Bracket Challenge: The Best Jason Voorhees Character

Now, I want to set this straight right off the bat. This bracket challenge is to pick the best Jason character, not the actors behind the mask. There were many people that contributed to the Jason character in Part 2. Some were stand-ins for hand and feet shots, others did the window crashing scene and wore the infamous sack. Kane Hodder played Jason in four movies, but some people actualy like one Jason character he portrayed better than the other. So, to be fair and follow with the contest at hand, we are voting on the Jason characters themselves within the context of the movie they were represented in. Also, yes I did include Roy. He is playing the Jason character, so all of you Part 5 haters have to deal with it today. ;) Saying that, which Jason is the one you would not want around when going to camp, smoking a little dope, and having a little pre-marital sex?

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81 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: The Best Jason Voorhees Character ”

  1. Gotta go with Jason from The Final Chapter. I just found him more menacing and he scared when I first saw the movie as a little boy.

  2. Jason from New blood. Really love that look.

  3. Part 3 Jason

  4. My favorite Jason has got to be Ted White from Final Chapter. Though my favorite Jason’s to meet is a 3 way tie between Steve Dash (pt2) Richard Brooker (pt3) and CJ Graham (pt6). All 3 are really nice guys and you get them together their funny as hell!

  5. Jason from JGTH I love how he looks in that one, so rotten but strong at the same time, like if anything could hurt him.

  6. Happy Friday the 13th! Going with JGTH’s Jason. Loved him in each of his various “suits” throughout the flick (except maybe the Boglin).

  7. Gotta go with Jason Lives. Who doesn’t appreciate someone with a utility belt.

  8. Final Chapter. although how did he get black fingernails?

  9. im going with Jason 6

  10. Gotta go with 09 Jason. He’s a bit more intimidating than the others IMO.

  11. oh this is tough but i have to go with part 2. the second joice would be part 7 then my third joice would be part 4

  12. I have to go with the Final Chapeter, I found him to look the most like how Jason should look, Huge and deformed.

  13. Happy Friday the 13th fellow Jason fans! This is a tough one. I love the Jason characters in Part 3, Jason Lives and the New Blood, but my favorite is Jason from the Final Chapter. Reason being, the killings were just so viciously brutal, especially the deaths of Axel, Jimmy and Rob. What Jason did to Crispin Glover’s Jimmy (nailed him with a meat cleaver, crucified his corpse, then ripped him down), was one of the most memorable kills in the entire series.

  14. Jason from Jason Goes To Hell. He didn’t get enough screen time, but he was the most menacing to me. He had a lot of anger. My next choice would have to be Part 7, closely followed by Part 3.

  15. final chapter

  16. The Final Chapter Jason.

    Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

  17. there’s a lot to love with the final chapter, the mask shape, the meaty hands, the grimy look, the ugly face, but I’m going with ****PART 3****.

    Brooker had the huge hands which looked so great holding the various weapons and plunging them into various organs. He was more ‘retarded’, kinda lunking around. He had the creepy perv thing going on. You could actually belive he was a real guy. Like when he and Chris were facing off and he seemed to have a ‘personality’. Final chapter’s is just a huge killing machine, more like an animal.

  18. Part VII had the best look but I”m going with Part IV. He’s the scariest incarnation yet.

  19. I am going to go with Jason from part VII The New Blood.

  20. Jason 3 and 4, easily. Classic Jason- how Jason was supposed to be.

  21. It’s a close call between part 6 and part 7.But i think i gotta go with part 7……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  22. Final Chapter Jason

  23. Gotta be Jason from part 3

  24. def Part VII New Blood Best jason Ever….

  25. I have to go with part VII. Best overall Jason IMO…

  26. Final Chapter all the way - the most hard-core Jason.

  27. This is how it rolls for me: Parts 2, 3, 7, 9 and 10 are my top five Jasons. Getting them down to one could be tough.

    First one to go is bag-head. Listen I love it. I think it makes for one of the scariest movies in the franchise, but I love the hockey mask look so much more. I think it makes the character that much scarier.

    Jason in part 3 was so clean. He still seemed to move around very human like which used to scare the crap out of me. Still does a little, but out!

    I think its a tough call for the last three. All three Jason characters were tough. They also happen to be three Kane Hodder Jason’s.

    I’m gonna be a wild-card and say part 10, Jason X.

    He portrayed two different styles of Jason in one movie. I like that a lot.

  28. I have to say Jason X, I dunno why but Ive always had a soft spot for that one.

  29. I gotta say Part 2´s Jason. A guy, living in an isolated run-down shack (with a couple of dead bodies) by his own for years is way more scary than a zombie for me.

