Camp Blood Concept Board Game

I have always wanted to own a Friday the 13th board game, but figured it would never happen. An ambitious member at took it upon themselves to get the ball rolling and have created a board game concept called “Camp Blood”. It is still in development phase and they mention they are submitting their concept to companies for consideration. The idea is to get throught the camp and to the lake in order to survive.

Check out the pics below. Hope this gets made. Good Luck to Harry Warden

What would your ultimate Friday the 13th board game look like?




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12 Responses to “ Camp Blood Concept Board Game ”

  1. Who’s Raulf? I think that should say Crazy Ralph.

  2. :) He mentions in the horrorbid forum that he corrected the mistake already. Good catch, though.

  3. And suddenly… the NES game music begins looping in my head all over again. LOL

  4. Yeah very good!!

  5. It`s probably made up a bit too simple. How about adding game cards just like with monopoli? Or how about adding 3D items to place on the board? Like cabins etc. Or a complete 3D landship that folds up. Or actual working traps etc.

    Otherwise it tends to be a collectors item only and could loose fun after playing once. Just my 2 cents..


  6. LOL funny as heck, but still pretty cool.

  7. Did anyone here ever play Camp Wanagi? It was a slasher-based board game that resembled F13.

  8. Wow, I would buy it.

  9. I love Raulf! He should go one on one agaisnt Crazy Raplh.

    Otherwise, simple. Should spice it up with some film pics on the board. Each space could be a character jason has killed or something.

  10. lol Raulf

  11. WOW! It’s Like Candy Land.Except The Vilonce

  12. Idk who made this, but nice work!

    I think I’d love this game. Its nice to see people expressing creativity about something we all love.

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