First Pic Of Jason Voorhees

The good lads at EW have released the first pic of Jason Voorhees - and here’s the link - (we actually post a link to the source, y’all). That it’s a faraway shot is obviously part of the publicity strategy to milk fan anticipation in seeing New Jason for all his worth. Cool by me. That’s either a brown or flesh-colored undershirt, or Jason’s now topless.

Update: ShockTillYouDrop have made a high-res scan.

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  1. That IS the worst look EVER!!! His legs are scrawny and why since FvsJ is Jason going for the layered look???

  2. Yeah. This is still way too similar to the Freddy vs. Jason look. I don’t mind him being thinner. That was to be expected with the casting choice. Plus he wasn’t a gigantic man in the 2nd and 3rd flick. I just wish his attire was different. Oh well. Still looking forward to it.



  4. Somebody mentioned on the Michael Bay interview thread that that is not Jason but one of the other characters trying to scare the chick in the water, like what Shelly did in part 3 (which is obviously the pt.3 element tied into this flic) and is then killed by Jason afterwards and then he gets the hockey mask. Like I said on that same thread it looks like that Jason is not wearing a shirt underneath that jacket, although w/ the close up on this thread he might be wearing one. Either way I’m tend to believe/agree that might not be Jason but one of the other characters just messing around like Shelly from pt.3. It’s not close up so I have faith that Jason’s visual appearance will be just fine. We’ll know soon enough!

  5. Can\’t fu**in\’ wait!!!

  6. I have to agree, the whole thing with Jason wearing the jacket doesn’t sit with me too well. Overalls would of paid a good homage to the part 2

  7. I don’t care, until I see the character in action I’m not arsed what he wears. It’s whether or not he’s a brutal fucker I’m bothered about!

  8. There are two possibilities: 1st - It is one of the other characters messing around with Jason’s mask;

    2nd - Jason became a fashionable monster!

  9. head over to this pic. I wish he looked more like this.

  10. don’t click the link…just copy and paste.

  11. Well, the same people fucked up Leatherface’s look, so it’s no surprise they’d make Jason look just as retarded. Looks like he’s wearing an army jacket with a ripped undershirt. WTF?!?!? Looks like we have a new winner for worst Jason look ever! Not that I’m surprised. I expected this to be a giant pile of shit as soon as I heard who was making it.

  12. Michael Bay loves to mess with people by releasing these early pictures. I would bet on the theory that it is one of the cast with the hockey mask on. If you really look at the picture it doesnt look at all like the actor who is playing him. He is much larger and more muscular at least in his pics from imdb.

  13. this pic looks like a cut n past…i think it is not real where is the humpback…?? dont you think they would have showed the sack over his head first then give the big suprize with the mask.. sometime later maby in the trailer that is comming out some time in the next 2 weeks..but what ever if its him …WE HAVE GOT TO THINK THAT THIS IS A NEW JASON A NEW STORY AND A NEW PLOT SO IF HE IS A SICK KILLER ILL BE HAPPY ..PS…. IT WILL BE SICK….!!!

  14. Am i the only one that thinks this picture is hardcore photoshoped i mean if thats the pic then jason looks like shit but many look at it it looks like a 5yr old cut and pasted that thing.


  16. look at the captions under the picture morons, it says it is the first picture of Jason Voorhees for all it’s worth.

  17. If it is not a fake the guy in the picture is not the “real” jason. I mean, that pic may show how jason takes the mask, that is, he steals it from one of the guys in the camp, such as happens in Friday part III (Remeber?)

  18. You know what? This picture looks very unrealistic… The smoke/fog in the background - it just doesn’t fit in. It looks more like a drawing - some kind of fan art. And Jason doesn’t have any weapon (machete:-)) - c’mon, he ain’t that scary… But with sharp object in his hand - who knows? There’s something really wrong here.

  19. Maybe it’s Roy from part 5, LMAO!!!!

  20. If the pic is actually Jason, then my hopes are already down the tubes for this flick. Showing too much of the killer is typically a surefire way to ruin any level of mystique or suspense in a slasher flick. If the actual Jason is walking around in full-view on-screen in broad daylight, I’m not really expecting that audiences are going to get a sense of “fear” from him.

    And, yeah, the lack of a shirt or light-colored shirt, completely deflates the look of “Jason”. He needs to be dark from the neck down in order to get the full-contrast effect of the mask.

    I’m going to give the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt here and just assume that the character in the image is the person that Jason gets the hockey mask from.

  21. After second look at the original picture it doesn\’t even look like a real pic of a jason character. Looks like it was inserted or had work done to it…I hope it\’s not him and I\’m guessing that since they know how bad the fans want to see Jason they are gonna release phony photo\’s of him!

  22. Apparently, that’s just an on-set pic and not a still from the movie.

  23. you can tell that just some guy standing there that it not jason

  24. I really hope that this isn’t real. It doesn’t look right… something about it. The look of Jason in this pic reminds me of Freddy vs. Jason????

  25. I suppose that could be a character Jason gets the mask from, and not Jason himself. The more I look at it, the more i’m convinced of that.
    Can’t wait for more pictures.

