Camp NoBeBoSco, Donations and Tour Times

For many years, people have flocked to Camp NoBeBoSco to catch a glimpse of what many Friday the 13th fans think of as holy ground. However, flocking to the location and catching a glimpse of the camp have been two different situations for many people. The camp does not want visitors during the time the summer camps are active and that is completely understandable. However, I know from talking to many people through this website that it is not the easiest place to gain access to outside of camp operation dates. Many people have tried to contact the operators of the camp to request dates and times to visit and either get no response or replies stating they are not open to tours at that time. However, there are those lucky fans that have gained access legally, or sometimes illegally.

That brings me to a great effort that is being amassed for the 30th Anniversary Reunion. A program is being organized to obtain donations that would help with renovations and maintenance for the cabins and other essential components of the camp. Camp NoBeBoSco does rely on donations for the camp and they do recieve funds from other outlets. So, if the camp were to recieve donations from the Friday the 13th fans at the reunion, should they perhaps provide specified tour dates and times for anyone, including fans of the Friday the13th franchise to come out to the camp and tour the facilities?

I know many people have visited Camp Crystal Lake over the years and that fans are not entitled to just show up on private property, however, fans of the series do have a vested interest in the camp location and should be allowed at least a designated time that they could visit the camp. The camp could even charge a small fee or “donation” for the tour. It would be a win for everyone involved.

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  1. I love the idea, and would love to visit the campgrounds where it all began (what true Friday the 13th fan wouldn’t?). But, I live on the west coast, so I’ll have to settle for maybe someday visiting the Part 3 & TFC locations.

  2. That sounds like a great idea. Hopefully the camp would go for such an idea if it also benefits them. I would love to take a trip out there sometime to visit the camp and take pictures/videos of it. I would be willing to pay a little fee to be able to take a tour of the camp or just walk around and film myself.

  3. This camp is right in my back yard…..This would be a great idea… Raise money to keep the place operational.

  4. As long as the authenticity is intact, tours would be OK. I would not want to see any “theme” decorations or cheesy “flair” added to the surroundings at all. Just a 30 min or so visit to the area to explore it in its original beauty. A hokey guide or group tour may not be what fans are looking for. What would you guys want to see? What should be included/offered? What would a fair donation/fee be? Tour/cookout combo? Canoeing anyone?

  5. I used to go up there-legally every night as a child in the 1990’s. My father ran a local paper called Express times, and this camp was one of his many stops so how cool is that? I also have just drove up in over the last few years early in the morning off-season with no troubles-I think they knew my car enough and knew I just stood lakeside, took pix and left. I’ve also been to all the local areas of filming to…

  6. It would make sense for people who are fans to give a donation to the camp cause they need money to keep it running and if they want to see the camp function for them to visit during its off seasons then they should be nice to donate some money.

  7. I am happy that they are trying to keep this camp updated and active. I do hope that they think of the fans and create some sort of tour. That would be cool and I would go. :)

  8. Let’s hope the camp can stay open forever! :) Glad to see everyone supporting the idea of donations.

  9. This is a really great idea. Great way for fans of the series to see the place legitimately, have a little cookout and chill in the offseason… I want to get out there later this year and I would rather pay a few bucks to them and be accepted than sneak onto the property and look out for the cops, administrators, etc. And I totally agree with the above, no hokey Jason masks or fake bodies or stupid stuff. Just let tourists come in, hang out, take pics and leave. Maybe even do it only a couple of weekends in the fall, like a mini con.

  10. I agree with everyone regarding donations. Like every fan here I too would enjoy going up there to visit the grounds as they are and not all movied up if that even is a word, but you know what I mean. Also I think a very good idea for the camp to maybe explore, would be the potential to maybe have visitors pay to stay over night or for a weekend in one of the bunkhouses. That would be something worth paying for at least to me, as I love camping out. Call it fan camp or something. Their’d be activities, archery, crafts, swimming, hiking, and safety courses, in addition to just walking around and exploring the entire area where the movie was shot. It would be like being a kid again which would rock. I might be in the minority here, but I’d pay for something like this.

    P.S. Just so everyone knows I am 25 years old and not some little kid.

  11. I’m heading to Blairstown this summer for my personal vaca….

  12. Yeah, sounds like a win win for everyone. Not a bad idea as long as nobody messes around and does stuff they shouldn’t be doing while visiting. Just saying be respectful of the property and such because it takes just one butthead to screw it up for everybody.

  13. I think thats a great idea! Why not capitalize on something they know has interest and can make money for the camp. A tour of the camp would be well worth my money. Just as long as visitors are respectful.

  14. Yeah I think it would be cool. Have a weekend thing for the fans like Friday/Night & Saturday/Night and leave on Sunday afternoon. Fans could stay in the cabin’s, eat, do all the things you’d do in the ’80’s camp like arcery, canoeing, etc, etc. Maybe have as many licensed merchandise for the francise there, screaning of F13 (original. Camp Stories, etc. and even Jason pop up at somepoint. Maybe like and organized “Dinner theater” type thing were the quest start finding “dead” bodies around the grounds and they stumble upon Jason and the last remaining “counceler”. There would be a lot you could do with this. Maybe $150.00 to $200.00 a person and even have special packages with it.

  15. A buddy and I were lucky enough to get in there and get pics of the lake and the cabins before getting ejected from the place!!!

  16. I would donate in a heartbeat! Jason’s from Jersey! and dammit i wan’t to go to the campgrounds!

  17. I love the idea and we have been there three times and it is amazing. That being said, it only takes one idiot to ruin something great. After all, look at what happened to the part 3 house. Some losers were in there drinking and burnt it down. I was lucky enough to be there before that happened, but we also went back last year and seeing it gone and in burnt pieces was really sad. I would hate to have the camp open up to the fans, and idiots like those others got in.

  18. I just returned from a weekend at the camp. It was my first time there, and the place is absolutely beautiful. My entire family is heavily involved in Scouts, and quite frankly, I would hate to see the camp open for such an occasion. I spoke to a member of the staff that maintains the grounds and it was emphatically stated that fans of the film were not welcome. I can completely understand their views. The camp and the organization realize what a grievous error it was to have the film made there. It is a past that the camp will never be able to erase.

    While I can understand the fascination with the camp, I would hate to see the Scouts permit “tours” of the place. It would compromise the beauty and serenity that lies within its borders. It would jeopardize the safety and the comfort scouts feel when they are there. It would dissuade scout leaders like myself and my husband from staying at the camp.

    As for the camp only being open during the summer camp months.. It is open longer than that. The camp also operates during the winter months.

    The Boy Scouts main objective is children’s safety. It is important to them and to its leaders to be sure that the children are in an environment that is safe. To open the camp to visitors is jeopardizing to scouter safety. By no means am I stating that every visitor would be out to harm children, but it does open the door to possible contact between a young child and an individual who is not/has not been subjected to a background check, as Scout leaders and volunteers are.

  19. That’s interesting that they think it was a mistake to film there. We spoke with 2 of the guys there (caretaker and another guard) and they were all about telling us tidbits about the movie. Most of which we obviously knew, but didn’t say. LOL! They definitely agreed that the fans are not welcome and that people are always sneaking in and they now call the police.
    However, if they felt it was such a mistake, why do they still have the sign? Strange.

  20. I’d pay to visit Camp Nobebosco, for sure.

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