Freddy vs Jason Shooting Schedule Reveals Locations

Mario Kirner from the Friday The 13th Props Museum recently acquired an original shooting schedule from Freddy vs Jason and it contains unlimited information about the filming of the psycho pairing. The schedule contains 66 pages, filled with the addresses of each single filming location. Below is an example of what a page looks like and one page in particular outlines the shoot for the corn field rave scene.

For those fans that search out shooting locations for the Friday the 13th series, here is another location for you to add to your list. Search the rave scene on google maps: 13476 40th Ave Surrey, Canada. Big thanks to Mario for sharing these documents with us!

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10 Responses to “ Freddy vs Jason Shooting Schedule Reveals Locations ”

  1. Awesome! We need to add this to the website wiki.

  2. haha look under the Hair/Make Up section…”sweaty ravers” “Trippy Dude is dead”

  3. CoyT,
    “Trippy Dude is dead” :) I love that. The shooting schedules and call sheets are just fun to read through. Not only do you find great information about that filming, but you see little remarks like this one that make you smile.

  4. Another Jason film shot in Vancouver. Must be a nice place. I sort of remember Ken Kirzinger being interviewed (fully dressed as Jason, mask and all) and they refered to Him as Jason not Ken. It was kind of a joke interview I guess, but they were at the location of the mental hospital. The scenes where Jason kills the cop, and that stoner kid sees the Freddy-pillar. I remember Ken saying they were in Canada. I think I was more fixated that I didnt like the look of Jason, and I wish they wouldve went with Kane Hodder.

  5. I’ll be in Austin in the near future. The place where Clay was pulled over, the gas station and general camp is listed. But I’d like to know where Trent’s house is and other exact locations.

  6. In cast members it lists a stunt Jason. Who would that be?

  7. Golf, that would be Glenn Ennis. He play Jason when he was set on fire & walking toward Shack inside the field.

  8. Thanks for answering the question, NW.

    In fact, if you listen to Ken’s commentary, Glenn Ennis played Jason in a number of the cooler scenes for the Jason character.

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  10. that’s so funny. Look under props, it says hockey mask and machetewhat they gonna tape Jason without his mask lol

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