  26. Ian, my sentiments exactly. I never expected this or any other remake to be worth the paper I use to wipe my ass. Being that it’s a Michael Bay company producing this film just lowers my expectations that much more. Why couldn’t a director who’s been a die hard fan remake this?!

  27. What ever happened to the green shirt, grey pants look. Simple but affective. Of course that wouldn’t fit in with the trends of hollywood horror movies now-a-days.

  28. -it could be showing that his whole body is all deformed???-right?-could be no shirt???-and thats why he wears the big jacket and mask???
    -or it could be one of the camp councellors?
    -or a crazy pervert wearing a hockey mask enjoying watching the girl skinny-dipping and wearing nothing under his coat!!!!!-lol!!!-then jason comes up and kills him and takes his mask!!!!


  30. it looks scary to me either way, like if i saw that watching me, i’d have a heart attack in the water and jason would’nt have to kill my sorry ass!

  31. You guys are whining a lot for a single picture. “He’s too thin blah blah blah” watch Friday the 13th part 2 again. “Wah, he’s wearing a jacket!” This is the “Alive” Jason… you don’t think he might get cold? Save the complaining for after you’ve seen it.

  32. so i thought the original friday the 13th was about jasons mom not jason…

  33. and also he didnt get the mask until the 3rd one. in the 2nd movie he was wearing a bag.

  34. This is what Michael Bay says on that link with the pic:
    It’s been 28 years since Jason Voorhees first emerged from Camp Crystal Lake, and on Friday, Feb. 13, 2024, the hockey-masked killer is getting a makeover. ”It’s still really scary, but it’s also funny,” reports producer Michael Bay of his Friday the 13th update. ”We’ve given it a whole new twist.” Here, Chelsea (Willa Ford) makes the mistake of water-skiing in the notorious lake. Says Bay, ”It’s not going to end so well.”

    …WTF does he mean it’s also “funny?” I swear to God if Bay tries to make this something completely stupid by adding a few lame laughs I am going to shove my foot so far up his ass that he’ll be spitting out my shoe laces. And isn’t Willa Ford the chick that tried to make pop music a while back and dated Nick Carter from BSB??? Why are they putting people like that in these effing movies???!! My hopes for this movie are diminishing on a daily basis.

  35. I’ve seen a clearer shot of the same picture on Jason looks awesome!! Check it out!!

  36. Judging from those larger pics it doesn’t look “as bad”. But it looks VERY fake.

  37. If you look at the picture as is (from ShockTillYouDrop), it actually looks pretty good. But with the close-up? Frankenstein jacket, a big fat veiny neck and a tiny little knife in his hand? I try to be as positive as I can about everything, but…
    Well, I just want to see Derek in action. Bring on the teaser, all is not lost yet!

  38. I don’t think that it’s Jason. The head and neck of Voorhees kind of looks like it’s a mask, one of those lame rubber ones ya know? I just hope that’s not Jason anyway. That look is horrible, it’s almost like they want him to look like a complete idiot… Who the hell wears a COAT in the middle of SUMMER!

    I hope this is just one of the people wearing a mask to scare someone and then hopefully Jason kills them and gets the mask. To me this Jason just looks like a normal kid with a friggen mask on.

    Jason’s neck is all veiny and huge! but the rest of him is scrawny as hell.

    Oh and quit saying “ever since FvJ” … that doesn’t work. That was the last movie, you can’t just say “ever since then” because there hasn’t been a movie after that. It doesn’t work.

  39. I absolutlty don’t like the look that Bay gave Jason. He f-n ruined him!!!! I was hoping that it a kid messing around but sure enough there was his machette wich is the ONLY cool looking thing about him. It goes from his hand all the way down near his ankle.

  40. having now seen the HQ pic of Jason, he doesn’t look quite as bad as I originally thought……but I’m still pretty disappointed.

  41. Get a life you guys, why can\’t you just believe that it\’s going to be a good movie? Oh that\’s right you guy\’s are all directors in the waiting. You know exactly how to make a hit movie, that\’s why you all are making the big bucks. Just wait and see what happens. Are some of you seriously complaining about his legs?

  42. Lay off, mike. We’re DISCUSSING Jason’s look. Thats what the comments section is for. Anyway, the higher quality pics look better, but I still dont like Jason’s shirt and jacket.

  43. Now I know why post-production will last sooo long! So they have time to do some reshoot of Jason:-)

  44. Michael Bay does awesome work and this is prolly just out to fool people. The new TCM’s were awesome.

  45. The high-res version of the pic is a lot better looking.

    Michael Bay hardly ever does “awesome work”. Thank goodness he’s only producing this.

  46. Michael Bay does awesome work? yeah, coz Pearl Harbor was a masterpiece!!!!!!!

  47. holy shit he looked better before

  48. well you can never stop the bitchers and complainers they will alwayas be out there waiting to jump on every little negative aspect.

    i think it looks great.

    this is how it was on this site when the first picture of jason was shown before freddy vs jason came out, bunch of whining bitches started their crap and then after the movie comes out OMG JASON LOOKS SO BADASS SO COOL BLAHBLAH.

    i highly doubt any of you naysayers could come up with anything better. im sure youd just go with the classic green jacketshirt and pants. get over it.

