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Friday Web Series Location Photos

Friday Web Series Location Photos

Showing just how close web series Friday the 13th: The Obsession is to filming, photos have have been released of the location the production team secured. Not only does it perfectly look the part, but in an inspired connection the camp is actually called Camp Crystal Lake. This true life fact seems to echo the storyline’s theme of the Friday the 13th movies colliding with real life.

Obsession Producer Tim Whitfield explained:

“One of two locations we will be using for “Crystal Lake” – this first location will not be used so much for actual character shooting as it will be used for set up, b-roll, and establishing shots. Though some scenes will be shot here. The distance of the location and the lack of power near the actual lake will hinder any major scenes being shot there, but the fact that its really ‘Crystal Lake’ was too much production value to pass up.”

“We actually looked at this place for the opening of “The Storm” back in 2024, but the place was closed. it was damaged by fire and drought in 2024, but a lot of rain restored the lake in 200-2006 and then years of work and restoring the camp finally led to it being re-opened in March of this year.”

We’re hosting standard resolution versions here, so those wanting higher detail are advised to scooch on over to the official F13th: The Obsession Facebook. In fact, head on over there regardless and give a “Like” for updates in your FB news stream. Don’t make me tell you again about the schooching.

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  1. This is the type of place I want to live or run naked through.

  2. Nice!

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