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comingsoonHere’s a reminder on what to look for next week on Friday the 13th: The Website. So much to do, it’s scary.

Let The Poster Voting Begin

After receiving multiple poster entries over the last two weeks, the time has come for our visitors to vote on the teaser poster that would best represent the sequel you would want to see. There have been roughly 50 posters received and still counting. You have until tomorrow night to submit your entries to

Remember, originality will definitely sway people’s vote.


Exclusive Special Report On “A New Beginning”
This will be appearing next week on our website. As teased last week, this has been in the works for a few months and will give fans of the series, and especially that movie, some very fun and interesting information on Roy’s rampage gone wild.


Production Crew Challenge: Makeup F/X Artists
Our Production challenge is starting to wind down to the end. We have been creating a truly all-star crew to make the ultimate Friday the 13th movie. Next week will be very fun as we can all vote on which F/X artists we would like to see work on our special film.

Recap all of the previous voting and winners to bring yourself up to speed on what crew has already been chosen by you, the fans!

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12 Responses to “ Coming Next Week On ”

  1. Looking forward to next week..

    Savini is a pretty sure vote there :)

  2. See,that’s why i love this site jasonsfury.It’s like an addictive soap opera that you can’t get enough of,(lol).Still the first site i go to when i turn on my lap top.Your spoiling us dude…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  3. I forgot to mention,but if anyone’s interested there’s a U.K sci fi mag called SFX over here in Scotland and they have just released a one off horror special.It has many cool features,the pick of the bunch being an A-Z of Friday The 13th.It’s also worth getting just for the “free” gifts.

    A Jason hockey mask button badge.

    A Freddy button badge.

    3 x beer/bar mats from famous pubs in horror movies(The Slaughtered Lamb from American werewolf In London,The Green Man from The Wicker Man and The Winchester from Shaun Of The Dead).

    A double sided fold out poster of Halloween(original) and The Thing(remake).

    If any of you guys over the pond can track it down it’s wll worth it.Laters……………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  4. Hey jasonfury, are you still going to post the film location from the remake? thanks! – Scott

  5. Savini will win lol that’s a no brainer but i love these challenges. Im pumped for the poster voting to begin also. I really do appreciate this page cause if you go on or there is nothing to keep your interest AT ALL. No fun Polls, no nightmare or halloween discussions. just a list of the movies and month old news. Thank you Jasonsfury for making this page a daily visit for me and keeping me discussing my favorite movie Icon

  6. Oh and I forgot.. do you have any other similar website for other horror movie franchises? I know there is, is that also yours?

  7. I am glad everyone is enjoying their visits to the website! We will have a lot more content in the near future!

    Schotta, the shooting location will be included in the new Friday the 13th encyclopedia for the website. That encyclopedia will be unveiled soon.

  8. Glad to hear this. Wish me a safe trip, I will be going to stay back in NJ for a few months-just 20 minutes away from NoBeBoScO…I go there almost every season and take pix over the last few eyars, it’s still a beautiful place. Anyways, I though of something: We need a voting bracket for “best looking female” from the women of “Friday” my vote’s already set for DebiSue voorhees (Tina-Part 5)…to be fair to the ladies, they can have “best guy: if they desire to make it fair.

  9. 2nd runner up:”Megan”-Part 6
    and 3rd runner up: “Robin” or “Mattie”-Part 7

  10. When is the voting?


  11. Mario,
    The voting will start in a couple of hours. I should have everything up by by the end of Sunday. It will be interesting to see how this goes!

  12. Great! Looking forward to your posters, guys!

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