  49. I did like the TCM movies. But I never bothered with Pearl Harbor because it’s just not my kind of movie to begin with.


  51. I hated TCM too. In all honesty probably his best work so far is the Meat Loaf video he did. At least he was able to remake Beauty and the Beast without fucking it up!

  52. Everyone has their say about Jason’s look, which is fine - but what do you think about the rest of the picture? Most people complain about the “Kool-Aid water” and artificial fog/smoke in the background, but I like the feeling it evokes. Chelsea might either be seeing him just briefly, which makes her tense and worried, or he’s standing there in broad daylight with the “I’m right here and going to kill you”-attitude. Personally, I like that.

  53. First off normaly it wouldn’t be foggy doring the day like that. It doesn’t look real at all. And second uberpoo, I respect other peoples opinions so should you. I did bitch about how Jason looked in F.vs.J because he DID look horrible! And I’m bitching how he looks in this “remake” because “I” think he looks horrible. I bet you liked the way Jason looked in Friday prt.8 & Jason Goes to Hell which was in my opinion he looked the worst in. You have to understand, this is a Friday th 13th website which is FILLED with diehard, dedicated Friday and Jason fans, so we’re going to be very, very picky and meticulous so a lot of bitching is to be expected and we WILL be very hard on Bay and his vision of his remake.

  54. And another thing I don’t like about the pic is that his clothes are all torn and filthy which is good but his hands are all nice an clean, WTF?!?!?!?! In prt. 2-4 at least the made it realistic by having his hands all dirty and shit.

  55. ALLRIGHT!!!!! Jason could use some work but he looks AWESOME!!! CANT WAIT!!!

  56. Is it a real picture? The more I look at it…..the more it looks like a drawing(the woods and Jason), specially the trees. The girl and the lake are real.

    I don’t know…..

  57. It’s a real picture, but it is not a still from the finished film. The scene will likely look much different in the actual film.

    I don’t mind the jacket, but I do think the light-colored shirt was a poor choice for the reasons I mentioned before. Darker clothes give the hockey mask much more of a visual “pop,” due to contrast issues.

  58. You couldn’t be more right eXile!!

  59. I’m dubious as to this actually being from the film at all. I reckon it’s just a quick thing they’ve thrown together to keep the fans quite so they can work in peace. I doubt this shot will appear in the film, and I’m not entirely convinced that this is Derek Mears in the photo. Probably a crew member, they just wanted to get people talking

  60. i think he looks cool they should change his t shirt though it looks kinda stupid but overall good the freddy vs jason look was his best i think anyways.

  61. thats it im pissed off to the highest level of pissivity.if they wanna a new jason movie then it should be done by someone who knows how jason should the fans we know more about jason then anybody,we should be directing this movie,with a look we can all agree on and a crystal lake thats been used before.i think the best crystal lake was part 1 and part 6.what do you guys think

  62. good point ian

  63. Well, the film was written by fans of the series, so we’ve got that going for us, at least.

    As for the director, I seriously can’t see a studio putting up the cash to hire a director based on whether or not he/she is a fan of the series that they are trying to reboot. That’s just not how it works. The movie is not being made to appeal to a small niche of fans of the original series. It is being made to sell movie ticket to a broader general audience. If they lose the small niche market of existing hard-core fans but still tap into the general audience, I don’t think any studio execs would lose sleep over upsetting a small group of fans.

  64. i wonder what his face behind the mask will look like



  67. ‘Well, the film was written by fans of the series, so we’ve got that going for us, at least.’ Do you really believe that? They’re producers cashing in on the current trend of remakes by setting up a company purely to remake every classic they can. They’re bound to claim they’re fans, but at the end of the day they’re producers out to make a profit!

  68. most of the remakes are complete shit but hopefully this will be good and will probably be better then the remaked tcm that was rubbish!

  69. Yeah, something is definitely off with that pic… Whether it’s a complete photoshop type job or if its green screen… it’s weird. Looks like it belongs in 300.

    BTW… get used to the fog. Daniel Pearl uses fog for the shafts of light in every single project I’ve seen of his.

  70. they should of thrown a few million to cunningham, savini, and miller to remake it. at least having them on set at all times, producing or something, anything. they would make the remake everything fans dream for. look at the night of the living dead remake that basically was made by the ppl who made the original, that was like, the best remake ive ever seen.

  71. For what it’s worth… Daniel Pearl is a great DP for this project. I have a feeling he’s gonna have some great hero shots of ol’ JV. Assuming JV doesn’t look like an ass-bag, that is.

  72. it’s not the only time jason killed in the day time, in jason lives ( part 6 ) it was day light when he offed the people playing paintball in the woods.

  73. just because he does not have his weapon of choice does not mean he doesn’t have it, maybe he has a way to conceal it and you do not see it.

  74. another way to look at tjis picture would be that you look at it if was day time, when in all actuallity it was meant to be seen at night. and that would give it the scary effect that the fans crave. anyone agree?

