid cartoons from the 80’s I liked too.

  2. Mrs. Jarvis. Definitely. She birthed one of the more interesting characters in the Friday the 13th universe. She also didn’t mind her son watching the couple across from his window making out.

  3. Mrs. Jarvis. For ‘fury’s synopsis of her character, perfect.

  4. Mrs. Jarvis

  5. Bwah, Dan, that’s the first thing I thought, too! Susan Blu!

    However, even ignoring that, I vote for Mrs. Shepherd. Again, I love all these characters, but Shepherd pulls ahead from sheer aggression. When she finds out her daughter’s being exploited, she comes out swinging, and had to be attacked from behind by someone else while she was facing off with Jason to go down. She’d also survived quite a bit before that (abusive husband, being single mother to kid who can accidentally make nearby objects fly off shelves/burst into flames). Go Tina’s Mom!

  6. Mrs Jarvis

  7. Another difficult challenge indeed. I am down to three. I never really liked the Tommy Jarvis character so Mrs. Jarvis is out. And Although I like how Ethel’s son died I hated that miserable bitch.

    Mrs. Shepard was a great mom and I wish she hadn’t died. That was an unfair death, but Dr. Crews got his.

    Joey B. was one of my fav kills at the time. And JASONFURY you aren’t alone. I love Jason Goes to Hell. It was the first movie I can remember seeing in the movie theater. Jason said you know what bitch, shut the hell up and face plants the bitch. CLASSIC.

    Diana Kimble was an important part to the movie and who doesn’t like a good rape scene. At least that how I interpret that. That little demon thingy jabs her right in the crotch. HaHa.

    I think I am gonna go Joey B. Her character made me laugh. She perfected the hockey mask burger too.

  8. On a side note. It would be nice if voters could lend an explanation of the pick. I feel like many are just doing what the majority are saying so that they win….YEAH I WIN! Votes without an explanation shouldn’t count.

    And Jason Fury, are you voting?

  9. Mrs. jarvis

  10. Ethel.

  11. I haven’t been as I don’t want to seem biased on certain characters. That being said, I personally like he character of Ethel in an overall sense of what makes Friday the 13th movies what they are. My opinion is that characters and creative death scenes are what make these movies great. A New Beginning for me would not have been as good without her because she just makes me laugh outloud everytime I watch that movie.

    “Start the engines junior”
    “You ain’t so pretty yourself you know”

  12. Ethel

    All her quotes are hilarious and I love the one fury put in the description. She has some how gotta be related to Peggy Bundy’s family in Wanker County, Wisconsin. This category was tough to pick from, all the Moms are pretty interesting on their own. I almost picked Mrs. Jarvis just cause she was a hot milf and even better when paired with her daughter.

  13. mrs.javis man

    i like how we dont know how she was killed and gave birth to 1 of fridays the 13ths most inmportent charecer tommy javis.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>long live friday the 13th!

  14. Mrs. Shepard. Part VII is my favorite of all the Ft13th films. She deserved to live. Damn Bad-News Crews!

  15. mrs. jarvis, ethel, mrs.shepard

  16. Which one shall it be, Ginny field?

  17. Mrs. Jarvis.

    I kinda felt bad for her when she died because she did nothing wrong, and plus shes moderately attractive.

  18. I vote for Mrs. Jarvis because I like her character in the movie and she did bring up one of the central characters from the movies.

  19. Mrs. Jarvis

  20. ETHEL! Nuff said

  21. Mrs. Jarvis

    She was a very nice lady and it sucked that she died. As a matter of fact, the only Jarvis I thought should’ve died was Tommy in some heroic fashion. Not his mother offscreen or his dog (which was pointless imo.)

  22. Diana Kimble.
    Why? Even though I hated JGTH I liked her character because of who she was to Jason, good back story for Jason and why he needed to be killed.

  23. I think I have to vote for Mrs. Jarvis.
    She’s quite attractive. If I had to choose one of these mothers for a date, I’d defintely pick her.

    While I love the Tina character in part 7, I never liked her mom, cos she seems so granny-like.

    Never cared about any of the JGTH characters & while Ethel from ANB is hilarious, she is also very filthy and just plain white trash.

  24. another toughie. gotta go with ethel-she’s lippy with cops, can’t tolerate the mentally ill or those who want to help them, and she seemingly hates her own son. reminds me of my ma.

