Bracket Challenge Round 2: Week 12 Results

This week had two more landslide victories. Will there be any close matchups in Round 2? Ali might be a surprise in the next round. Ginny is still the odds on favorite to win this whole challenge. However, can Mrs. Voorhees or the winner of the policemen matchup become the character to beat?


ginnyGinny vs Paul

Ginny:  48 votes
Paul:  7 votes




aliAli vs Clay

Ali:  38 votes
Clay:  16 votes

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14 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Week 12 Results ”

  1. ALI!

    I would have never expected him to make it this far.

    That’s so righteous…

    “Make a wish”

  2. Ginny. No competition.

  3. i know this has nothing to do with this post but i thought it was awesome. There is a new John Travolta/Robin Williams movie called “Old Dogs” coming out and i just saw the commercial for it. In the commercial John Travolta is talking about Robin Williams kids and says “They haven’t even seen Friday the 13th part 1 or 2″. Thats just awesome!

  4. I still think the final matchup will be/should be Ginny vs. Young Tommy. And if that happens Ginny, imo, wins hands down.

  5. Fuck Ginny, Paul should’ve won.

  6. Fuck paul? LOL he got smoked.

  7. ALI IS THE MAN!!!!………….but we all know he will make it to the final but be killed in the end :(

  8. Ginny all the way!

  9. not suprised on booth!!!

  10. I wondered where you were going with that Jonathan, that’s hilarious. I have to see that movie now.

  11. Im still bummed Shelly lost so quick,I seriously wanted him to go all the way. Oh well,I guess I should stop crying and get over it :( lol :D

  12. Ginny is going to win hands down, and in my honest opinion, she doesn’t deserve it. To me Steven from JGTH should win. Look at what he went through just to try and save his child and ex: he let Craighton Duke break his fingers, killed a cop, beat up his best friend and stole his cruiser, broke out of jail, took on a posessed reporter, and even the big man Jason. Yeah, Ginny put the sweater on and tricked Jason, but it’s nothing compared to Stephen. I’m sorry if I offend anyone, but it’s just my opinion, that’s why we have sites like these


    Yeah I’m bummed that Shelly is out also, but truth is I voted for Ralph. I think Shelly could have made it but hey, they put him up against the king so what can you do.

    But now that the favorites are fighting we will unfortunately lose more favorites down the line. Sad.. but so much fun ;)


  14. Wow, I’ve been slacking. I guess, just for postarity, I will cast a belated vote anyway.

    I would choose Ginny because she really tried to understand Jason and get inside his mind. Paul was cool with his camp story; but pretty much died, or disapeared, or whatever realy happened to him after that.

    Ali and Clay is a tought one. Clay reminds me a lot of myself at times. Someone who wants to do right; but doesn’t always really. Then, tries to make up for it later in desperate ways. Ali is cool, and reminds me of a guy I used to like a lot.

    I guess I vote Clay out of how he reminds me of myself. Though, it appears it wouldn’t have changed the outcome for him anyway. I kind of think it might be cool to have a second poll without a time limit. I know that it makes things a lot easier for a contest to set a cut off point; but sometimes I get bussy with school and work and stuff; and I also think it would be fun to see if they change over time. Also, I guess when we finish the challange we could always do another one with different combos.

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