  75. I understand, the girl could be swimming or something at night time and the light is meant to give some other effect like moon lighting. I can see that happen, in that case I could see this picture being scary if seen in a different point of view.

    good thought brad….

  76. I thought about that too, Brad… and did a 5 second color temp/brightness change in my windows picture viewer… looks cool. Not sure if it’s actually meant to be night because of how brightly the water is lit… but obviously, you can do a lot of tweaking in DI, so who knows.

  77. Oh, and somebody complained about the small knife… I’m pretty sure he’s got the full-sized machete hanging from his left hip.

  78. I was going to write a point-by-point response, picking apart all of the silly nitpicking and hand-wringing in the wake of these pics hitting the net, but fuck it. You’ll all see it anyway, and you know it, and you’ll all buy it on DVD when it comes out. Man, I miss the days before the internet, when the excitement for a new film wasn’t tainted by the ridiculous worrying, bitching, speculation, and faux indignation that accompanies every contemporary release. I can just imagine some of the folks here seeing the TV spots for PART IV back in ‘84 and screaming, “OMFG, they’re going to kill Jason?!?!? They’ve raped my childhood! And what’s with the damn kid and the dog in the movie? This better not be some PG-rated, Steven Spielberg family flick! Peter Barton?!?!? He’s on a goddamn soap opera, for crying out loud! They’re turning my beloved series into some kind of teeny bopper chick flick crap, for God’s sake!!! Jason looks wrong, the story sounds terrible, there are fucking Doublemint twins… AAAAARRRGGGHHHH!” And so on and so forth.

  79. maybe this scene is not in the movie but something specially made for the trailer just to give it hype, but who knows, maybe it is an early evening shot or early morning, I know it may not make sense but I am just thinking on how this picture may look, the way the lighting is and all, I mean how often do you see fog in the day time? usally fog appears when you are by water ( which they are) and it is some what cool outside, which is mostly at night, and that is why I think that the shot is meant for a night time view, water tends to make fog where there is a body of water and when it is cool or cold, and giving the time frame that is a summer camp but water in the mountains or higher elevation can be lower at night and can make alittle fog, does that make sense to anyone?

  80. this is a different kind of bitching, worrying, speculation etc.

    sure part IV may have looked silly at first, but part 4 was directed by joseph zito who made the prowler and had tom savini’s special effects. this remake is being made by the same people that ruined texas chainsaw, amityville, the hitcher etc, so based on the line of work that platinum dunes has previously put out, and jasons stupid jacket, i am admittedly a bit worried with how this movie will turn out. the overuse of CGI is another thing i really hope doesnt fall into play

  81. I doesn’t matter really what kind of weapon Jason has as long it takes the life of his victim, for crying out loud people he has used his bare hands if you all don’t remember, he has thrown things as well, look at pt 6, he threw an arrow for a spear gun, he shot a spear gun in part 3, like I said it does not matter what he has as long it gets the job done.

  82. Since when do looks matter?! Since when were horror movies based on looks? As long as Jason kills and it is done in a clever way, that is all that matters. I think this picture looks f$#*@ awesome and i am just happy to see Jason back at Camp Crystal lake, not freaking Mars. Us true fans is why Jason is still alive. For all of you that are worried about his clothes and makeup go catch a chick flick!

  83. he sort of looks like a cross between the final chapter and fvj looks

  84. The larger image of Jason looks better. He don’t look too bad,I just don’t like the idea that they claim he’s gonna be a hunchback! I wanna see Jason,not the Hunchback of Notre Dame!

  85. I don’t want to bitch anymore. This’ll be a very entertaining movie. There are already eleven freaking films to choose from, so our favourites aren’t going away anytime soon - they’re just adding to it, and I can’t wait to see what they bring.

  86. I think any true fan would look at every detail of this film because of the fact that we ARE VERY DEDICATED FANS! You can put anyone in dirty, torn clothes but that does not mean that the character would be convincing.

  87. I still think it’s lazy remaking the movie. If they wanted to reinvent the franchise make a decent sequel. Steve Miner managed it with Halloween H20. It brought a lot of the older fans back while also being mainstream, and wasn’t just a pointless sequel like Zombie’s. I’m sure there was a million other things they could have done with the franchise, even taking it back to the earlier styles, without actually just remaking it!

  88. Oh for christ’s sake. Kudos to any of the other fans out there on the same page as me who are happy the interest even exists for them to make a new Friday the 13th, the rest of you please stop fucking complaining. When they did make another sequal, everyone bitched about the setting. When they finally made Freddy Vs. Jason everyone bitched about who was playing Jason and about what HE WAS WEARING(!?) The creators are not going to come to your house and ask your fucking opinion. If you hated the other movies so much why are you here? If I remember correctly, this is a Friday the 13th fan page not a Friday the 13th 3,4 and maybe one other one fan page. Love em all, or go somewhere else, we real fans are sick of the negativity.

  89. I am a true fan, ever since the age of three, but Jason wearing a coat in the middle of the summer is just stupid to me.