  25. Diana Kimble (Jason Goes To Hell)

  26. I’m torn between Ethel and Joey B.

    But like when I voted for Garris, I have to go with the protective instinct and vote for Joey B. She wanted to protect everybody and she was honestly tough. Jarvis and Shepard wouldn’t stand a fighting chance (no pun intended) against Jason. Ethel might have taken a few shots with her cleaver. Joey B. is my pick. And I don’t know if any of you have seen her in any other movies, but she tends to be the polar opposite in any other role. She’s brilliant.

  27. Ethel.

    She is the antithesis to Jason’s own mother and therefore a perfect fit for the series. Where Jason’s mom had undying love for her son, Ethel was the kind of mom that probably left her son all by himself to make friends with mud he most likely rolled around in until his adolescence. Ethel also taught her son the meaning of words like “Fuckwad” and “Dildo.” Overall, I enjoyed her philosphy of motherhood as it was shown in A New Beginning.

  28. Damn,jasonsfury this might be the toughest one yet.I’m gonna think this one over.It certainly is the MOTHER of all bracket challenges.(Did i really just type that).Be back to vote soon……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  29. This was a tough one as all the characters had their strong points. I think my choice is Joey B. She had such a great delivery of her lines “No one’s gonna touch that little fuckin’ ray of sunshine!” That’s priceless. On top of that, I think she had the best kill of them all.

  30. Ethel!

  31. ethel

  32. Mrs. Shepard

  33. Ok i\’ve thought about it and i\’m gonna vote Mrs Jarvis for the very fact that she is the most motherly of all the other challengers.However if it was a battle royale situation,then Joey B wins hands down with Ethel as runner up.So in final notch up another vote for Mrs Jarvis……….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  34. ms jarvis ,because she prepare her sons for a real chalenge confront a pscico killer , the most letal ,silence,and stronger slasher of the all time

  35. Mrs. Shepard. Susan Blu was great

  36. Mrs. Jarvis

  37. jarvis for sure, all the other ones were annoying

  38. mrs.jarvis indefinetly

  39. ethel

  40. Ethel

  41. Mrs. Jarvis…and if you haven’t seen the alternate ending of The Final Chapter….Watch it before voting

  42. I vote for Ethel. Even to this day when I watch A New Beginning She makes me laugh my head off…especially the way she talks to Junior. ” You big dildo eat your fuckin slop”

  43. We all know who the #1 mommy is!!!

  44. ETHEL!!!

    She was fuckin hysterical!! My favorite line of her’s is “Would you shut the fuck up!”

  45. @ travis

    I think I’d like to get a good screen capture of Ethel and make one of those forum pics with that statement written on it. That is if it hasn’t already been done.

  46. Mrs. Jarvis

  47. I’ll vote for Diana Kimble! While I HATE the cinematic abortion that is Jason Goes to Hell, Erin Grey was at least easy on the eyes! Hey, this was one of her few post-Buck Rogers roles that was widely seen, so it was nice that she got some screen time. Too bad the film is a steaming pile of poo!

  48. Hey, you left out Jessica from JGTH. She was a mommy too!

  49. dan,
    she’ll be in another division.

  50. Mrs Jarviz

  51. Mrs Jarvis, spelling.

  52. Mrs Jarvis.

    You can’t deny the awesome kids she raised, especially Corey Feldman!!!

  53. Ethel

  54. Junior….come in here and eat your fucking stew!!!! Bout time you fuckwad…..i knew you couldnt pass up on my stew…….


  55. Mrs Jarvis, I’d stick it in her. After trish.

  56. Mrs Jarvis
    She was quite the cougar and her daughter was smokin hot- plus she wasn’t scared of anthing, living up in them hills.

  57. Ethel

  58. Wow. Ethel and Ms. Jarvis are pretty big in this one. That may say a lot about how some of us were raised. lol

    Actually, my mom is more of the Ms. Shepard type and I still voted for Joey B. This was a great group of characters though. Really, all of them have been good characters so far.

