Friday the 13th Red Carpet Pics (UPDATED!)

These pics are from the Red Carpet movie premier at Mann’s Chinese theater in Holywood. Take a gander at the pics below. I wish I could go as I have always wanted to visit that historic theater! I am very jealous.

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7 Responses to “ Friday the 13th Red Carpet Pics (UPDATED!) ”

  1. I live in the UK, wish i could be there too!!

  2. I hope this will be the best friday the 13th ever. Jason is my favorit bad guy/monster type thing, love all the friday movies, not the first one, cause his mom was the killer.

  3. I was there =D
    Met Derek Mears and got a picture and autograph! He’s the nicest guy ever! Waiting in line for 9 hours was totally worth it. I was the third one inside!!!

    Oh yeah and the movie is AWESOME!

  4. I hope its a HUGE success as well guys. I too USED to not like the 1st one. But as I got older I grew much respect for it. It’s a very clever way to make the 1st of its kind really. Everyone usually always assumes it’s a guy.

    Now, on a short difference, let me say something, this is perfect timing to do so. Obviously, adreneline can make a person do things beyond their own limits. However, we have seen many “Friday-esque” filmsafter 1980′s release and with that came one of the worst ideas EVER. “Urban Legends”… Now, the plot/idea was good. But we get that Gayheart girl dong all the murders? Physically, there is NO way someone of that stature could do half of what she did-adrenaline or not. This is why I have always said Betsy Palmers body had the right ?physique? to do her killings. Your thoughts?

  5. Kenny G im so jealous! i wanted to attend but DUH i dont know how so im gonna make up for it and see the VERY first showing on friday well its late at night on Thursday!

  6. I will be going to see it this weekend, and will more than likely write my review on it !

  7. This is what I have been waiting for,no this is what I was born for FRIDAY 13th….cant wait to see.

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