  90. I’m just glad Jason is back. I don’t care about the way he looks. As long as the kills are fun and inventive that’s all that matters. Looks are not important in horror movies, it’s the story that’s important. I think this will be a kick ass revamp in the series. I will be there opening day and anticipating the bloodshed and mayhem that is soon to follow in Camp Crystal Lake.

  91. Hey J-Bomb, lay off with the attitude. It’s called a preference. Aside from FvJ I like all the previous movies. The remake may turn out to be good, but all I stated was that I would have preferred a sequel. Try responding without sating ‘fuck’ every other word!

  92. I’m guessing that’s someone he stole the mask from.

  93. Since when does Jason Voorhees shop at Limited-Two?

  94. With respect, Roy Burns, it\’s still the same deal. Prior to making PART IV, Joseph Zito directed one slasher movie which (though pretty good) was not a commercial success, and is only well-known today because of DVD, the internet, etc. There was no reason for anyone except the very few people who\’d seen THE PROWLER in theaters to have faith that THE FINAL CHAPTER was in good hands. Hell, in 1980-81, even the now legendary Tom Savini was only legendary among Fangoria subscribers. You say that Platinum Dunes \

  95. … “ruined” TEXAS CHAINSAW & AMITYVILLE HORROR, but both were slick, technically well-made productions that earned hefty profits for franchises that appeared to have long ago lost their box-office power, and both have their fair share of devoted fans among horror film lovers. As someone who wants Jason Voorhees around for a long time to come, I have almost complete faith that Platinum Dunes’ F13 will be well-received enough by ticket-buying horror fans to ensure that happens. From a track record standpoint, they stack up against Joe “INVASION U.S.A./RED SCORPION” Zito quite nicely.

    Nonetheless, the comparison is ultimately moot. My point still stands because in both the hypothetical PART IV scenario and this current remake situation, we’re talking about people leaping headfirst to wild conclusions and passing final judgment on a film they haven’t even seen yet, based almost entirely on one still and the past efforts of the people involved. Sean Cunningham directed MANNY’S ORPHANS and HERE COME THE TIGERS before helming the original FRIDAY THE 13TH. It’s doubtful, however, that anyone other than critics looked at the ads for F13 in pre-internet 1979-80 and thought, “Oh my God! A horror film directed by the guy who directed that awful BAD NEWS BEARS ripoff! It’s gonna suck!” And if they had, they would have been dead wrong.

    The worrying is pointless, because only the filmmakers really know how the finished product will turn out. My point was that it’s a damn shame that we live in an era in which we’re so plugged in and in the know so far in advance that by the time a film comes out, 2/3 of the target audience has already decided whether they’re going to like it or not (and many among that 2/3 spend months seemingly trying to persuade others to feel the same).

  96. It looks like Jason is photo-shopped in there, not to mention drawn with colored pencils. And who’s lighting off all the smoke bombs in the bushes? I bet this film will be way over produced and therefore end up looking like it was all shot on a sound stage. Get gritty with Jason like back in parts 2-4! Remember how in part 2 he’d actually make mistakes when trying to kill people and the guys could fight with him a little? Ahh the days when Jason had some depth.

  97. Hey guys am I the only one who noticed that he DOES HAVE A MACHETE? It’s in his LEFT HAND!!!! And just for the record Jason killed a few people in the daytime, the cop who chased Jason to his shack in part 2 was killed in the daytime, the two bikers in part 3 were killed in the daytime and the hippie hitch hiker chick was killed in the daytime in part 4. I think Bay and his crew may have fucked this movie up.

  98. Sorry Christian. My outburst wasn’t in response to your comment alone. I didn’t mean to offend. I am more than happy to hear a good preference or opinion (god knows I’ve got my own) I just meant I was sick of all the bashing going on.

  99. “Do you really believe that? They’re producers cashing in on the current trend of remakes by setting up a company purely to remake every classic they can. They’re bound to claim they’re fans, but at the end of the day they’re producers out to make a profit!”


    I thought Mark Swift and Damien Shannon wrote the script for the new Friday. I wasn’t saying anything about the producers. I have little doubt that Platinum Dunes’ main motivation is to simply cash-in on an established franchise. But, I do actually believe that Swift and Shannon are fans of the series in some capacity, considering that at least one of the pair used to visit the old site somewhat regularly and still visits at least one other popular horror site, currently. Plus, they did manage to write a script for FvJ that didn’t destroy the mythos of either character (unlike most of the rejected drafts), which showed me that they respected the established characters. Granted, Ronny Yu’s interpretation of Jason ended up being quite different than what some fans were hoping for, but I don’t think you fault the Shannon/Swift script for Yu’s direction.

  100. Dude! Christian, I forgot all about Steve Miner doing Halloween H20. That movie wasn’t too bad, actually. I thought it was interesting to see the Shape’s eyes in this film. Didn’t Steve do Lake Placid too?

  101. Uncle John,

    Glad you read my post haha, but i think there is a difference though, between being worried, and automatically assuming its going to suck. yes, im looking back on the track record of platinum dunes and personally i did not enjoy the way they “reinvented” the other franchises, but as you said, its up to the people making it how it will turn out, and you bet your ass i will be at the midnight show the second its released. being worried and being excited at the same time. i was worried about FvJ, but i ended up enjoying it. i was worried about land and diary of the dead, but hell, i enjoyed em. its not pointless to worry, because in the long run if it turns out good, it just feels that much better to me. besides, i dont think it will ever get as bad as jason x.