  30. Jason The Final Chapter
    Vary menacing and with the axe cut in the head/mask you know he stand some serious damage.
    the best look too, not too clean or too dirty, and definately not a zombie. still a human.

  31. Definitely ‘09 Jason. He’s fierce, smart, fast, and pissed. Definitely don’t want to be on his bad side lol

  32. New Blood!! Most gruesome, scariest, best looking and it was Kane Hodder!

  33. Parts 3 and 4, on equally meaningful and justified grounds. They’re essentially the same “character” in terms of the vibe they emote and their presence, except the full-on ferocity of Jason in The Final Chapter seems rightfully accelerated and appropriately amped-up, based on someone who’d already been mangled by Ginny at the end of Part 2, only then to lose out again to Chris in Part 3 (and get nearly taken out for good in that round by what was to become a signature wound from that point onward). You can literally FEEL the fury of Jason in The Final Chapter, thanks to the prior two encounters in which he was defeated. He’s fucking had enough of these stupid kids he feels obligated to keep ousting due to his mother’s fate, and some bitches ARE GONNA DIE TONIGHT. lol

    But without Part 3’s Jason really setting a standard first in terms of the FEEL of the character and how truly iconic it could be, The Final Chapter Jason would likely never have existed in the same sense. The pier walk from Part 3 is so memorable and creepy, along with his deliberate cat and mouse games with Chris throughout the finale. But The Final Chapter Jason is so equally unforgettable for me - the ferocity of the kills, the animalistic nature of Jason’s movement and speed (like when he crashes through the door and the window) - I especially love the Rob kill in the basement for how fucking furious and savage it is, even though you barely see jack shit. It’s the TONE of Jason in that very moment that actually sells your overall fear of him, not the gore or special effects. Masterful shit right there.

    So yes - Part 3 and 4 together, by the same token. I live to break the rules. Bwahahahahaha!

  34. part 2. the scariest.

  35. The New Blood

  36. Jason Takes on Manhatan

  37. @ “William B.”: Best Comment Ever. The Pier walk is one of my favorite scenes in the series. Best scene in part 3 IMO. Jason is alive, and shows no remorse. 3 and 4 are virtually the same “character”, with 4 being escalated.

  38. Part 4 - without any doubt

    2nd place part 3 for some reason those two guys who played jason really had it right.

  39. Part 4

    My favorite movie is part 3, but there is just something about the final chapter Jason that was completey scary. Maybe it had to do with the lack of humor in part 4, maybe it was the black nails, or maybe the first element of a child having the possibility of getting wacked made him so creepy?

  40. I vote for part 7 Jason. I said it before and I’ll say it again..thats the coolest look Jason ever had in the franchise.

  41. Part 7’s by far is the best

  42. I think I would have to vote for The New Blood. I loved the look of Jason in that film and he really came across as pissed off and scary in that film, I think, more so than some of the others.

  43. i very rarely write anything on this site, i usually just read EVERYTHING! but i gotta throw my 2 cents in on this one-

    a lot of u made awesome points here: Germaniac’s thought of Jason living in a shack w/ his mommy’s head and some fresh and not-so-fresh corpses is really disturbing and my stomach even now groans in dread.

    William B. hits it dead-on when he compares Pts. 3 & 4

    And to everyone who said A New Blood because, well, he just did looks so goddamn COOL- i agree with you also.

    i’ve always watched these movies and felt that had most of these dopey kids had run, just run, in a straight path, in any damn direction they desired, but- just- RAN! they they woulda survived. I have sat on my couch and yelled at the TV or just laughed at how easily they coulda gotta away, but didnt because, instead of just running AND not stopping until they hit the town border, oh no, they had stop every 100 feet and either change direction or just plan out take a friggin coffee break- damn SAG rules. i mean, fu-in’ Forrest Gump “if i went anywhere, i was RUN-NING” got it, what’s the matter with these kids.

    So- based on what JASONSFURY said, which of these Jasons would i LEAST want to encounter, the only one who would have a chance of catching me would be Jason Takes Manhattan BECAUSE HE COULD TELEPORT

    not saying its my favorite movie, but none of those other Jasons got a chance at catching my ass I live in NY. i KNOW i can run from the po-lice

  44. Either Jason Lives or The New Blood.

  45. Easily Part VII: The New Blood by far…I know some people don’t like the “zombie” Jason but you gotta admit he looks awesome in that one.