  59. Tough call, but I am going to have to go with Mrs. Jarvis.

  60. Mrs. Jarvis

  61. ethel

  62. Ethel, she was the only decent aspect of Part 5:(

  63. I have to go with Mrs. Jarvis on this division.

  64. ethel.. without a doubt…

  65. Mrs Jarvis

  66. Mrs. Jarvis

  67. It has got to be Mrs. Shephard with Mrs. Jarvis close behind. I have to give it the Shephard for the way that she was a tough woman (abusive husband), understanding mother who only wanted the best help for her daughter (eventhough it came in the form of Bernie without the glamorous weekend), and always was on her daughters’ side and wanted to give Tina the benefit of the doubt(when she found out the tent stake was real and Dr. Crews was hiding it, it was bad ass mom time). Go Mrs. Shephard

  68. My vote’s for Mrs. Jarvis.

  69. Hey what about Mrs. Voorhees she was a mother. Any way i vote for ethel she cracks me up. “holy shit who the fuck are you and what the fuck do you want”.

  70. “You VOTE…… You DUUMMBB!

    Ethel Baby! All Day Long!

    Now with that said… “Get in Here and Eat Your F^n Slop!”.

  71. Mrs. Shepherd

  72. Mrs. Shepard, her death was sad.

  73. Mrs. Jarvis.

  74. Mrs Jarvis wins here but Diana was a damn close 2nd

  75. I think I have to go with Mrs. Jarvis.

    After all, she did raise a son that went up against and survived Jason TWICE!!! Three times if you count Roy.

  76. Mrs Javis should be my choice, but damn Ethel was fun!

    For this; I vote Ethel.

  77. I just couldn’t see Joey B. with no votes so here’s one. Her getting her teeth knocked in was one of the few (very few) good scenes.

    “nobody’s touchin’ that ray of sunshine”!

  78. Mrs Javis

  79. mrs jarvis

  80. ethel

  81. ethel. and if you dont vote for her I hope she chops you up into itty-bitty pieces my friend.

  82. Mrs Shepherd, she was the most fleshed out character. Ethel/Mrs Jarvis didn’t have much to do, although Ethel was entertaining, she wasn’t necessary to the plot.

    the ladies from JGTH just never had much of an effect on me.

  83. Mrs. Sheperd. She was willing to bring her daughter back to a place that put her(Mrs.) in danger just to help her daughter.

    And I’m just gonna go on weird wave and say it, I think someone else killed Mrs. Jarvis. Think about, even when Jason uses his bare hands it’s a messy kill (with the exception of Kelly Hu and Heidi Kozak).

  84. Tough one, but I personally pick & vote for: Mrs. Jarvis.

    And for several reasons. For starters, unlike the others, she didn’t degenerate into a foul-mouthed female bore. Second, I found her a nice, oddly attractive “MILF-y” type character, to tell ya the truth. Next, she raised some fine, pretty normal kids, untill the now gorwn & adult Mr. Voorhees came into they’re lives, and sadly, she lost her’s and she didn’t desurve it.

    So I always had sympathy for her. And Joseph Zito is right on the commentary track & infmaous lost ending, included on the most recent Deluxe Edition: We didn’t need to see her death, as it would have saddened a lot of us and distracted from the over all new plight that is now we only have Rob Dier the vengeful Jason hunter, and very young Tommy (who ultimately distracts Jason long enough and saves the day for his instalment) and teenage Trish to dispatch him.

    Also, while I sort of agree with the above statement that a few quotes from the poster about why he or she, the character(s) they vote for should be included, and not to start anything serious, but I don’t agree that they shouldn’t count. Because that would just be wrong. C’mon guys: We’re all die head genre and Mr. Voorhees fanatics who own multiple copies of these seminal classic slasher entries, and we shouldn’t always have to jot down reasons, outside from the obvious, when lisitng our faves for these recent challanges. Just my two cents, of course. ;)

  85. “You VOTE…… You DUUMMBB!”

    hilarious. I could picture Ethel saying that too.

  86. This is all great stuff everyone. The new bracket for Monday will be intresting.

  87. i dig Mrs. Jarvis. i’m voting for her!

  88. jasonsfury: cool I can’t wait for the new one on Monday. But I have been meaning to ask is the right half going to be completely different match ups? Like I see its mostly characters so far is the right half going to be the best kills? I personally figure you will keep it characters to help the final bracket work, but I had to ask just to see what was planned.


  89. I vote for Mrs. Jarvis. She was more compassionate than the others. Jason Goes to Hell to me felt like Halloween with the whole kill the sibling storyline.

  90. Mrs. Jarvis