  102. The fog: it’s called forest mist, and yes you can see it in the daytime too.

    His jacket: Why is Jason wearing a jacket in the summer? How many homeless guys do you see that accessorize? They usually wear the same smelly clothes around the clock and year round.

    Seriously, how anyone can complain after the train wreck that was JasonX is beyond me. You should just be happy that Jason doesn’t look like Lord Zedd from the Power Rangers anymore.

  103. this film is gonna rock! hopefully!

  104. I like all the films (exept jason x was pretty crap) but so far the script sounds good and hopefully they will not completely remake it instead make it more of a sequel with old parts brought into it like shelly playin tricks and when jason punched that guys head of in jason goes to manhattan.

  105. No problem, J-Bomb, it’s just things turned nasty in here last week and I thought it was going down that route again. :-)

    And yes Dimon, Miner made Lake Placid soon after Halloween H20. While H20 wasn’t a brilliant film it was certainly better than the last two in the series and did reinvent the franchise in an exciting way. What I was saying was if Platinum Dunes had done this approach instead of jumping on the remake bandwagon I would be even more excited!

  106. amen christian, would love to see them make a sequel as opposed to this remake.

  107. I don’t think it looks horrible. I mean it’s still a early photo, remember how the Joker looked in that early photo? Looked alot better in the film. I’m excited about the film and I’ll wait to pass judgment on he looks till I see it.

    A sequel at this point is kind of redundant. I mean try to make a movie that cleans up the gap between 2 and 3. He had long hippie hair in 2 and bald in 3. Show what he did for the 5 years before 2 took place. Clean up the story line and give us some fan service. These movies should be done for us the fans, not the critics. I mean you know they won’t give it more than a 2 star rating.
    I want blood, gore, gruesome deaths, and plenty of gratuitous nudity. I can’t wait for this.

  108. Home Slice I know what you mean about “forest mist” but I’m from Southern NEw Jersey, where Friday the 13th is supposed be placed at, and you NEVER see forest mist. Trust me bro, the look of the forest in that picture DOES NOT LOOK REALISTIC and neither does the lake.And like I’ve posted before, his clothes are all torn and filthy but his hands look all nice and clean, WTF?!?!?!?!

  109. By the way, I like in a place called Collings Lakes NJ which is in the middle of Warren State Forest and it’s surounded by 5 lakes. Where I live is here the Jersey Devil is supposed to be from. That’s why I am so damb picky with how the lake and the woods/forest looks bro.

  110. Home Slice I know what you mean about “forest mist” but I’m from Southern NEw Jersey, where Friday the 13th is supposed be placed at, and you NEVER see forest mist doring the day. Trust me bro, the look of the forest in that picture DOES NOT LOOK REALISTIC and neither does the lake.And like I’ve posted before, his clothes are all torn and filthy but his hands look all nice and clean, WTF?!?!?!?! By the way, I live in a place called Collings Lakes NJ which is in the middle of Warren State Forest and it’s surounded by 5 lakes. Where I live is where the Jersey Devil is supposed to be from. That’s why I am so damb picky with how the lake and the woods/forest looks bro.

  111. They could have easily made a “sequel” without having to do the remake/re-imagining/re-whatever, by simply making a movie that was built around the idea that there is a “boogeyman” named Jason Voorhees, who wears a hockey mask, and kills people who venture into his domain. They would not necessarily need to delve into the particulars of the any of the previous sequels, but at the same time they wouldn’t be re-writing the history of the series by doing a remake. If it were done right and made as a solid no-gimmick horror movie, I think it could have worked.

  112. children settle down god damn it. so many of you are so bitchy about looks. i cant say that im not but as long as they dont completly trash jason im fine with how he looks. i think he looks good in this movie (if that will be his real look) for those of you who left comments like “omg he looks like shit with those cloths” or “whats with the jacket” when the movie finally comes out we the true fans will sit there and when jason emotionessly stabs a young teenager in the face we will not think “i can’t belive he looks like that” we will yell and cheer! friday the 13th movies are about teenagers getting the shit stabbed out of them and brutally slaughterd not these tiny little clothing details. for got sakes in part six he wore a fricken utility belt! i didnt give a shit because it held many weapons that he used to kill his prey brutally witch is what the true fans cared about! so honostly for those of you bitching about his cloths please do us the true fans a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  113. Exactly Exile, many of the previous movies ignore the ending of the one before (JGTH, for example, didn’t follow on from the end of Part VIII). And it would have to have followed Jason X without going into space as FvJ was set before it so another sequel could have been as well. There’s very few franchise willing to make sequels now, as ‘reinventing’ seems to mean remake these days. I’m all for a new Jason movie, but make no mistake… they are not making this movie out of fan demand for another film, or out of their own love and respect for the character or franchise, they’re doing it coz it’s yet another classic they can remake. And Platinum Dunes are the biggest offenders for that. Then once this is done, we’ll have The Birds and A Nightmare on Elm Street to look forward to!