  46. My vote is for Jason in PART 3.
    I voted for Ted White in the ranking of the actors but I think that I have to vote for this Jason character. My distinction is that the character of Jason that I love was really developed in part 3. This is where he came into his own. Ted White really ran with it and went over and above but this is where the cool Jason was started. Does that make sense??

  47. I agree with Puckbunny13 and William B. Part 3 Jason definitely set the tone for part 4 Jason. Part 2 Jason is pretty freaky, too. But either way, I can’t decide between part 3 & 4. Part 3 or 4 Jason running after me would completely suck it.

  48. Part 3 Jason. He has always scared me

  49. The New Blood all the way

  50. CJ Graham is my favorite Jason

    Ted White is the scariest Jason hands down and is tied with CJ for me.

    Kane Hodder is my second favorite Jason and is the most physical.

    Derek Mears is tied with Kane as my second favorite

  51. gotta be part III …jason in glorious hillbilly running 3D

    how come part 1 isnt up? even though Jason was only in it briefly that end scene gave me nightmares and is the entire reason alot of us fell in love with the whole franchise!

  52. My favorite look is part 7. but as you asked which one would i be intimidated by most… most menacing> ‘09 Jason by a LONG SHOT

  53. My favorite look is part 7. but as you asked which one would i be intimidated by most… most menacing> ‘09 Jason by a LONG SHOT.

  54. Hmmm this is a real tough one to answer. Each person who played jason added something special to the character for each film and made the character badass, but if i had to narrow it down to my fave jason i would have to say………….Jason from “The Final Chapter”. His Walk, Running and creeping around made the character very menacing and not just making people fear him in the film on a physical level but on a psychological level as well.
    Jason is the man.

  55. Part 3’s my favorite. I agree Part 3 Jason and TFC’s Jason compliment each other, but I prefer 3 *slightly* because he’s such a silhouette for the first half of the film. I love the way a character would be going through some routine (Harold feeding his animals) and you’d see Jason’s obscured form in the backdrop, or watching from a window. Those scenes are my favorites.

    Part 2 and 4 tie for a close second. I love his cabin and the “tribute” inside it from part 2, and 4 takes the idea of Jason from part 3 and expands it.

  56. The New Blood…..that Jason would kick all the other Jason’s asses! :)

  57. I vote for New Blood!!!

  58. I’m going to go with the Jason from 2009, Derek Mears.
    While the movie certainly wasn’t the best of the franchise (though I do like it!), I just found that Jason to be scarier and more intimidating than the others. Problem was, I just didn’t find the movie to be scary.

    But if we’re going to go with the “best looking” Jason, then I’d have to go with Part 7. The make-up in that was just awesome!

  59. Part 3

  60. Jason Lives

  61. gotta to go with the remake

  62. The 2009 one. Derek Mears was awesome. Fast and intense.

  63. Hmmmm, it’s either TFC or TNB….

    I’ll go with TNB.

  64. part 3 jason richard brooker,then part 4 ted white,no zombie jasons!!!!!!!

  65. 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 & remake r the illest onez

  66. The New Blood !!

  67. I love reading all of these! There are so many different opinions! Perhaps we should have a discussion board where people HAVE to give the best and worst features of each Jason! Awesome.

  68. Definitely Part 3.

  69. remake jason!

  70. Part 4!

  71. Part 6. Many great kills!

  72. I want to vote for the new blood jason, he was the strongest and most intimidating jason of all the way he smacks the blond with the ax an then just tosses her body to the side was great and also the scene when he jumps through the window in front of tina was amazing and awesome that was crazy and scary.

  73. 09’s Jason.
    Love how Derek Mears turned Jason into a hunter.

  74. Got to go with Ted White. He was very brutal & vicious with how his victims go through torture by dying slowly as he kills them.

    And I agree with scabboy that it’s an insult to anyone who isn’t Kane by saying they don’t care for the role like he does. Sorry, but Dash, Brooker, White, etc. all do care for the role. If they don’t, why are they popular with the fans? It’s not just because they play Jason: it’s because they’ve done their job! To claim Kane is the only one to care about the role & others doesn’t give a shit is silly & just plain wrong. That like claiming Kane only play Jason more than one time is that he did it for the money.

  75. Part 6!!!

  76. Final Chapter Jason was my favorite.

  77. New blood jason is my favorite.

  78. Jason Lives All The Way

  79. “The Final Chapter”

    Except no substitutes!


  80. It looks like… my amazement that The New Blood Jason won out with The Final Chapter and Part 3 following close behind. All the Jasons aside from FvsJ got at least one vote. Poor Freddy vs Jason :(

  81. Mmm… Part 7.