Bracket Challenge Round 3: Crazy Ralph vs Young Tommy Jarvis

fridaybracketchallenge3VOTING ENDED

Will the allegiance to Ralph come to an end this week? Or, will Ralph be able to overtake Tommy Jarvis and move one round closer to facing off against Jason of The New Blood?

ralph4-300x168Crazy Ralph (Friday the 13th 1980)
Remember everyone, God sent him. Do you need anything else? I still can’t believe how in shape this guy is. He rides his bike all the way to Camp Crystal Lake and the counselor training center and everyone else drives miles upon miles to get there. For a drunk, he gets around town pretty damn well.



tommypart42Tommy Jarvis (The Final Chapter)
Tommy and Ralph have one thing in common. Both characters are Peeping Tom’s! Tommy spends nights staring at Judie Aronson undressing. Ralph goes to the counselor training center and stares at Ginny undressing. Which perv would you rather pick to go on to the next round? There taste in women could factor in.

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67 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 3: Crazy Ralph vs Young Tommy Jarvis ”

  1. This bracket challenge is gonna start getting harder to choose a winner. All the matchups are gonna be close. My choice for this matchup is Tommy Jarvis and I gotta tell ya it was an extremely hard choice to make. I went with Tommy because he loves making scary masks, playing video games and most importantly he has the lone distinction of “OFFICIALLY” killing off Jason. How could you not go with Tommy?

  2. Tommy Jarvis!

  3. Crazy “You’r all doomed” Ralph.

  4. Young Tommy Jarvis.But only just……………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  5. Tommy Jarvis, but this one is a hard one.

  6. Crazy Ralph

  7. young tommy jarvis

  8. Crazy Ralph!!!!!!!!!

  9. My vote is Tommy. I think he has an edge with his mask-making ability… and he actually got to see skin when he did his peeping. :)

  10. Man this is a hard one! I’m going to have to go with Crazy Ralph. He’s limber and in shape. His only downfall was his voyeuristic impulse watching Paul and Ginny get it on. If he could keep that in check he could make it to the next round.

    “It’s got a death curse!”

  11. RALPH! What’s Tommy going to do? Put on a hat and some raggedy clothes and say, “Yoooo’ree doooommmed!” Ralph won’t take the bait like our old mongoloid friend

  12. MY CHOICE IS…CRAZY RALPH! tommy is doomed!

  13. Tommy…Just seen the Final Chapter last night and Tommy probably nails jason the best with the Machete to the face!!!! and the way he slid down that blade! YIKES! Tommy all the way…and he was also a peeping Tom like Ralph, but he DIDN’T get killed for it!!

  14. Tommy Jarvis cause he got to see Judy Aronson naked!

  15. ralph

  16. Ralph

  17. And my vote goes to Tommy!

    K K K M M M

    Greetings from Marbella (Spain)

  18. Crazy Ralph (Friday the 13th 1980)

  19. Tommy

  20. I gotta go with Ralph. He’s passionate about spreading the word about the death-curse! He tried to help both batches of counselors and had the balls to go to Crytal Lake twice to warn them. He paid the ultimate price, now give him your vote! Plus, any guy who can just stand in a dark pantry, by himself, just to deliver his message to deserves to win.

  21. Crazy Ralph! Only because he’s not your normal character. He adds that bit of ominous impending doom to set the mood.

  22. I vote for Young Tommy Jarvis. If He could do that much damage to Jason, Ralph would be a piece of cake.

  23. Tommy

  24. young Tommy

  25. Crazy Ralph.

  26. young Tommy. I’d like to see Tommy vs. jason in the final round

  27. Tommy Jarvis!!!

  28. Crazy Ralph !!!

  29. Tommy to the finals

  30. young Tommy


  32. Crazy Ralph

  33. Young Tommy 17
    Crazy Ralph 15
    That’s the score right now

  34. young tommy

  35. Crazy Ralph all the way!

  36. Crazy ralph. thats so true hiding in a dark ass closet to warn the conselors thats dedication right there. he tried his best to warn the others..

  37. Young Tommy!

    Just awesome, not two ways about it.

  38. CRAZY RALPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Tommy all the way!!

  40. Gotta give it to Ralph. Corey Feldman annoyed me too much.

  41. Crazy Ralph

  42. Crazy Ralph…..barely!

  43. Crazy Ralph all the way!!!!

  44. No way Ralph could win! Tommy killed Jason!!! so I think he could kick ass on an old man.

  45. I can’t believe I’m going to say it…….

    Crazy Ralph!

    “I tried to warn young Tommy… but he wouldn’t listen… he’s doomed… he’s sooo doooomed”


  46. Gotta go with good ole Crazy Ralph. He was a messenger of God after all. Plus, he’s a determined man, he didn’t let the 1st group of teens not listening to him stop him from trying to warn the 2nd group.

    Plus, with all that bike riding, Ralph’s legs gotta be like strong as hell. I bet he could even outrun teleporting zombie Jason XD.

  47. Tommy Jarvis!!!!

  48. Young Tommy Jarvis……Well it was either the effects wizard that gets into Jason’s head then hacks away at it with Jason’s own weapon(his weapon of choice I might add), or the town drunk….hmmm lol

  49. ralph

  50. RALPH

  51. my vote goes to Tommy Jarvis in this one.

  52. I vote Crazy Ralph.

    Tomy in Part 4 always creeped me out. I know a lot of people love him. But, seriously, he creeps me out.

  53. Tommy Jarvis

  54. Tommy Jarvis 25
    Crazy Ralph 27
    This one is really close

  55. Tommy Jarvis by a hair

  56. gotta go with tommy. ralph got careless and ended up getting wacked

  57. Ralph!

  58. Crazy Ralph

  59. Gotta go with T. Jarvis on this one … he actually brought the machete to Jason’s face. All Ralph did was warn people about Jason, and then warn more people again. If he was so troubled by Jason he should have killed him off himself !

  60. Crazy Ralph. I love the character. I can understand any votes for Tommy, based on what he does in his movie, but I just prefer the Ralph character. I’d rather watch him do stuff over Feld-Tommy.

  61. Crazy ralph for me!!

  62. Tommy

  63. Crazy Ralph FTW

  64. Tommy Jarvis.

  65. Tommy Jarvis 30
    Crazy Ralph 32

  66. young tommy

  67. ralph