  114. I too like most of the people would have preferred a different look, as far a clothing goes; but I dont think it is the end of the world… One thing I am extremely worried about is the fact that Michael Bay said this one is scary but also funny.. funny??? NOOOOO I want this movie to be relentless from start to finish, I want there not to be a shred of optimism in this movie.. It should be one of those horror movies that leaves you completely stunned from the first 30 seconds to the end.. not fucking funny…. by the way like most everyone else I am a Friday the 13th cult fan.. have been my whole life FOR EVERYONE OUT THERE THIS IS OUR STAR WARS!!!

  115. i think its a little presumpuous to jump the gun and guess the plot of the whole movie 6 months before its even gets released. i love the first seven fridays and each jason was good in his own right(although my least fave is part 2 jason)to me the new jason reminds me a lot of part 3 jason the deformed and exagerated neck and face around the mask. but this is based on a very small still so who knows. all i can say is even though im sure this movie wont be as good as some of the earlier works itll still be better than 95% of the crap out there

  116. I honestly can’t say there’s been a Friday the 13th or Jason flick that I don’t like in some form or fashion. I have a certain appreciation for all of them. So I don’t see myself being disappointed in this film. It’s a character I grew up on. Sure a lot of the films have their ridiculous moments. But I still enjoy each and every one of them in the series.

  117. Hey, bone chill, we are all TRUE fans of the series, that’s why we’re here. Just because some people look at more details about this new movie, doesn’t mean you should tell everyone to shut the fuck up. If you don’t care about Jason’s look, then don’t worry about it!
    BigTDoe: I understand how the funny aspect can make you worry, but if you think about it, there has always been a little bit of humor in these movies. Look at part 2. That movie is full of funny stuff.

  118. i agree with bigTdoe that comedy has no place in a friday the 13th movie. the only funny i can deal with in the friday the 13th movie is their all like “ok i think were safe” then SWISH! of comes the dudes head who said that. a funny friday the 13th movie is not a friday the 13th movie. the series was built up on horror, gore, and inhumane killings. and now bay wants to through in comedy into the mix! why dont we just have jason talk while he’s at it! (sarcasm in last sentance) comedy you can put in the nightmare on elm street series but not here. there is nothing funny about jason voorhees!

  119. ok mabey took it alittle to far but honostly some people can be like vultures and swoop in and instantly say ” well jason looks horrible with those cloths so this is gonna be the worst in the series” now those are the people that piss me off. but for alot of people dont bash the movie because jason doesnt look how you like him to look.

  120. they should definatley bridge the gap between 8 and hell. at least in a graphic novel or something.

  121. no matter what his clothes look like it will be a good film

  122. you fools should be grateful somebody is even still interested in this franchise. the same people who are griping about the new flick, are probably the same lames who make the WORST looking home made jason pics and short movies, and post them on the internet.

  123. Bone Chill, I know what you mean about not wanting F13 to be comedy, but a little humour adds to horror I think as it helps calm the viewer down, making them more vulnerable to the next shock. Look at The Final Chapter, there’s humour there without turning it into a farce. You just have to get the balance right. Look at Scream!

  124. Hey Dimon & Bone Chill you both make good points and seem to be informed fans like myself. Some comic relief is alright I guess like in part 6 when one of the kids under the bed says to the other “so what WERE you gonna be when you grew up” absolutely classic!!!!! I was really happy when they remade Halloween last year and I was pretty content with the way it turned out.. I am a big fan when it comes to the Halloween & Nightmare series… but I am a completely obsessed nut when it comes to Friday the 13th.
    I never thought they would remake the original, but when I did was pretty excited cuz I was too you to witness the original in the theatres. I just want there to be justice to my favortie movie(s) of all time. If I was remaking this I would pay the utmost attention to the smallest detail cuz I would know how much it means to ppl like myself!

  125. There’s nothing wrong with a little humor, it helps lighten the situation up, the audience are off guard. They think the worst part is over, then SLAM they are face first into raw horror.

  126. i gotta say Jason doesnt look bad but the jacket looks ridiculus

  127. Looks lame 2 me, kinda like 2 see a different shit, maybe a night one. Just doesnt look right.

  128. Well Bob, you may be right. That is a bad shit. In fact, that shit is shit!

  129. well i think jason looked the scariest in part 7!!!!!!
    -then all of a sudden he was all monguloidish?!!!
    -i have to disagree about the tcm reboots i thought they were awesome-sorry-they were closer to the true story!!
    -halloween reboot was ok……..why they didnt end up in hospital is beyond me?
    - i think childs play reboot will kick the old ones to the curb!!!!!!
    -no way will i or anyone else ever see a nightmare on elm st. remake w/o robert englund!!!!!!-hes the bella legosi of today!!!!
    -hellraiser was perfect the way it was!!!!-thats probably why the new one got shitcannned???
    —by the way guys did you hear robo cops coming back!!!!!
    -back to our topic ill give it a chance this movie.-but if theres all mtv actors and black comedy guys or queen latifah in this shit im throwing my drink at the screen!!!!!!!!!!!!-then ripping the poster off the wall at the movie theatre and wipping my ass with it!!!or a pg-13 rating ill cry…………..
    -jason looks ok-and yes i wanna see what he looks like underneath also!!!-when are we getting trailer if its coming so soon?!!!!

  130. I think that the pic of Jason is fine. I don’t really need anything more out of my Jason fashion than a hockey mask, semi bald head, and a machete or other some such instrument of death. I have always been more interested in the psychology of the character of Jason rather than how intimidating his clothes are. The movements, viciousness with which he kills, these things personify a character who has a relentless, hungering rage within him that can’t be quenched. As long as the actor portraying him at the time can convey THAT then I am happy. I hated the “look” of Jason before FvJ too (before I learned that it didn’t really matter) and when he killed that kid in the bed and then folded him up like a piece of paper….I forgot all about the clothes.

  131. i enjoyed freddy vs jason,but what the hell and why would jason be scared of the water!!!!-how many times have we seen him emerge from the water!!!!!-duhh……..
    -i hope they put the gore to the max also!!!!-so no little girl who snuck in there would be chatting or using their phones or asking 50000000 f’ing questions on whos that and why this!!!!!!!!!!-dont you guys wish you were jason when that stuff happens and want to get up and go over and shove their bag of twizzlers through theyre necks………….lol-anyways, i excited would like to see more pics though and trailer.

  132. at least they didnt cast a bare chested ryan reynolds as jason. i can sleep a little easier.

  133. Is it just me or does Jason look more like Leslie Vernon?

  134. jason looks alright

  135. the movie will be what the movie will be simple as that

  136. the movies have gone down hill after part 4, part 5 on ruined the friday the 13th franchise. I believe sean s. cunningham said the same thing, the sequels were absolutely awful, and I have to agree, the sequels were terrible.

  137. part 6 was okay, I agree part 5 was crap and part 7 through Jason x should not have been made. Letting some manichal killer go free to new york is just dumb, what dumb ass came up with that idea anyway? how would a fucking boat get from a lake to fucking new york? come on that idea was shit, the movie was shit. Jason x did not make sense to me, how would jason be alive when some bitch sent him to hell previously, they were grabbing at straws then. Kane Hodder was good in 7, the movie was dumb but he did a good job playing jason, part 8 and the other sequels after he lost his touch for the role, I do have a problem letting a muscle bound person play a serial killer, jason was not muscular in the previous films so why is he muscular now? part 2 he looked like a homeless person in coveralls, part 3,4,5 he was some what thin but not much, part 6 he was a corpse, nothing but decaying flesh and bones, part 7 he had muuscle to him and so forth through the rest of the other lame asss sequels that came out, and now with this remake he has a muscular build, with some one who looks like a freak of nature how would one become so built without visiting a gym? it sure as hell doesn’t come natural.

  138. I agree with that Brad, Jason’s physical appearence should look consistant, but I do like the new look, to a point, and I hope thats not the scary part of the film, lmao!

  139. I don’t like this look at all… Is Jason cold, or why he’s wearing this ridiculous jacket?! I never caught his ice-cold killer instinct in this way… ;) HE’S A DAMN ZOMBIE AND ZOMBIES ARE NEVER COLD!!!
    He’s also much too emaciated and I can’t remember that he had ever worn a brown shirt…
    But as we all know, the problems start by passing on the only real Jason - KANE HODDER!
    It’s a shame…


  141. I still don’t think that’s Jason. Has to be one of the other character’s trying to scare the girl in the lake. Maybe he’s wearing a rubber mask w/ the hockey mask over it? Derek Mears is a little more jacked than that, so I have a good feeling about it. If happens to be I’m wrong and that is Mears/the real Jason, then we’ll have to see if at least he pulls off the character well. As far as the best Crytal Lake settings in F13th flics? I have to agree that part 1 and 6 were great, I would also throw in pt.4.

  142. As far as favorite Friday(s) go. I think the best were in no particular order part 2, part 4 & part 6. I love these the most equally! What does everyone else think???

  143. BigTdoe, I agree those are my favourites too (Part VI is so faced=paced and entertaining, The Final Chapter was the darkest and most brutal). Freddy vs. Jason and Part VIII are the ones I dislike the most

  144. part1,2., 3 4 and 5 were the best..then 6 and 7 were ok.. but i saw 3 in 3D …IT WAS FUCKIN SCEARY AT AGE 5 LOL..AND THE OTHER PARTS 4 AND 5 AND 6 I SAW IN THE DRIVEN ..MY MOM AND DAD,..TOOK ME TO SEE ALL OF THEM… IM SOO LUCKY I HAD COOL PARENTS..BACK THEN..BEEN A FAN A LONG TIME..

  145. okay i personly feel a remake is unessicery

    they did jason all wrong he was just tall and average
    what the fuck its supposed to be fuuny to thats retarded

  146. if you didnt understand what i said i mean in the original he was just tall and average now hes like a freakin beast but it may add more suspense
    part 3 was one of the best with skull crushing action!!!!1